The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life Day 10 Prayer

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connect_banner_handsFather God, we pray for forgiveness. Forgiveness for bad decisions that may have led to an issue of fatherlessness. Though we may have made decisions that were emotional, and did not truly count the costs.please, cover us in your mercy and grace. Help to us overcome what was done and help us to make better decisions from this day forward. In Jesus Name we pray.

3 Comments on “The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life Day 10 Prayer”

  1. Thank you for these prayers. I am a single-mom and they have helped to strengthen me today. Thanks for the advice that you give for young males. My son listens to what you say. I listen as well. May God continue bless and protect you, your lovely wife, family, and the church. I also pray that God will make his face shine upon you.

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