Trojan Horse: Lecrae Talks of 'Sleepless Nights,' Criticism in Refusing Sacred-Secular Divide

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Lecrae Talks of ‘Sleepless Nights,’ Criticism in Refusing Sacred-Secular Divide

By Nicola Menzie, Christian Post Reporter

May 29, 2013|12:23 pm

lecrae-moore“There’s always somebody saying one or the other about me,” said Moore, typically referred to by his first name, commenting on being called “too Christian” or “too pagan.” The married father added that he has “definitely had some sleepless nights and some long conversations” in trying to balance his faith and career as a hip-hop artist.

The subject was raised by Eric Geiger, vice president of LifeWay Christian Resources, in an interview with Lecrae broadcast online Monday on Ed Stetzer’s “The Exchange,” a program featuring in-depth conversations with Christian leaders.

“As far as the world is concerned, it’s mostly pre-conceived ideas of what I’m about. So they haven’t really investigated enough to know how Christian it is or what it is that’s gonna happen,” the Atlanta rapper added.

“On the Christian side, there’s a sense of like, ‘See, Lecrae is falling off, he’s getting worldly. I heard him do this song, he’s performing at this place …,'” he explained, giving examples of the kind of criticism he might receive on social media.

Having spoken numerous times on the subject of overcoming the concept some have of a secular-sacred divide — the belief that Christians should avoid certain secular areas and activities — Lecrae shared with Geiger that his model for ministry is the Apostle Paul and his ministry activities as recorded in the Bible.

“I’m a big fan of just looking at Paul in Acts and him in the marketplace, but in the synagogue as well. Him mixing it up out there in the culture and knowing who their modern-day poets were and their speakers and philosophers and being able to integrate their ideals and values in his talks as he tries to preach Christ to them,” said Lecrae.

The 33-year-old rapper believes he, and other Christians, can impact culture simply by being engaged and demonstrating what “redemption has done” in a Christian’s life, instead of creating sub-cultures or living life in a bubble.

The conversation also touched on a comment Lecrae previously made in response to whether he views himself as a Christian rapper: “I am a Christian. I am a rapper. But Christian is my faith, not my genre.”

Saying he knows such a statement “goes against the grain of cultural Christianity,” Lecrae told Geiger: “We have to be careful with terms like ‘Christian’ and ‘Gospel.'”

He suggested that limiting those labels to simply a genre of music does a “disservice” to the Christian message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

“Christian is an identifying mark. It says I identify myself with Christ, I’m a follower of Christ,” he emphasized. “I’d rather you not put the tag or the label ‘Christian’ on me (simply) because I say so.”

The rapper added that he welcomes the title “Christian” being applied to him if his character warrants it, but not simply because of the type of music he creates.





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EX Editors Feedback: ” In Apostle Paul’s day Athens was considered to be like some what of a  modern day Entertainment/Music Industry. History dates back to the origin of theaters, music halls, the worship of Dionysus and other gods. Now in accordance with the Acts of the Apostles (17) Paul, Silas, Timothy didn’t entertain or perform in this (industry) to evangelize the people nor did they put on performances to draw people.  Just think had he encouraged the disciples to tattoo themselves, be enamored (all in photos) with theater actors, philosophers, poets and pagans.

Nevertheless, the scriptures never suggested that Paul used any of his talents or artistic abilities in Athens to influence or manipulate the Athenians to believe the Gospel. The scriptures were very clear on how Paul and others evangelized.  No wonder folks can’t sleep. They are deceiving themselves into think a book written by Francis A. Schaeffer is sacred.  Therefore if sacred means set apart and secular means without or disconnected from God. Then maybe we’re confused.  This is what happens when folks books have more value than the scriptures. Totally confusion.

981870_454283397988838_1563158095_oToday we have made every excuse known to man for why and how we should evangelize (without) the Holy Spirit. For some reason we think if we drop “Christian” titles, whisper about Jesus every now and then in our music, and mimic  ‘popular culture’ we are becoming all things to all men to win them.  These are the “Acts of Parrots” and not the Apostles. Can you image Paul in the music halls of Greece trying to emulate the pagans in order to reach them? He knew about their poets but He evangelized not entertained. Paul caused division and they resented him for preaching Christ. If Lecrae stop sambo’ing and jigaboo’ing and boldly declare CHRIST and the entire Gospel (Luke 3). BET will no longer take your managers calls. The Industry will stop booking you.

lecrae.MTVNow we must continue to address the body of Christ and equip the believer with sound doctrine and rebuke openly this error. (Acts 17:16-34) Is this what evangelism should look like? Bait and switch?

“Church I’ve made it, I’m on BET, MTV, I’m on the radio, TV, representing Christ?! Download my music, I got a mix-tape coming out, did you see my latest interview I did in Vibe, get your tickets, vote for me, the lord is using me, see how humble I am, for my glory!!” It's all about the music!

If Jesus were physically here today, he wouldn’t be looking for BET’s platform for an opportunity to be seen and socially accepted. But the employees would quit their jobs and come looking for him.  While many will argue being an entertainer is real job. But in order to find success in the industry you have to promote you and stay relevant to please your fanatics. Artist have to give their fanatics what they want. If you can’t please them, they will fire you. They will stop buying or downloading your art. So when its your livelihood, if your not careful compromise will acknowledge you and you’ll make Christ smaller as your platform gets LARGER.  This is why HE can’t be promoted alongside your selfish ambitions. Seeking accepts from the world is the last thing a believer should be considering when it comes to carrying the gospel.

Today art has become Idolatry in the hearts of this generation. It has become our god, and if its not painted in a beat or a microphone we don’t want it. So if you think ministry can only come from your ability to perform and entertain, then keep reading Francis A. Schaeffer’s books. Ask Al Green, he’ll testify.

It's all about the music.Covetousness, Idolatry, Selfish Ambition & the Pride of Life. (1John 2:15-17 , Gal. 1:10, Luke 6:26, John 15:19, John 7:7 ) This is what happens when your ambitions, naive and led by your own desires. The world sees you as needy and wanting to be liked by them. You become them to lose them. Has Thomas Dorsey’s plight taught us anything? If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.” We really need to be praying for Lecrae and others like him who are deceiving themselves into thinking they are doing God of favor by replacing the work of the Holy Spirit.  So many young people are being mislead thinking they are doing something innovative and new. (Eccl. 1:9). “God is using me to draw the world!” “My concerts are packed out and folks are being saved!”  When many of these events are full of church kids and wayward preacher kids. The world, Hipphop’s subculture ain’t checking for “Jesus” music, it doesn’t sale unless it sounds like “the world”.  It can’t be too “preachy” they won’t download it. An Atheist will tell you that.

Conclusion: The end game is Cd sales. That’s all the industry is concern with. They love the talent but could careless about what you believe.  Come on folks the scriptures are clear. This is not a judgment against Lecrae personally, but a documentation. Everything we’ve been preaching against is coming around full circle.  The lines have been draw in the sand and many people are being deceived, because they want to. They have made the artist the demigod and they worship music more than the God of Gods. ( March 17 on Facebook Lecrae was enagaging a fanatic as she started to question his ministry. In short he responded by saying,

“My mission hasn’t changed, my message hasn’t changed. My music has and rightly so.”  Well, I thought your message and mission was apart of your music?  Something’s changed.

lyrics.cosign            You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?


S/n: The INDUSTRY is fascinated with the compromise rather than the Christ. Once again, we owe it to this brother to sincerely pray for him. He will never find acceptance in the Industry, we’ve lost too many like him.


6 Comments on “Trojan Horse: Lecrae Talks of 'Sleepless Nights,' Criticism in Refusing Sacred-Secular Divide”

  1. Its almost frightening the deception that is being spread. The fact that LeCrae believes the what he says is evident of the spirit that we’re dealing with today. That the One True God & His Son Jesus the Christ for the revelation the Holy Spirit gives us! I know I was born for such a time as this! Let us who know the truth continue to pray for those who are deceived & being deceived, that they come to the knowledge of the truth & are delivered. Above all, let the true believers continue to speak the truth of the Word, without fear or compromise! This world so desperately needs it. Be blessed…..

  2. It’s disappointing to see people go for the money, fame, and self glorification instead of the Love and Salvation offered in Jesus Christ. People forget how the devil used judas iscariot and how he BEING A DISCIPLE betrayed Jesus Christ for the LOVE OF MONEY.

    People sometimes don’t realize what their doing today. They justify themselves with selfish reasons all bound by the lust of the flesh and fail to acknowledge that they are selling out on SALVATION through Jesus Christ by becoming OF the world.

    Why go for just the frosting on the cake when we are promised a FEAST

    I Hope lecrae turns around and ends up having a powerful COMEBACK testimony. But ultimately he has to make the choice.

  3. lol…Gcraige, giving the young man sleepless nights. I thank God for Exministry in our lives. While many of us are convicted and changed by the light of Gods others find it hard to come back to the truth, trappings of the world. It is by Gods grace that we find courage to come back to the truth not entirely to our own credit. Say Hi to the team Greetings from South Africa. So great to see a group of young men dedicating their lives to God’s work. Blessings.

  4. I listened to Lecrae and I get he didn’t grow up in the Church many who do go to church are there but aren’t getting the messages. Like they need a hearing aid to hear from God because of all the others things that are blocking the word from getting through ( self…) But what I do understand is that we change to transform into the image of God’s dear the son, Jesus I don’t hear that from him. He wants hiphop to be apart of the kingdom and that just isn’t possible. He said you will love one and hate the other, this is true I used to listen to all that hiphop had to offer and now because God has shined the light so bright to who and what hiphop represents I hate it. This is the turning from the world secular unto God. Lacrae has not turned yet, he is about showing the world u can do both but we can’t I have tried and it makes it harder to stay in the word and live honestly a consecrated life acceptable to God. We overcome him the enemy by the blood of the LAMB and the WORDS of our testimony! praying for this brother to turn from this nonsense and live a holy and righteous life. God is not mocked. this is just more hypocracy in the false doctrine churches but this is also showing those of us who want God in our lives that this is what is out there and to flee these things. luv u all. pls keep my family in prayer, I have two boys and a husband that enjoy hiphop more than the word. More grace Lord for those of us who live on our knees at ur feet.

  5. I wonder if anyone here at EX Ministries has tried to reach out with artists like Lecrae & share the “Behind hip hop” dvds with them? Even gifting them to some of these wayward artists. I wonder if anyone in that camp would really hear the message & come out of the false religion of “hip hop” and use music to glorify God alone. Just a thought.

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