Non Prophets by: G. Craige Lewis – aka The Messenger
The devil wants to “weaken the nations” which is really saying that he wants to weaken the foundation of holiness in our local churches. Don’t you understand that the “Mega” conferences and the “superstar pastors” are weakening the local church? Sheep are being stolen and reprogrammed from the truth that they may learn in their smaller, local assemblies, to the prosperity messages of the big time preachers. If Jesus avoided fame, then why are these Mega star Bishops seeking it? Why are they starring in movies and recording CD’s and promoting themselves so heavily? The local pastors with smaller memberships are suffering because the famous preachers are dwarfing them by compelling their sheep to follow the conference liars and celebrity preachers instead of tithing and being faithful to their local assemblies. The big time bishops are taking money from EVERYONE’s members instead of encouraging them to support their local assembly. And they are mixing the world and the church to make more money and gain more fame, while all along promoting sinful, sexual, demonic atmospheres and celebrities. These celebrities even have special parking spaces and get special treatment in their churches while the sold out Christians get treated like crap and cannot even spend a moment with their pastors without paying for it. You cannot even log onto these superstar Bishop’s websites without joining financially like a Porn site! These men are money hungry! They are promoting sinfulness and living sinfully behind closed doors.

God forbid we begin to create sin to reach people! God forbid we as a church will sit back and allow men to take the righteousness of God and turn it into a money making, sin promoting vehicle that fattens the pocket of the elite while it destroys the foundation of holiness that God placed in our church. The Bible said that this day would come. Here are some things that the Bible stated thousands of years ago about our perilous times:

-Men would creep into the church, posing as prophets and preachers, but would begin to turn the grace of God into lasciviousness. -Jude 1:4

-They would begin to raise money, without giving an account to anyone as to where the money is going. -Luke 19:46

-They would begin to creep into the homes of silly women that need a “word” but will never get free from their sin. -2Tim. 3:6

-They would not reproduce, but be spiritual mules that cannot reproduce or give birth to men that could lead others, thus they will rely totally on themselves and attempt to Pastor the nation through the media! -Ex. 32:13

-They will encourage sheep to hear their voice instead of the voice of their own shepherds and they would fleece the sheep against the wishes of their own shepherds. -Jer. 23:1

-They will get richer and richer while people give money to them without any accountability as to where the funds are going and how much is really needed to perform successful ministry works.-Ezek. 34:2

-They will preach to millions and yet have no compassion to commune with them and become the opposite of Jesus (anti-christ) by making themselves unaccessible to their own sheep while promoting themselves to the world. – Matt. 9:36

-They will promote the sin of the world and call it “being real” or “reaching the lost at all cost” and when true men of God stand up against it, they are labeled Pharisees or religious.-Jude 1:10

-They will compromise the truth by preaching feel good messages to get money and sell media, while the true gifts of the Holy Ghost are denied and not operative. No healing, no deliverance, no true move of the Holy Ghost that sets men free from sin. -2Tim. 4:3

-They will accept homosexuality/lesbianism. It will thrive in their own churches, homes, and even within THEM! Homosexual singers and performers would be welcomed in their churches and on their platforms to perform while transferring spirits throughout their congregations. -Jude 1:4

-They will begin to refer to Jesus as the “Universal Spirit” or “Spirituality” instead of calling his name out and making reference to who he really is. Spiritualism will become the vehicle that drives their campaigns instead of Christ being their purpose. -1John 4:3

-The local church would become second rate to these national, mega ministries and local pastors will lose credibility in comparison to these financial empires. The Sunday morning sermon becomes second best and the conference sermon will be promoted as the true “word”. Eph. 4:14

-Sheep will no longer be able to know the voice of their shepherd but will begin to be scattered because they don’t know what voice is speaking to them. Catch phrases like “I don’t know who I’m talking to” or “I’m talking to somebody in here” will be used to distance the sheep from the shepherd and excuse the fact that a true prophet of God always knows who he is talking to! – John 10:27

-All kinds of conferences will emerge and flourish, because the conference can do something that Sunday services cannot do, and that is CHARGE FOR ADMISSION!’ -Matt. 21:13

-Pastors and preaches will begin to model the formula of the television mega-minister and will begin to alter the plan that God may have for them by modeling the plan of men that are financially successful, but spiritually poor. Col. 3:22

-The television will begin to paint a picture of greatness and make preachers feel above reproach and rebuke. They will have a word for you and your home, while their own homes will be plagued with homosexuality, sexual perversions, divorce, fornication and adultery. -1Tim. 3:4

-Their churches will be models of their homes. Million dollars facilities with godlessness and sin abounding within. The fruit in their churches will reflect the fruit of their personal lives.Gal. 6:3

We must contend for the faith people of God. The world is labeling us as a bunch of glory seeking, selfish people because the men we have supported and followed are promoting sin and selfishness. I encourage you to stand against the enemy on this one. Stop supporting ministries that are promoting the very things that we should be fighting against. Stop sowing into these billion dollar mega preachers and churches and sow into your local church! Turn the TV off and listen to the voice of your own shepherd because we are getting to a place where all voices cannot be trusted. When you support these Mega ministries and they support sinful people, you are encouraging and supporting the promotion of sin and foolishness.
G. Craige Lewis – EX Ministries