The Truth Behind Hip hop: False gods in the wild

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Tetaun Moffett | EX Ministries

hiphopislamIt’s public record that Hiphop subculture was born November 12, 1974.  However in the early 70s the subculture took its cue from Islam and New Age philosophies. It’s founding fathers shaped it around a myraid of artistic expressions describe as the 5 elements of Hiphop.  DJ, Breakin, Emceeing, Graffiti Art and “the Knowledge” (the christ consciousness).

Since, Hiphop has evolved KRS One coin the phrase, “Rap is what we do but Hiphop is how we live.”  Contrary to popular belief, its foundation has never changed. The black man is god and Allah is his father.

During an interview a few years back, Hiphop forefather and founder of the Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa expressed his fustration concerning the subculture and how it left its roots, “How in the hell did we turn from GODS to dogs?.”


736e9f46-ab5b-df6d-74ed-c39a585ac498-KanyeWest_YolandaAdams_CoolCollab_fbMay 14, 2004 Kanye West dropped “Jesus Walks” and preachers started inviting him to their churches and youth groups to perform.  One pastor in Georgia paid him 30,000 to perform the song.   As a matter of fact, during the 2004 BET Awards Yolanda Adams performed with him on stage while millions watch and the gospel industry celebrated.  June 18, 2013 Kanye West released a song “I Am a God,” from  his sixth studio album, “Yeezus.”

So honestly why is the Christian Hiphop community all in an uproar? This is Hiphop, this is what they (you’ll) do.

But lets go back, remember  Sean Carter “Jay-Z” once proclaim himself as H.O.V.A, God MC. Then a Wu-tang Clansman called himself  “U-GOD”. ODB called himself “Big baby Jesus”.  In the 80s Rakim was anointed then as “Tha God” or the original God MC. This has been the language of Hiphop once again, that the “BLACK MAN IS GOD.” You can disagree all you want to, check Nasir Jones (NAS) catalog, search through ICE CUBE’s library do your research.


Rakim – Holy Are You Lyrics

Holy are you, holy are you
There is no God but you
There is no God but you
Praised be the Lord

Holy are you, holy are you
There is no God but you
There is no God but you
Praised be the Lord

For those who find it hard to believe and it is
Why they call me the God MC, the lyricist
Trace this down to the roots from Genesis
The world wonder I’m still standing like pyramids

Design so vivid, every brick it got a story to tell
My rhyme flow different like a hieroglyphic
Mind prolific, infinite like mathematic
The first language, now add that and add graphics

Then go let the blocks know it’s the gospel
Life’s new manual, so watch close
The new Michaelangelo and Pablo Picasso
Prepared to show you the cosmos and rock flows

Even my lyrical metaphysical
What this will do is help you get to your spiritual pinnacle
You find your mind too far fetched for it to fathom
I bring the darkness to the light, split the atom

It’s like watching the Big Bang theory emerge
I take titles, bond them to reveal new words
They want a clear view from the farthest and the darkest corners
Of the universe to a corner near you

A pharaoh in ghetto apparel, stay blinged up
Fort Knox display, a modern day King Tut
Wrapped tight, rap like I’ve been preserved in time
Spit the holy water then touch it and turn it to wine
It’s the God

Holy are you, holy are you
There is no God but you
There is no God but you
Praised be the Lord

We were children of the most high
So we fell from paradise to holy hell
Probably descendants of the Holy Grail
Another part of history they won’t reveal, times’ll only tell

You waiting for judgment
It came in the form of a thug in the game
To create a strong position, there’s blood in my vein
The chemical is identical, we one and the same
With seven letters in all three of my government names

Walk on water? Nah, neither did Jesus
It’s a parable to make followers and readers believers
From Egypt to Budapest, Rakim is the truest left
Understand the scriptures like the minister Louis F

I told you who God is, you ignored me like most the prophets
Jesus, Solomon, Abraham, Moses and Muhammad
I showed the scholars, well, fulfill the broken promise
I spit this truth to predict the future like Nostradamus

Like Revelations, I’m hoping my quotes reveal
The seven spirits of God when I open the seal
Interpret the holy Quran, these flows will guide you
Translate the Torah and decode the Bible

Warn the elders in the mosques, masons and the law
The seven churches, the synagogues, it’s the renaissance
Skin is bronze, like the Messiah
Rakim Allah’s ’bout to reveal a bigger secret than time and the God

Holy are you, holy are you
There is no God but you
There is no God but you
Praised be the Lord

This idealogy only affirms an old age, New Age philosophy. That we are gods.

Sidenote: According to recent tweet by the socalled Christian-Yoruba Priestess, Iyanla Vanzant, “It does not matter whether you consider yourself religious or not – you can still pray! The divine energy of the Creator is within you!”


Now that’s Hiphop?! .. but ain’t no true believergot time for that!”

Today we have all kinds of redeemed versions of Hiphop, from Asian, Australia to Christian, and Messianic Jewish.  For the past 10 years the Church has gone in to full throtter in an attempt to embrace this subculture. Many of its artist hold claim that Hiphop’s living founding fathers are lying. “Hiphop is not what they say it is.” Okay really.

For the past 38 years the founders of Hiphop have told the world what Hiphop is and isn’t,  but its always Church folks who love the world; who think they can redefined and redeem anything and call it holy.

Well let us move on.  Adisa Banjoko, a Hiphop pioneer/Journalist and nicknamed “The Bishop” of Hiphop said, “Islam is the unofficial religion of Hiphop.” Banjoko said, “If some one come up to you and start rapping about Jesus Christ, they called that Christian Rap. If some steps up to you and start rapping about Buddhism, they called that Buddhist rap. But right now an EMCEE grabs the mic and says Allah’s name, that’s Hiphop! And nobody questions it.”

Christian Hiphopper Lecrae Moore once stated, “I’m authentically Hiphop and authenically Christian.” Yet he authentically doesn’t want  his art  to be labeled  “Christian”.  Nevertheless, 8 DVDs later and still, there’s always a moment of truth!  Keep Hiphop out of our churches!

Afrika Bambaataa – Almighty Ra from the album “Afrika Bambaataa and the Millennium of the Gods: Dark Matter Moving At The Speed Of Light”

11 Comments on “The Truth Behind Hip hop: False gods in the wild”

  1. Christian-yoruba princess!!! Now that’s hilarious! First of all, if you aren’t abiding in Jesus Christ, God won’t listen to your prayers! So she’s preaching another gospel! And Lecrae, this brother doesn’t even want his music to be called christian! That’s sad. The devil is using hip hop as a stronghold to keep many in bondage, and its working! So called believers can’t seem to let it go. And they wonder why they can’t grow spiritually. Lord help us.

  2. Well you know that when people start labeling things “unofficial” then there is a certain amount of skepticism on my part. I have been delivered from that HIP HOP life and I can safely say that when the Saints go marching in—-it will not be to the trumpet of HIP HOP. Thus says my Pastor.
    Keep up the HOLY WORK EX

  3. When I tell so called holy hip hoppers that they are conforming to another doctrine when they try to merge with hip hop they look at me like I’m crazy. Then I ask them….if hip hop is not a religion, explain the hip hop bible then? The look on their face is priceless.

  4. This is an indoctrination. Why do colleges allow hip hop to be taught as a course at colleges? There are enough television shows such as Gangland etc. that should have been an indicator of how much this subculture is destroying the black community. I cannot take Lecrae’s comment that he is authentically hip hop and authentically Christian because in Christ you become a new creature. I also have an issue with his comments that he grew up with it and it is all he knows. I grew up being neglected yet I am now a military veteran with a bachelors degree and married nearly 8 years.

  5. @Drew, I so agree with you and will all the comments above yours. This is truly why so many believers can’t grow spiritually. I was just in a discussion with a friend of mine about that. She wants to pick and choose what part of Gods Law she chooses to obey. I will try to give her the knowledge of what Pastor Craige has shared along with another friend of mine who also studies in the same field as Craige only not on the music aspect of how satan is using music, movies, images, things, etc. to deceive many. I show her scripturally where it shows how God is against all of this and the reply I most always get from her is “Well God Knows My Heart” or “Well I don’t think it’s wrong to listen to that” And all I can do is continue to pray for her to open her spiritual eyes and let her know that she can’t pick and choose what parts of the Bible she chooses to obey.

  6. I noticed Iyanla’s tweet was retweed by Monifah, the openly lesbian R&B singer. I saw an episode of the R&B Divas show that she on where her lesbian partner proposed to her. When Monifah told her 21-year-old daughter (who’s a Christian) that she was getting married, the daughter refused to support it. I pray that her daughter stands firm in the faith despite her mother’s rebellion against God.

  7. Please pray for my Son. He has financially supported a local Hip Hop band CES CRU. Declare with me in the name of Jesus/Yeshua the stronghold is broken and the love for G_d and His word and his love to sing “in the Spirit” is restored. Because their is a music that calls devils and unclean spirits up and to those who sing it as the Prophets of Balaam did long ago. And their is a music that drives them away as they fled when the Harpist
    David did began to play before King Saul.

  8. Any study material and how to reach so-call “Pastors” who think this garbage music is of God? Thanks for your inputs. GB!!!

  9. Hip hop should be eradicated from the planet – it makes our people look like rejects. Having to embrace a bastardized lifestyle in order for us to feel like we have some type of culture – pathetic.

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