Truth Behind Hiphop confirmed: Hiphop returns back to its spiritual covering " The Zulu Nation"

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Truth Behind Hiphop confirmed: Hiphop returns back to its spiritual covering  “The Zulu Nation”

image10When the Truth Behind Hiphop message was first released to the church EX Ministries exposed the Hiphop subculture’s belief system and how it was going to invade the church. In our previous documentaries  “What Every Church Needs to Know About Hiphop” and  “The Trojan Horse – Truth Behind Holy-Hip hop” you learned about its history and the influence of the Zulu Nation. There were many who tried to discredit our message and deny the Zulu Nation as being a part of its foundation and beliefs. Others claimed Hiphop as redeemable and tried to separate the Hiphop subculture from the Zulu Nation (Afrika Bambaataa) and its other founding fathers. However, we stayed the course and continued to preach against the spirit behind Hiphop. For more than 17 years the ministry tried to help this generation understand the dangers in embracing hiphop as Christians because of its origin.  Unfortunately some christian rappers needed authenticity and began to covet affirmation from Hiphop by calling themselves Christian Hiphoppers. These rappers eventually divorce themselves completely from being identified as “Christian” but as Hiphoppers who happen to be Christian, and now they boldly declare themselves as Hiphop. Since, one of the most popular rappers Lecrae Moore partnered with a member from the Zulu Nation (9th Wonder) to produce music for his Church Clothes mixtape debut. Well today the “Fat Lady Has Sings” again, Hiphop is returning to its roots, its spiritual covering, the Zulu Nation.


Q-Tip Speaks On Lil Wayne, Big Boi, Nas, Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs Joining Zulu Nation (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) For the past week, several Hip Hop artists have been announced as new members of the Universal Zulu Nation. Q-Tip led the charge in revealing that Lil Wayne and Big Boi have become part of the Hip Hop organization, and during a Zulu Nation meeting this week, Tip spoke about Wayne, Big, and other recent inductees. The New York native has long been associated with the Hip Hop awareness group started by the legendary Afrika Bambaataa. Q-Tip’s next album is currently scheduled to be titled The Last Zulu. If Wayne has teamed with the Zulu Nation, he joins other prominent rappers with close ties to the worldwide movement like Rakim, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, De La Soul, and many more.[ALSO READ: Q-Tip Welcomes Lil Wayne To The Zulu Nation]  [ALSO READ: EXCLUSIVE: Big Boi, Nas, & Jimmy Fallon To Join The Zulu Nation]

“After addressing the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner and the perception of Hip Hop’s connection to their stories.” Q-Tip confirmed that New York legend Nas, Pro Era front man Joey Bada$$, and Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs are now all officially members of the Universal Zulu Nation. “I’m gonna let y’all know about some of the new inductees and what our plan – and when I say our I’m speaking specifically about mine and 9th Wonder, [what] our chapter is trying to do for the Nation. To really put a stronghold out there, so that we can be active and not just be angry. Not just be emotional but have a real thing there for change, a real vehicle, a real structure.So some of the inductees we had recently are Nas. He joined. Joey Bada$$ joined. Freddie Gibbs joined. Last week Lil Wayne joined… and today Big Boi from OutKast joined, said Q-Tip.” (click here for story and video)



Afrika Bambaataa celebrates Zulu Nation 41st Birthday

Lil Wayne Joins Universal Zulu Nation



Zulu Nation Prayer

In the Name of The Force, who is The Source, whom is called, by many names, ALLAH, JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, JAH, GOD, EL KULUWM, AMEN RA, THE ALL, THE SUPREME ONE FORCE.

zulu.nationWe Amazulus (The Peoples of The Heavens),bare witness to our way of life (Religion) which is Truth,back by facts of the known and not just beliefs although we do have beliefs, we are always seeking,Truth of the Known and the Unseen, which is yet Known.We Amazulus respect The Scriptures of The Force,Who is The Source of us all, who sent down words and written words to all the Prophets, Messengers and Warner’s of The Creator, The Supreme One. We Amazulus call on The Spirits of all our Ancestors from the past, whom did righteousness, in the Name of The Force, who is The Source, the Angels and other Life Forms,who do righteousness, In The Name of The Force, to watch over all of Amazulus and all Human Beings on this planetso called Earth. We Amazulus call on The Force, who is The Source, to bless The Universal Zulu Nation always, to watch over, Mother Earth and all the Planets and Universes. To keep us always protected from our Earthly enemies, Subterranean Worlds enemies, Interplanetary enemies, Solar Systems enemies, Galactic enemies, Star Systems enemies, Dimensional enemies, Universe and Universes enemies. Oh Great Force, who is The Source, keep us strong and healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul. Keep us on a straight path of righteousness and even if we fall of grace,here and there, keep us always searching for:Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, Right Understanding,for we can Overstand as Gods and Goddesses and Sound Right Reasoning.



EX Ministries Documentaries

what_every_church_needs_to_know_about_hip-hop 41b3F998uPLThese two documentaries takes a behind the scenes look at what the founders of Hip Hop are saying and why this culture cannot be merged with true Christianity. G. Craige Lewis & Tetaun Moffett take you into the very heart of this culture and why it’s founders, followers, and so called “Holy” counterparts are forcing themselves into the church of God and the purpose behind their infiltration. This is a must see for every Pastor, Lay Member and Parent that is concerned about the mixture of the Hip Hop Culture and Christianity. 


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  1. JOHN 14:6 I try to watch these things but when you talk about spacemen wanting to listen to your beats, you loose me. Especially if you are a 57 year old man. Italia means Italy.

  2. i always tell my children that Pastor Lewis is truly one of God’s prophets in this time. His voice is one that calls for God’s people to turn and repent and hear the sound doctrine of the bible less you be decieved like the many that are running on the broadway to destruction. How can pastors called by God justify this foolishness called hiphop in the church. God’s going to get you hirelings and you wolves in sheeps clothing !

  3. Hi there!

    I am Zulu from South Africa. I don’t appreciate these Americans bastardizing and giving our nation a bad rep. Our culture does embrace this! Yes, we do have dodgy things in our culture that is against God (in terms of ancestral worship) and we attempt to teach our people against it- but this nonsense is not ours- and I would greatly appreciate a name change of their religion- THEY ARE NOT ZULU!!!! Nor are they THE ZULU NATION!!!!

    1. Excellent post, your disgust is warranted. If I had the means I would sponsor you to speak against this so -called
      religion. You and all true Zulu should bombard them with e-mails declaring your displeasure. These people are about money and power. And will use anything, including YOUR tribal name to get it. All Americans are not like this. Again excellent post, your intelligence came through loud and clear.

  4. “But it’s music maaaaaan” REALLY??! HipHop is just music! I hope Lecrae and those Christian rappers know what they doing when they do shows with these guys?

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