Thieves in a Temple: Will A Man Rob Churches?

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Church Robbed at Gunpoint During Services: “How Could You Do That?”

By Darryl Holliday and Josh McGhee |

imagesGAGE PARK — A week after masked robbers stuck up a Southwest Side church during Sunday services — including putting a gun to a man’s head and pointing a gun at children, parishioners said —  members of the congregation turned out in force.

The doubling of attendance Sunday at Roca de Salvacion Church in Gage Park is a sign, church leaders say, that its positive presence is needed more than ever in the neighborhood.

But churchgoers still are in shock that the robbery even happened.

“We were just finishing the service, and they walked inside of a church. How could you do that?” said Leon Alberto, who was robbed during the attack. “Unbelievable. I was amazed.”

The church at 2542 W. 59th St. had been in its current location for just two weeks when two men burst into a service the night of Nov. 11, pointed a gun at women and children and demanded money, co-pastors Moises Marino and David Solis said Sunday afternoon.

Numerous kids were there when a gunman — identified by prosecutors at Matthew Cargo, 19 — tried to rob the congregants, authorities said.

One woman handed over a wad of bills as she tried to shield her children from the masked man, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said during Cargo’s bond hearing.

Cargo turned the gun on another parent as the man slipped and fell to the floor in an attempt to get between the gunman and his kids, prosecutors said.

According to police, Cargo stole more than $300 and ran. Only one person has been charged in the holdup, athough church officials said Carge had an accomplice.

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7 Comments on “Thieves in a Temple: Will A Man Rob Churches?”

  1. When the true gospel is no longer being preached, there is no power, when there is no power Satan has free reign. Modern-day church is a business, the scribes and Pharisees are steal exchanging money. If it were not for the millionaire gospel, the robbers won’t be attracted to the church.

  2. God is being thrown out of schools and the word is being twisted by people and pastors so much now that people no longer fear the Lord. I remember when even people who did not go to church or believe in God did not dare attempt something like robbing a church, if they did not fear God they sure feared they Grandmomma.

  3. This is why a person can’t be gangster and gospel. I guess when people see the church trying to be gangster, the world may feel it is alright to be gangster with the church.

    1. Naw, this aint that. This is just the world’s utter lack of respect for Jesus & all things holy. I remember growing up and we would be walking the street just cursing our heads off, but when you walked past a church we’d stop or say, I’m sorry. This is just the moral decline of a society that has turned away from the true and living God. The bible warns of such a time.

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