Topless Women Storm Stage at Muslim Conference to Protest Treatment of Women

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Topless Women Storm Stage at Muslim Conference to Protest Treatment of Women – See How the Men at Event React

By Kaitlyn Schallhorn |

Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-at-10.50.30-AM-620x345Two topless women were arrested in France over the weekend after they jumped on stage at a conference as preachers discussed the role of Muslim women.

The Femen protesters, 25- and 31-years-old, ripped off their Arab-styled cloaks, grabbed the microphones from the stage and shouted feminist slogans in Arabic and French, according to the Telegraph. Eventually the two were subdued by approximately 15 men who handed them over to police. One of the men appears to kick one of the women while she is on the ground.

Inna Shevchenko, a spokeswoman for the protest group, told the Telegraph that the demonstration occurred while the fundamentalist preachers were discussing “whether wives should be beaten or not.” One of the protesters had the words, “I am my own prophet” written across her chest. The other’s chest read, “No one subjugates me.”

Shevchenko said some of the men shouted “kill them” and “dirty whores.” She thanked the police officers for keeping the two women safe after their demonstration.

The women have been questioned by prosecutors and released as an investigation is pending. Conference officials said they do plan to press charges.

The Femen protesters began in 2008 in Ukraine and have participated in many topless protests.

3 Comments on “Topless Women Storm Stage at Muslim Conference to Protest Treatment of Women”

  1. …..And the point being????? To prove to these fundamentalist Muslims that they should continue to treat women as “less than” because if they don’t “beat their wives”, they might turn out like the protesting topless women??? Hmmmm, help me with the logic on this type of protest, somebody PLEASE!

  2. I’m torn and while I don’t advocate violence or the muslim culture…they knew what type of culture it was and shouldn’t have been surprised or unaware of that potential outcome. As a black person, I’m not about to go into KKK meeting with an NWA shirt on and trying to take over the gathering. I’m surprised they weren’t killed (but I’m sure they could have been). You don’t smack a pitbull in the face and not expect to get your hand bitten. They were disrespectful and foolish in their behavior and apparently unaware of muslim customs[like beating out of line women]. And why do women feel the need to protest everything with the breasts out. People take you more seriously when you behave respectfully, are sensitive to others, and WEAR FLIPPING CLOTHES!

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