The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life 10 Day Prayer – Day 6

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single-mothersThe Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life 10 Day Prayer Day 6 – Father God, we pray for single mothers. Whether victims of divorce, neglect, or wedlock, we pray that you cover them.  Heal their broken hearts and help them to keep their hope and trust in you. Help them lean on your word and find their covering in you so they can guide and protect their children from the ills of our society. Keep them feminine and allow them to be confident in who you made them to be. In Jesus Name.

2 Comments on “The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life 10 Day Prayer – Day 6”

  1. This was definitely needed. It is extremely hard being a single mother. I wanted to come down there for this event, even took the time off from work, but I’m so distraught I cant make it this year. Every year I hope to make it. I look forward to getting close to this congregation, I feel so lost in this world. G. Craig Lewis, you are an amazing Godsent and may God bless your foundation, so you can grow and prosper sothe word can be delivered to areas where people aren’t lucky enough to hear it. Thank you!!!

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