TOTAL RECALL: "Now the blood is on your hands"

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A Warning to the Church

By G. Craige Lewis,  EX Ministries | July 23, 2009

6a00d83451bab869e2013488cfbffe970cWhen we first heard that a black man may become president of the United States for the first time, many were sold at that moment. His voting record didn’t matter. His agenda wasn’t even considered. “Does he go to church?” That would answer the only question that most black Americans would pose. If he goes to church and is black, then he should win because it’s about time we had some representation on that level right? It did not matter what he voted for or against in the Senate. As long as he is dark skinned rather than white, he was the only choice for many.
We have voted in a president because we wanted a black man, or a different man, and we felt that once he is in, our prayers will change him. But the bottom line here is that he is the same as he was before the election and will not change because of your prayers. His purpose is to do what he is doing. He is in office because the powers that be needed someone to look different as a poster boy for “change”. Who better to strip America of it’s morality than a representative of the most immoral group of people in the nation? Don’t get mad at me, the numbers show that Blacks are the most immoral group in America and that we could care less about morality when it comes to looking good. The statistics on this matter show that we have the highest HIV rate, incarceration rate, drop out rate, STD rate, Abortion rate, murder rate, teen pregnancy rate, single parent rate, homosexual and lesbian rate, etc. This is why as Christians, black people still ignored his immoral agenda for what they wanted. I know pastors that lost members for warning them about this man.


We at EX Ministries lost a bunch of engagements and DVD sales because we took a moral position during the election. Not to vote for McCain because I didn’t vote for him either, but just to stand for morality and truth. We as a people are in trouble because Barack Obama was able to bring our inconsistent spiritual behavior to the forefront and show the world what a Carnal Christian that doesn’t honor his God looks like.

This is a man on a mission. What’s his mission? To free the homosexuals and lesbians in America and make their lifestyles accepted
by all with no moral code of conduct from God interfering with it. He wants to silence the church and make them accept an antichrist agenda. In spite of this always being in his plan, pastors and preachers marched for him and voted him in. They led their congregations into the voting booths and even the ones that had reservations about him and God given visions of his sinful agenda, were too afraid to stand against a man that could cause their offerings to dwindle down if they didn’t support him.

This is a serious matter because if you haven’t heard already, our president has named the month of June “Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, and Transgender month” in America. For the first time in history a president has deemed sexually deviant behavior as normal and given them a month to celebrate. No president in history would have ever done this because this is something that is detrimental to the very fabric of our society. Bill Clinton, or even Hilary Clinton, who are both very liberal, would have never done anything like this because who wants to go down in the history books as the one who condoned transexuals and gave sexual deviants a month to celebrate? This was the greatest setup of all times and of course, the black man was the pawn. No matter how evil you may feel Bush and others were, they would have NEVER been responsible for something this wild. This is an outrage and yet, no one is talking about it.

What does an open sexuality month do for our country? Well, expect in the coming month of June 2010 to see public displays of kissing, hugging, and all kinds of sexual celebrations. Expect your children to be taught in there schools about accepting the LGBT agenda because their president said to. Expect every park, amusement center, you name it, to be crowded as they offer special discounts to LGBT couples. Gay men parading around proudly, lesbian women, bi sexual couples consisting of 3 or 4 partners and transgender people that have created an ambiguous image which cannot be put in a male or female category. I don’t know if Jesus will crack the sky before June 2010 but I know that if he doesn’t, it will be soon after because this is the worst thing to happen in American history and it happened at the hands of a man that has voted in favor of this agenda since he was in the senate. This was not a secret, yet it was overlooked and ignored by those that wanted him in office no matter what!

Also expect to see a lot of pastors, business owners, etc. arrested for trying to stop these celebrations from entering their places of business or worship
. Expect lawsuits and public outcrys from those that want this agenda in places where they are not wanted. You see, when the office of the president gives the approval, you must comply! We won’t be able to stop it now because it’s a done deal. And during this month, any teacher or educator can proudly teach the LGBT agenda without parental consent just like they can teach black history in February. Expect pictures on the walls of the schools, television shows and talk shows being flooded with this celebration. Just like black history month, immorality now has a month and they will demand to be allowed any and everywhere to celebrate this great accomplishment. WOW. What have you done people? (Those of you that voted for him! I didn’t.)

His wife said she would do this and she also said Obama would do it before he was ever elected. I posted the video for many to see and yet many that saw the video still voted for him. Michelle Obama said the church will be silenced by her husband and yet, Bishops, pastors, and black leaders that are suppose to be saved ignored it and now our children must endure it. How selfish are our preachers today that they would back a man with a homosexual agenda? What must God think of these bishops and pastors that call themselves our leaders? This is a shame before God and yet our world is ignoring it and paying more attention to the death of a transgender performer than they are the greatest tragedy on paper to strike the American people.

All I have to say at this point is, when you see the gay couples and when you see the public acceptance of these behaviors right in your face, just remember that YOU voted for this change and you got what you voted for. May God have mercy on America. This is truly the beginning of the end for us.

Come Quickly Lord,


36 Comments on “TOTAL RECALL: "Now the blood is on your hands"”

  1. What is happening at this time is what is suppose to be happening.We must remember Jesus said as it was in the beginning so will it be at the end;man was wicked continually. in order for the end to come these things must be in place in the systems we live in.but our Father know how to take care of his own when this happen.

  2. May God have mercy on this nation! This is the truth, which many do not want to hear. We need to pray for our children and for strong Christians who oppose this abomination.

  3. amen to this truth, thank God we also took a stand and did not vote for him, even do many were against when we mentioned some things, keep on preaching the truth, so the eyes of the people will wake up! The church need to wake up, this is the hour and the time. Shalom

  4. GOD doesn’t have respect of persons so we shouldn’t . I made a comment ( they asked ) about the president while getting a haircut , boy ! if looks could kill . Is there racism in America ? , sure but I can’t spend every waking
    moment thinking about this . And I believe that GOD will Repay . Showing my age now , can anyone remember the tv series “Branded” with Chuck Connors . That’s how I felt walking out of that barber shop , branded a coward and traitor to the race . But will proudly take that broken sword if it means my soul salvation . Bad analogy , older folks help the young folks . ( and help me , I got to stop trolling )

  5. WOOOOOOWWWW!!! Boy oh boy! G. Craig you hit the nail on the head E-V-E-R-Y time!!! EVERY TIME!!!!

  6. For those of us that did voted if you haven’t already pray and ask for forgiveness and strength to stand strong for the kingdom of God no matter what. I felt sick the day I voted I knew that I shouldn’t have voted all because everyone that run for something (mayor,governor, president etc..) will say and do anything to get a vote, but the devil use the head of my house hold to say we’re going to vote for this man because he was black notknowing his agenda, that day I wish I would have followed the confirmation from God not my husband, but I did I’d ask God to forgive me and I feel sick to my stomach to see/ hear and know the agenda was to corrupt our future and the body of Christ wake up people that was a test to see how many of us are TRUE believer.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly. I was also one that warned of of president, but the black people were dead set because he was black. If all the black people that attend church were “born again” and had a relationship with our God, He would have spoken and warned them. We are so busy with programs and not services.

  8. In 2008 …I tried in many many discussions with my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ to warn them about Obama. I remember saying to them how uncomfortable I was in my spirit about him, there was something not right about him. I was concerned with what I was sensing spiritually about him, but I was looked at with disbelief or laughed at or mostly just ignored. Election night came, I took my concerns to my knees in prayer, I remember crying out to God my fears that he may be the anti-christ…..but I immediately heard in my spirit “NO he is NOT ! but he will pave the way ” Revelations admonished us to return to our first love…Christians who set aside their moral biblical beliefs to vote for a man who distains, insults, and is doing everything he can to silence our voice to speak the truth of the gospel….should repent ! and as in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways. Anyone who opposed Obama would be ridiculed and lambasted called an Uncle Tom, a wasn’t about his color but his agenda. DEFEND THE FAITH MORE THAN THE MAN ! Now ! right now is not the time to be blind to what is happening around us, but every child of God should be in constant prayer to remain faithful , steadfast and immovable to the cause of Christ, for His return is SOON !

  9. I am in complete agreement with this post, remember when people of color lost their mind over, one of if not the most, wicked presidents in the history of this nation. I too warned people and the church but sadly became viewed as a hater and enemy because I completely was against him and his wife’s evil agenda. Even at one church I have routinely preached at no longer invited myself nor my wife because we addressed this man’s agenda and guess what? The Pastor(s) completely disagreed with us though we were Biblically correct. They even had the nerve to have his picture in the pulpit. No cross but a picture of Barack! In the Church! In the pulpit! How much more idolatrous can you get! The Law of God is our school master to show us what wickedness is of which all are guilty. Complete faith in and through Jesus Christ is our only means of justification before our Holy God. Biblically speaking when any professing Christian can condone or support evil in any form and be comfortable with it, one needs examine themselves according to the Scriptures to see if they are truly converted or if their experience is a false conversion. Contrary to many a church belief, the Lord really does know them that are His. I submit to everyone that the physical Body of Christ is loaded with tares while the spiritual body is really the Body of Christ. I will just say it like John (paraphased) whosoever is born of God IS NOT a practice of sin. (they don’t practice it, they don’t support it, it’s vexing to them, THEY HATE IT! Flip side, he that does practice sin IS OF THE devil (support him, tolerate his agenda, drawn to him, etc . etc.)
    because he sinned from the beginning. God said it who is and will be the Righteous Judge at the last day. If this offends you and you profess to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you may want to ask yourself, Do I really? If you don’t, repent and ask Him to give you a real one. Let everyone that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity! That means don’t support it either!

    1. I am in total agreement with this article and this comment as it is truth from God. Thank you so much Pastor G. Craige Lewis and all of EXMinistries and Michael Wells. The only time I’ve ever voted in my 33 yrs was in May 2012 to keep the marriage amendment here in NC and I would have never voted for any president. Recently, I had been slack in reading The Word (Holy Bible), but repented. I am totally thankful to God for conviction of His Holy Spirit. A few nights ago I laid down and begin to read at Jeremiah 4:23 and ended up finishing the chapter. I had not planned to read any particular Scripture, so I just opened my Bible and started there. I was totally amazed. I do not have the full understanding of it all, but wonder if it is a warning. I wonder because, after reading this article, I went back to the above mentioned Scriptures and saw a reference to Isaiah 1:15 at the 31st verse. I turned to that Scripture and was even more AMAZED! This is what God says…”And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: YOUR HANDS ARE FULL OF BLOOD.” -Isaiah 1:15 WOW, I’m going to read more. All glory to God Almighty and thanks to you all again because I am humbled to continue in prayers and fasting and to read more and more of The Word. Be encouraged and strengthened in The Lord

  10. Sadly, he’s turned out to be the worse one yet, and the backlash is just as awful. Gay marriage, abortion, etc. everything that is ‘against’ the Word of God/Jesus Christ. Quite sadly even some in the body who’ve seen what he’s done, have not given up on him (they say, “it’s just politics) and for that I get even more mad and sad at the same time. I’m praying earnestly for a ‘break-through’ with at least one of his daughter’s, where the Lord will intervene before it’s too late (even if he’s not still in office). Truly sad and god awful all the way around.

  11. Amen pastor! All this is true, and all the prophecies you gave have come true. I feel pity for our children. May God have mercy!

  12. So True Eileen. Remember God destroy Sodom and Gomorra for the same sins. America is under Judgment for this, abortions, greed, slavery, and the souls of men. America will have war here, God always use other nations to punish (read the Word). Also Obama is Islamic. The first 3 things he did when first elected, was put a homosexual (effeminate) person in office; an Islamic person in office; and approved stem cell bill in action (stem cell research involves aborted babies). Pray that all Believer’s will endure to the END. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  13. I agree with this article. I voted for him in the blind, without checking him out thoroughly. I’ve repented. If I could take my vote back I would. I can see an attempted shutdown of all preachers when they cry out against this abomination. I think the Hate Crimes act will be used abusively in the near future.

    Ex Ministries…please keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you for revealing the truth and exposing the works of Satan.

  14. You know what? This is more true now than ever before. For the parents with children in public schools, I feel for you.

  15. I was raised to vote and I carelessly gave my vote to Obama too the first time. I asked the Lord to forgive me for wasting my vote for a man with such a degraded immoral agenda. The scary part is that when examined, the whole system of America is corrupted for evil just the same. That is why you must renounce your pledge for the U.S. in your hearts and make your allegiance to the Kingdom of God and all of its morality. We must be in it the U.S. but not of it like Paul was in Rome but not of Rome.

    1. I vote for obama to shut up the black white racism, i am also gulity because i voted for him too, ande every poor desion the president makes is the worst one now i pray that he get out of the white house and ask God to find some body who is a Godly president too turn this nation around. Jesus is Lord!

  16. Don’t take it so hard on yourselves folks . The Blood will even wash this sin , if we repent of it I believe . If there is enough of us and I think there are . We could raise our own choice for this office . Sen . Mc Cain would be ( I think ) a great choice . Right now his own party doesn’t like him . We could easily pry him away . I know he is in a party that in the past and now , doesn’t think much of minorities and women but , hard times call for hard measures. Or another man that we could get behind with our values in mind . The last thing I voted on was the lottery in GA ( against ) . There are a lot of true believers that have the right to vote , they just don’t , we would just have to get them out . And I know this would not be free , there would be funds to get . Another fellow that comes to mind would be one G. C. Lewis , ( hate to throw you in front and under the bus sir ) he is articulate , honest , and mostcertainly believes like we do . And there has to be others out there . It just has to be . I know I am a dreamer . If we can’t do this and I know this is a long shot , we must continue to pray that GOD have mercy on our houses , if not the land .

  17. Don’t take it so hard on yourselves people , THE BLOOD washes away all sins but one . The think he was rebuking mostly the so-called leaders in the church . We can only repent of our actions , and pray that GOD have
    mercy on our houses if not the land . Salvation is a work in progress . The foundation ( CHRIST ) is finished . But
    we live and learn unto perfection or maturity . I know I do . You should have saw my previous post . Which I hope won’t see the light of day . A true man of GOD will not entangle himself in the affairs of this world . Unless given permission from God . My apologies to the moderators . I get carried away sometimes .

  18. If My people which are called by My name humble themselves and pray,and seek My face, and turn from their wicked way, then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2Chron 7:14)

    I believe much of what goes on is our (believer) fault because Jesus paid the price in full, went back to heaven before the Father sent the Holy Spirit back to lead, guide, teach, empower us for for this walk. BUT we have become lukewarm which Jesus said He would vomit out. It starts with us, are we walking His narrow way, or do we want to be like the world which is the wide way to destruction. We are the spiritual authority here on earth as the Body of Christ, The Father hears our prayer as they line up with His Word. Jesus said in Mattthew 28:18, that all power is given to Me in heaven and earth, then Jesus told us to go and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe ALL things whatsoever I have COMMANDED you (19-20a) question? are we doing this or are we concern with the world ways

    Let us REPENT, turn from our wicked way, and get busy with Kingdom business, so Now My eyes shall be open, and My ears attent to the prayer that is made in this place (2Chron 7:15)……Amen ….be blessed

    *I did not vote for him either

    1. Well said again , don’t get to see or hear many intelligent Christians . Thank GOD for this forum . It’s hope you can see.

  19. Amen, Pastor Lewis. I did not vote for President Obama as well, and did warn many about his beliefs and agenda, but it fell on death ears. God can still turn this country around if he choose to, but he does not have to, and he would still be justified. Keep praying and preaching the unadulterated word of God.

  20. Too many of us were “hood-winked” and “bamboozled”, I being amongst them….I don’t have much else to say about this-I was duped! I pray that I may be used to help educate others so they can also take the shroud away from their eyes. Thank you G Craige and others with EX ministries for all you have put out their in the atmosphere-for planting the truth in so many areas. May it fall on good soil!!!

  21. Voted the first time.Not the 2nd! Now everyone is looking crazy, trying to put him out, but those who voted and the ‘bloodline’ put him in. I really have the desire to vote anymore, but…..who knows? I have repented. I remember back in 2008 receiving a text about Barack in the bible. Taken way out of context. We do stuff out of tradition or obligation w/o asking questions.

  22. Drop that raw truth!
    The Obamanation is leading the United States down the road to perdition and the Born Again Christians are following him all the way. For shame.

  23. Just too show how bad this man had the black leaders in his corner. Was in a church for Sunday School, right after the lesson a deacon wanted to lead us in song with this man’s name, to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic .Gave my family the ixnay not to follow. But there were some who actually song along. True story

  24. Man o man! What a prophetic message! From back in 09! I too got deceived the first time around. I wasn’t saved until 2010. But I definitely repented & asked the Lord for forgiveness. I’m so glad by the grace of God, I came across G Craige Lewis & exministries and other godly leaders & ministries shortly after Jesus saved me! Even now when you expose the truth and agenda of this antiChrist president, folks still get upset & make excuses! The crazy thing is that these folks call themselves christians! But then again, persecution against those who live godly in Christ, usually comes from the so called believers! The unbelievers in the world don’t know God, so its no surprise that they accept and promote all types of sin. But from folks who call themselves christians to continue to support Obama, and his wicked agendas is ridiculous! Reminds me of John the 5th chapter, when Jesus addressed the pharisees and told them, how can you believe, who receive honor from one another, and do not seek the honor that comes from God alone? As we get closer to the end, things will get more & more wicked! We must pray and draw nigh to Christ. Keep standing for Christ exministries. God bless

  25. While I agree with ninety-nine percent of your observations, I must disagree on the major discrepancy: the current president, in my opinion, is not the worst, even with all of his morale decadence. When anything is in the forefront for the media and politicians, we must not become distracted and miss the primary goal. Ronald Reagan was our worst president. He committed America to obedience to the catholic church (yes, I’m using a small “c”). In his meeting with the pope (again, small case letter), he promised him that the nation would follow the spiritual agenda of Rome. Are not all of the individual issues you specify not the real agenda of Rome, in it’s effort to spiritually rule and destroy true worship to the One true GOD?

    President Obama will only be in office for a limited season. The agenda he is promoting preceded him. And yes, he was specifically chosen to run AND WIN so that this very agenda could gain some steam on the social and political fronts. This agenda is only a part of a huge, huge, plan. Don’t miss the true behind-the-scenes story. It has global ramifications. It was prepped for fruition by the Reagan administration. Just before it was to be placed on the table and served up, an African-American president was needed as a distraction of what was really being served for dinner. President Obama is just the server, not lord of the manor who has the power to decide what is to be prepared or served. Shame on him for serving lethal poison coated with brown sugar and cinnamon(African skin). My people (all believing Americans) reject the waiter’s fare and leave the table!

    1. Cynthia, you hit the hammer on the nail with your comment! This just proves how much we need to pray for those people who are in leadership because unfortunately, their deeds are evil the majority of the time! As Jesus said to the Father as he was hanging up there on the cross, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34a), NIV. He was referencing to what was going on at the moment during his time of the crucifixion, yet the statement holds true to us in the present. We need forgiveness and too many of us have no idea of what we are doing when we trip, fall, lunge, leap, etc. into temptation. Thank you, Miss Cynthia for sharing your perspective. Jesus truly came to set the captives free.

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