The Danger of Christian Celebrity

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The Danger of Christian Celebrity

By Michele Perry | charisma

132815.oI have been back in the USA for over a year now. After living in South Asia and Africa for almost 10 years collectively, I’m noticing things I probably didn’t before. I’m older, not nearly as starry-eyed and have had opportunity to see the beautiful and the broken in so many places as I have traveled.

There is a trend in some parts of our Western Christianity that is dangerous and counter-productive, especially as it has recently been amplified by social media’s explosion. It mirrors the “cult of celebrity” in popular culture where twitter feeds dictate reality and reality TV is anything but real.

Let me preface what I am about to say by saying there have always been leaders who were well known in their day within the church and recognized by history as influential. I am not talking about being well known in and of itself.

In the last few years as the selfie has become a social media staple, it seems the goal has shifted even in ministry to becoming well known, as well as having a more powerful platform, a bigger ministry, a wider-reaching Facebook presence and a broader personal branding empire … for Jesus’ sake of course. #allforhim (I couldn’t resist.)

History’s “famous” leaders—and many of today’s—became known simply as a by-product of their fixed gazes following Christ, the only famous one, and paying unimaginably high prices to do so. Being “well known” was never the goal.  Being known well by Him was.

I’ve been hearing a subtle shift (and sometimes not-so-subtle) in some emerging leaders away from sacrifice and servanthood to savvy staging and success, from empathy to empire, from celebration to celebrity. “I want to be famous for Jesus so I can influence many.”

Celebrity—not to be confused with having a broad influence as a leader—has no place in the church. Period. It is dangerous and subversive to the gospel itself. Celebrity puts leaders on pedestals (usually not of their own making) and then crucifies them when they fall off or fail to meet the image others have created for them. Celebrity creates unreachable “guru-status” with special inside knowledge or gifting and by default makes that gifting seem unattainable to the masses.

Jesus Himself rejected man’s pedestals and crowns, instead choosing a cross.

The gospel is a celebration of His strength in our weakness, His faithfulness in our failures, His beauty in our brokenness and His victory in places of our defeat.

Are we raising up a generation truly hungry for Jesus even if He takes them to a place of utter obscurity where they never see a stage or receive a speaking invitation? If they never become a “revivalist” or are never recognized as an apostle? If they never sign a book deal or garner 1000 fans on Facebook? The ultimate goal must be to hear His “Well done” when the race is finished.

We create the benchmark of success for the next generation by what we celebrate in our own. That is why “Christian celebrity” is possibly one of the greatest dangers to the future of the Western Church.

Let’s begin to intentionally cultivate celebration and not celebrity, where Jesus is celebrated in each of our lives, whether we are known throughout continents or simply to a few immediate friends. Where we celebrate the truth that everything He paid for on the cross is available to every single person who believes and that there are no glass ceilings in God’s Kingdom.

The church that lives out this kind of celebration becomes dangerous to darkness and unstoppable in His love that never fails.


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12 Comments on “The Danger of Christian Celebrity”

  1. Sadly, this is what Media and Television has over done for the church. The focus is on people and how they can be entertained. Very sad and depressing. Too much showmanship and glitter, screaming songs, not holy worship.

  2. I agree with what i just read, it stop being about Jesus and pleasing him and more about looking good in the eyes of man, and making paper as they say. And people ars following cause they dont know better or dont want to know, its time out for self we are running a race and to win we need Jesus. He died so we can Live now the ball is in are court what will you do love God while shaking hands with the devil or shun the devil and take refuge in Jesus choose who you will serve. ………

  3. Well said, pulpits were never meant to be a launch pad to riches, it’s meant to pull people out of the pits they are in. Great message and so true, it’s easy to get caught up in the show and miss the whole meaning of why He died and what He died for!!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with this entire message! How can we become affective if our hearts are not in line with the heartbeat of Jesus Christ and the Cross! We seem to have more struggles and persecution coming from people who claim to be a part of the body of Christ than the secularist culture. We’re not seen to be any different than the world. Isn’t the Word of God the standard? It’s not our human knowledge, wisdom, and interpretation of Christianity…It’s the leadership, revelation, and inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts in truth and trust of Our Father God and obedience to Him alone! It’s an absolute grievance to the spirit of God! Breaks your heart!

  5. We are in a time of delusion. We were born into this culture. It takes a truly personal servanthood relationship with Jesus to see where we are and not get caught up in the culture of celebrity church. It is a sign of the times that we are not conscious of because it is the church way of life. However, ther is a remnant, God is perfecting and equipping thse who are willing to be made in the dark so they can be light at this time.

  6. Just at the right time and I know it came straight from the Throne room, directed by The Holy Spirit of God. Thanks for your obedience! To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches (Revelation 3:21-22). God Bless The Ones That Overcometh!!!

  7. I’m grateful for this message because right now I’m going through an intense time in my life. I guess I never really thought that my life would be the way it is. Before I came to Christ I was always considered the one in my family that would ‘go places.’ Now I spend a lot of my time trying to fight off feelings of wanting to run away. Life is stressful and I don’t know if Jesus is allowing it because He is purging me for what is to come. And I don’t mean anything good by the way, the world is becoming more wicked daily. It’s just that I went from wanting to be famous to just wanting to live in a descent house and raise my children. I have neither. My family and I are under such intense pressure and it seems like things won’t let up. I find myself depressed and then bounce back into feeling blessed and then go into feeling overwhelmed and the cycle keeps going. I need prayer. My family needs prayer even though yall don’t know me because I’m tired of feeling like we’re at a dead end. So many things going right but at the same time so many things going wrong. I don’t know Jesus, are you purging us with the knowledge that things will get worse soon or is there a brighter day ahead?

    1. let me say… You are not alone. My family and I are facing the same kind of pressure you have described. And I, like you vacillate from times of triumph to feelings of defeat. I will pray for you….please pray for me.

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