Tony Campolo, Former Spiritual Adviser to Bill Clinton: Christians Should Vote for Hillary

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Tony Campolo, Former Spiritual Adviser to Bill Clinton: Christians Should Vote for Hillary

By Heather Clark |

Campolo-WSPHILADELPHIA – Tony Campolo, false teacher and former spiritual adviser to Bill Clinton, is urging Christians to vote for Hillary as president, claiming that she is a Christian woman who will help to lower the abortion rate in America.

“I like Hillary Clinton. We are personal friends,” he wrote in a recent article for Religion News Service. “I am more than willing to do all I can to help Hillary Clinton get elected. Should she ask me to organize an Evangelicals for Hillary committee, I would be more than willing to do so. I believe in her. And you should too.”

As previously reported, Campolo serves as one of the leaders at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia, which is part of the National Baptist Convention USA and American Baptist Churches USA. In the 1990’s, he served as a spiritual adviser to then-President Bill Clinton, including during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Campolo’s wife, Peggy, is a homosexual activist and believes that the Church should be accepting of same-sex “marriage.” While Campolo personally opposes same-sex nuptials, he believes the government should recognize civil unions. Campolo is also regarded as being a mystic as he teaches that his “intimacy with Christ was developed gradually over the years, primarily through what Catholic mystics call ‘centering prayer.’”

He asserts in his 2008 book “Partly Right” that the Bible is not without error, as “an evangelical has a very high view of Scripture though not necessarily inerrancy,” and has also commented to reporters that he believes non-Christians might go to Heaven.

“[W]e do not know who Jesus will bring into the kingdom and who He will not,” Campolo told the Edmonton Journal in 2007. “We are very, very careful about pronouncing judgment on anybody. We leave judgment in the hands of God and we are saying Jesus is the way. We preach Jesus, but we have no way of knowing to whom the grace of God is extended.”

On April 13, in an article entitled “Why Christians Should Vote for Hillary,” Campolo called upon Christians to vote for Clinton as president, and made his case as to why he believes she is the right person for the job.

“Some of my evangelical friends raise questions about her views on abortion,” he stated. “But Hillary Clinton is one of the few candidates on the political stage who has a plan for cutting the abortion rate in America by at least 50 percent.”

“She is committed to addressing [economic] problems, and thus diminishing the urgency that drives so many oppressed women into having abortions,” Campolo said. “As a pro-life Democrat, I am encouraged by the possibility that Hillary could be our next president.”

Campolo, who is a proponent of the “emergent church” movement, and is the co-author of the social justice book “Red Letter Revolution” with Shane Claiborne, said that he believes that Clinton is a Christian woman who is devoted to prayer.

“I know Hillary Clinton to be a committed Christian,” he said. “The youth pastor of her Methodist church mentored her through her teenage years into being the kind of holistic Christian who faithfully engages in the spiritual disciplines of Bible study and prayer.”

But others believe differently about Clinton. Pastor Bryan Ridenour wrote last year on his blog “America, Look Up” that he could never support the now former secretary of state due to his biblical convictions.

“If a church member asks in 2016 if I can support Hillary Clinton, I can unequivocally respond, ‘Not in this lifetime,’” he said. “If we vote for leaders who support abortion on demand, then we essentially hold the surgical knife that strips life from the womb. If we vote for leaders who support and champion gay marriage, we in effect officiate at their ceremonies. God holds us accountable for what we do behind the voting booth curtain.”

As previously reported, earlier this month, Clinton’s campaign staff included two homosexual men in her video presentation announcing her presidential run. The video zooms in as the men hold hands and one declares, “I’m getting married this summer to someone I really care about.”

“I’m getting ready to do something too,” Clinton soon announces. “I’m running for president.”

The men, Jared Milrad, 31, and Nathan Johnson, 30, state that they have now invited Clinton to attend their ceremony.



8 Comments on “Tony Campolo, Former Spiritual Adviser to Bill Clinton: Christians Should Vote for Hillary”

  1. People surely have a choice to do as they please, but I am not voting for her. I stand firm with no women should be over men. Not saying they can’t hold good positions, but this means she has the whole world in her authority. This will make the feminist movement worse, and the lgbt group.

  2. I’m just going to sit back and watch from afar. Whoever the “Elite” want in office, that’s who it’s going to be!!! I’m not supporting anyone who upholds immorality of any kind, PERIOD!!!

  3. No way. No way should a born again Christian vote for this lady. She has a record of dishonesty, no integrity, compromise, power hungry, me first, two face, I will be- what my audience want to see- entertainer/politician. As a NY senator and US secretary of state she has done little to nothing for this country, and she obtained these positions base on her husband’s clout, and use these positions as stepping stones to enlarge the Clinton brand, get richer, and gain more popularity and power for her ultimate goal of running for POTUS. I have my box of pop corn and I am ready to see how christian leaders react to her candidacy. In conclusion I do pray for the Clintons but I would be shocked if they change their ways of doing business.

  4. With this info being given out at this time, all Christians should take a stand against this self-righteous nonsense! Don’t fall for the flim-flam just because she would be the first female president of the US. Look at what happened with the first president of color! Will Ford gave us warning in the DVD “The Truth Behind Abortion.” He exposed our now president then when he was a senator. Senator (at that time of the taping of TTB Abortion) Barack Obama was and still is in support of both abortion and homosexual. But because he would be the first president of color, our people got caught up and looked the other way on those two issues. Now look at the horrific way of life we are all facing!!!

  5. None of what is going on surprises God, so why should it surprise us as the people of God??? We know what God has spoken in his WORD in regards to SIN. This WORLD is DYING regardless of what ungodly leaders are voted in. The JUDGMENT of God will SOON bring TRUTH to the FOREFRONT in ALL things!!!!

  6. With such a spiritual adviser such as this man and the ones that Mr. Obama has, is there any doubt why the country is headed in the direction it is. Ungodly advise adhered to will have negative effects. Mrs. Clinton has evolved on may of her past convictions so you know she’ll move whatever way the wind is blowing.

  7. Of course he would think that she’s a good Christian woman, he would have to be s Christian his self to no one. And it’s clear he’s not. How is his wife a gay activist and not be for gay marriage, how can two walk together unless they agree. How will she cut abortion in half? Maybe by sterilizing women as they did up till 1979. If your not teaching girls when they are young to respect their self and your body. But that would be the case. Because abortion is a big industry making lots of money for many ppl, and donating to many candidates.

  8. Great comments here, I would vote for any of you. Sounds like you’re listening to the spiritual adviser given at the
    day of Pentecost, and reading the avisory.

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