The redemption of tattoo art in "Jesus" name?!

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Billboard, Video Portraying Jesus as Tattoo Artist Spark Controversy

By Heather Clark |

Tattoo-yt-300x164LUBBOCK – A billboard and corresponding video portraying Jesus as a tattoo artist who takes the negative markings of mankind upon Himself is sparking controversy.

The effort, launched by an unnamed “small group of people humbled by the love of Jesus,” was recently unveiled along a highway in West Lubbock, Texas. The billboard simply shows a man depicting Jesus, whose chest and arms are covered with tattoos bearing words such as “outcast,” “addicted,” and “faithless.” The advertisement then directs members of the public to a website, which in addition to providing information about Christ, presents a video casting Jesus as a modern-day tattoo artist who transforms bad labels into good ones.

The video begins as a long-haired Jesus is awakened by his alarm clock and heads to his basement tattoo parlor where he awaits those in need of his service. A man soon arrives and sits in the chair, rolling up his sleeve to reveal the word “depressed” on his wrist. Jesus then reaches for his instruments, and goes to work at transforming the tattoo. The man looks down at his wrist and notices that his tattoo no longer reads “depressed,” but “confident.” He rises from the chair, gives Jesus a nod, and walks out the door.

The video then proceeds to show numerous other individuals coming to Jesus and revealing their tattoos, which bear words such as “addicted,” “self-righteous” or “useless.” He then changes their tattoos to read “freedom,” “humble” and “purpose.”

As he finishes with his last patron, he appears overwhelmed. Moments later, he takes off his shirt to reveal that all of the tattoos that had been upon the people are now written upon himself.

“All of us have been marked,” the narrator then states. “As time passes, life leaves its etchings on our mind, our body, even our soul. These markings define us, our place in society, [and] how we perceive ourselves, and as hard as we try, we can never seem to find a way to cover these marks and hide them from those who judge us.”

“One man proclaimed a revolutionary message of love and forgiveness, hope and freedom,” he continues. “He was beaten and bloodied and killed for us, and took the markings that should have been ours upon Himself, so that we could find forgiveness and a new start.”

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32 Comments on “The redemption of tattoo art in "Jesus" name?!”

  1. You can”t teach what you don’t know, this is what the devil does take the written word and twist it to his own destruction.

  2. Rom 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

    Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    The above scripture speaks about sacrificing your body to God, because since you accepted Him into your life you therefore are His. Imagine a sacrifice (your body) on a pyre, does it wriggle, scream, jump our of the fire? No. The sacrificed animal (Your body) does not do anything because it doesn’t live anymore. When we sacrifice our selves to Christ, it’s not only our spirits, lives and lifestyle we give to Him, but our bodies too because it’s now His temple where He dwells. I cannot say I live for Christ when I do whatever I want according to the standards of this world. When we’re on the pyre, the change we experience may be hurting, burning and scary even, but He promised that when it’s all said and done, we who belong to Him fully will emerge like purified gold. Lose your life in Him and find yourself found.

    I’m tired of Christians who twist scriptures to fit with their agendas, the truth is plain and simple enough for us to understand. If you want to live according the the standards of the world do it, but don’t deceive yourself and others that Christ approves. Sin and be aware that you’re sinning…don’t ease your consicous by quoting the Holy word.

    2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
    2Ti 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.


    1. Nate and others,
      From what I’m seeing these folks are taking the Scriptures and twisting them like pretzels to suit their purpose, but of God and Sovereign God Knows what’s really going on and will right ALL of this, once Jesus comes to rule and rein. I will continue to pray that they come to their senses, via the Word before it’s too late, or sadly they WILL suffer the consequences of their actions. Have mercy on us Lord.

  3. Without me even listening to Lecrae’s reasoning for promoting and excusing the command of God not to tattoo our bodies I know that he is been lead to speak by doctrine of demons to justify his disobedience , yes, most of us have tattoos and a lot of us have some tattoos that we are not proud of since coming into the true light and God knows that however still I would never speak against the fact that it is forbidden whether or not I like it, even if it’s a cross or angel wings it’s still wrong!

  4. Jesus Christ was a man full of grace and truth but people only want the grace part of him, and don’t think they themselves are extreme

  5. Maaaaaaaan, they are ignorant of the spirit realm, demons are connected to theses tattoos. I heard the youtube video. How can Lecrae say he warns people not to get tattoos but he gets them. Smh

  6. Billy Graham once said “If you are unsure if something is right or wrong, look and see what the world is doing or saying and do the opposite.” What part of take no markings dont we understand? You can take the Levitical verse in context or out of context and it still draws the same conclusion. If we justify that its just old testament then even though its one tiny piece of text, its easily ignorable or unimportant. But it was so important that God put it there for a reason. Remember back in the day when pops made one declaration and you knew you better listen….”Im gonna say this this one time!”. If God only says something one time that should be good enough. You can tattoo all you want. But one day in Gods presence you will get your answer. And you may not like it. I will play it safe and take no markings. It was a sign of slavery then, today its a sign of slavery to vanity.

  7. The Lord does not change, for friendship with the world constitutes a enemy of God. Stop fashioning yourself after this system of things.

  8. Okay. The Analogy is good. Christ did take our sins and gave us His Righteousness, and I do like the concept, but I’m not for tattoos. That is an Egypt practice which is also occultism. The only we are to show off is the Love of God.

  9. This is downright preposterous! I mean the excuses this generation comes up with to justify loving the things of the world; very disturbing. It seems as though people lust so badly to express themselves that they’ll go the most defiant measures doing it. God is not glorified through tattoos. It is clear in scripture God’s position on tattooing and He attributes the ritual act of self-inflicted pain and markings to pagans in Leviticus. God is not pleased with this form of worship because it’s very conception is wicked.

    Here’s where the deception lies. Christian youth are desperate for a sense of purpose and individuality more than right alignment with God. They have voids they’re trying to fill and have been easily deceived by into believing that public expression creates individuality. So they believe they can use their spiritual beliefs and experiences to “artistically” glorify God, when really they’re just using God to glorify themselves or individuality that they’re trying to establish. “Be unique” is the vainglorious trend of this generation and unfortunately has ushered in illicit behaviors into the Christian community.

    I’m 21 years old and in my willful ignorance have tattooed or “branded” myself with a “symbol of Christ” (alpha omega) during a time I was trapped in darkness and wanted to get out of it. By branding my wrist I was telling myself “you belong to Christ, you can and will be the light again”. Now do you see how ridiculous that excuse to tattoo myself was? I will always regret my tattoo. I won’t live my life feeling condemned about it but will tell every person who asks me about it how foolish tattooing is and as true believers, we don’t tattoo ourselves to honor God.

    1. Proverbs 30:12- “There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness
      Proverb 21:2- “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.”

  10. So heres my question, even though he contradicted himself quite a few times, why is it that EVERY person I know who is not saved and has a tattoo or gets their first tattoo, says the common line “Im ready for another one, I HAVE to get my next one soon.” If this is not a spiritual act then why do so many people feel this unexplained itch….

  11. I don’t think he knows what he’s talking himself. Even if the tattoo was of a verse from the bible, it’s still wrong.

  12. The video was just pure discusting I was eating and literally lost my appetite. People were are really at the end of this thing… That tattoo video was pure blasphemy I mean how in the world can you dare patray the son of the living God in tattoos and then everyone in the video giving evil stares smh God have mercy please church don’t be blind by this mess!!!!

  13. This man is nuts. what is scary is how he ” sounds” so biblical, and these kids who do not have their own bible reading at home don’t have the Holy Spirit to guide them. People, remember the devil knows the bible, and he even uses it against the Christians, especially those who aren’t studying just following every wind of doctrine, anything that tickled their ears. He also said that people who serve God, like to “express” their commitment for God by putting tattoos on their bodies, just like a musician plays music for the Lord. And how if HIS own son would come to him and ask him to get a tattoo, that as long as he did it knowing what he was doing that it was ok! that it was to glorify God, and not just a fad, that then he would allow him to, so if he wants he can be an urban missionary . WHAT? I knew of a humble, but well known man who was what this guy calls urban missionary….his name was Pastor David Wilkerson, he was sent by God to help the youth of NY city. God lead him to start up teen challenge, this man was a true man of God. He was humble, he sought The Lord, and helped many people get free from drugs n violence. He didn’t nEEd no tattoo, what he had was the Power of JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT. Not no outward, worldly marking saying you love Christ, your actions should be demonstrating this, your fruits, not some tat. And I know, if you had a tattoo before you got saved and can’t take it off, so be it, but don’t go flashing it around, especially when you are able to cover it by clothes .

  14. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

    3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they
    heep to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

    4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

  15. I’m so tired of these portrait of Jesus resemblances. We need to start calling out those among us who keep advertising this image. The Ten Commandments are still concrete, valid, law and this promo video is directly violating one of them. Just the idea of Jesus going underground to do tattoos is so demonic to me. Technically, if you look at the message, this video is an epic Fail! The Gospel was not preached. Once. Not Once did the so- called tattoo ‘savior’ minister to the desperate, needy, outcast, and so on. If an unsaved individual walked in, he’d get a tattoo, his main trouble would be taken away, and he’d walk out happy with his new tattoo. But still leave unsaved, heading straight for hell, and not knowing even half of what it is to encounter Jesus ( and it’s supposed to be Jesus doing the tattoo). No one surrendered their life to Christ, no one was overjoyed about feeling restored, in fact, they looked as mean-mugged when they were done like when they first walked in. So sad that people think this is all Jesus is about. I always apply this rule when someone asks me about something they want to do: find the biblical scripture that tells you to do it. If you can’t find one, find scripture that talks about it. If you can’t find that, go to The Lord in prayer then leave it alone! If they get upset and say I need an answer now, that’s the flesh itching. And that tells me you are Not walking in The Lord!

  16. Ok we all know Loqd of cr*p ( Lacrea) is as compromised as Judas. But this guy in the video? Now this is perversion and deception of a different nature and level. He has all the emotion and antics as if he really just took everyone’s sins, but in reality how can you fix sin with sin? You got rid of a tattoo with another tattoo????? Beware of false prophets and antichrist because they will try to twist the truth in their own deceitful way and, making sin and evil seem righteous and good.

  17. Thank you, thank you EX Ministries. This is the comment I left on the the other website regarding the tatoos on Jesus video that’s awaiting moderation. “AMEN S. Abraham [agreeing to the brother’s comment posted]. Perhaps the intent is meant for good; however, it appears that no one understands the Word of God and does not do any research. Tattoos are not from God and when we particpate in the things that are not of God, we are agreeing to that other invisible Kingdom (Satan-the god of this world) who has blinded the eyes of people, even the believer. I understand the creativity in reaching the lost, but not when it’s coming out of that invisible ungodly kingdom. My heart breaks when I read that so many people believe this is acceptable. This is not from the Kingdom of God! I pray for those who may not understand that we cannot mix the world (pagan) with sacred. Thanks to EX Ministries ( and other sound ministries in sharing the Word of God uncompromisingly.” The other guy appears to be double talking or perhaps don’t know truth. It’s so sad.

  18. Using a worldly sinful practice like tatooing to prove a point, makes no sense. Why not use a scriptural reference like the analogy of the potter or such to show the love of God? Typical of the modern day false church, in an attempt to be relevant they humanize God down to a blasphemous level.

  19. I got a question name one person that got saved or born again by a tattoo…..the idea that you can take pegan worship and offer it to God as worship is crazy! God will not accept that mess. and in this video he takes the whole thing out of context and doesn’t even get to the roots of why God says not to do it. I’m really starting to question about allot of these music artist that say they are saved and know God and teach sin. they are deceiving so many youth and even adults! the church needs to take a stand and draw a line. i would not allow a person in children’s ministry that has tattoos and thinks its ok to teach my children anything! it’s one thing to have them before you got born again and its completely different to still get them after you have been made new. another thing you always hear is ” oh, well thats the old testament and I’m under the new testament…..the law is instruction on Holy living and God’s heart does not change. if it was wrong in the old its wrong in the new. we are suppose to be the image of Christ in a filthy and perverse generation. when did Jesus ever get a tattoo? and is it really about God or making yourself look good and fit in. you want to look good to man or God. be conformed to His word not the world.

  20. This is really stupid. Why would someone get a tattoo anyway? Tattoos signify rejects of society / homosexuals.

  21. All one has to do is look up the origins of tattoos and you will clearly see that anyone who say’s they believe in our Lord Jesus should not ever get a tattoo. And to anyone, like my self, who has one do NOT get anymore. You have no idea what you could be inviting into your body, which is suppose to be our Lords temple.

  22. Ive seen people with tattoos that their old…very unhappy people.Satan brag to the youth that it is cool.Showing off with a cigarette,glass of alcohol and a tattoo in the neck ,back face or legs is all that sexy.They forget…they want to belong ,and to be like the crowd ,you have to act like the crowd.and everybody knows ,3 IS a crowd.Allowing Satan to play with once mind and filled with vile that is burring in hell.It destroys good spirits and peace.Tattoos is vandalizing your body

  23. So from that video it seems like he’s saying its ok to get a tattoo if your honoring God ?

    This verse popped up in my head.
    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: (Exodus 20:4)

    So is getting a tattoo of an Ichthys, Cross, Dove, Verse, Angel, Jesus and etc ok ? I doubt it after looking at that verse above.

  24. I want to make another comment going in another direction but at the same time the same direction. Pastor Lewis and the whole EX Ministries family, I live in Barbados and to be honest the word I have in me I feel really alone at times because here has been infected by the filth and perversion that has poured out of America, and many do not wish to hear what I have to say. I know many who support EX Ministries can testify to this same truth. What is on my heart is to let Pastor Lewis know he is loved ( not worshiped) loved by us who feed from your truth. You are not afraid to attack giants that the Sauls in the pulpits have ran and hid from, while the devil laughs at the Church of Christ. Take note of who is with you I. This time Pastor Lewis when many are against you and rally the call of war when you need soldiers to gather to You for God’s will. Just like Elijah felt that he was alone,God reassured him that He had many prophets reserved for Himself who has not bowed to Baal. So Pastor remember us and call upon us when you need soldiers to stand for God’s word.

  25. I’m glad u all see tht what he is saying doesn’t make a lick of sense…
    Our body’s are the temple of The Lord so why would u do an unclean thing to it & dishonor/ disgrace it by getting a tatoo..

    Religions used tatoos to honor dead & talk to dead spirits..
    So how can u make tht for God or why would u take something wordly & make it Holy for the most high ..

    Lastly the book of Matthew speaks on nt trying to show hw holy u r by doin vain acts as such..
    C’mon ppl let us learn the truth seek & you shall find

    God bless

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