Time for the Church to Rise Up': Senator Preaches Against Homosexual ‘Abomination’ on Senate Floor

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Time for the Church to Rise Up’: Senator Preaches Against Homosexual ‘Abomination’ on Senate Floor

By Heather Clark | christiannews.net

BrightCOLUMBIA, South Carolina — A South Carolina state senator denounced the celebration of homosexuality in the White House and across the country during an impassioned speech today on the Senate floor.

“I heard our president sing a religious hymn [at the Charleston church funeral], and then Friday night, I watched the White House [be] lit up in the abomination colors,” Sen. Lee Bright lamented. “It’s time for the church to rise up. It’s time for the state of South Carolina to rise up.”

The senator made his remarks during a debate about whether the Confederate flag should be removed from the state capitol building.

“Romans chapter one is clear; the Bible is clear,” Bright declared. “This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and they are under assault by men in black robes who are not elected by you. We’ve got to make a stand. … Let’s deal with the national sins that we face today.”

He asked that county clerks not have to choose between their jobs and their faith.

“We talk about abortion, but this gay marriage thing I believe will [turn us into] one nation gone under,” Bright stated. “Like President Reagan said, ‘If we’re not one nation under God, we’ll be one nation gone under.’”

“And for us to sanctify deviate behavior from five judges—It’s time for us to make our stand, Church,” he continued. “It’s time for us to make our stand and we’re not doing it.”

Bright suggested that there were bigger problems in our nation to discuss than whether or not the Confederate flag flies overhead.

“We can rally together and talk about a flag all we want, but the devil is taking control of this land and we’re not stopping him,” he declared. “If the state’s got to get out of the marriage business, then let’s out of the business of marriage because we cannot succumb to what’s been done to the future of this nation.”

Bright, a Southern Baptist, noted that Christ taught His followers that being loving does not mean to embrace sin.

“I believe that Christ teaches us to love the homosexual, but He also teaches us to stand in the gap against sin,” he said. “I know that we need to respect our brother and love our brother, but we cannot respect this sin in the state of South Carolina, so I’m asking you … to deal with marriage.”

The senator remarked that if the state was not willing to push back against the federal government to at least make a way to protect Christians from punishment.

Brights remarks have been characterized by some viewers as a “rant,” while others have applauded him for taking a firm stand for God in the midst of a society that has turned its back on their Creator.


12 Comments on “Time for the Church to Rise Up': Senator Preaches Against Homosexual ‘Abomination’ on Senate Floor”

  1. I applaud the State Senator for standing for truth. My question to the nation’s church leaders, will the real Christian Believers please STAND UP!

  2. As a follower of Jeshua, I applaud the senator’s stand for the truth of the Bible. May God bless him and protect him.

  3. Thank God that we have someone who’s not afraid to sound the alarm, and put the devil on notice that we will takea stand for rightorighteousness.

  4. Praise God for you standing up. I am in full agreement and I can’t get our Governor to change his role in this. He is now being very ugly about getting pastors in trouble for denouncing homosexuality. If they speak bad of it they are in trouble and I honestly am at a loss as to what to do.

  5. Hello brothers and sisters , like this publication.GOD love sinners but doesnot love SINS ans Homosexuality is SINS=ABOMINATION.We love them ,But we cannot love SINS.Be bless GOD protect you in Name of JESUS!!!bye!

  6. I’m grateful to God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ & the Spirit of God. For them working in the heart of Senator Bright. I pray a blood covering over him, his family, & everything/one that’s connected to him. May the peace of God continue to be his portion. And may he always have joy, l I’ve and peace in his convictions. That the wisdom from God himself accompany him as he stand tall on moral issues of our GREAT Country.

  7. Thank you for taking a stand those of us that follow Christ need to take a stand, get up of of our coaches get a back bone and stand for our nation for our God and say No more, sir you are a politician but first you are a man of God Thank You for taking that stand I pray many others will follow, I will hav r and will continue to take a stand against sin.

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