Truth Behind HipHop: Man blames his murdering spree on violent rap lyrics

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Man blames his murdering spree on violent rap lyrics

By Nigel Boys |

Ipresley1n documents viewed by the Associated Press, 34-year-old unemployed actor Aeman Presley, who is accused of killing three men and one woman, blamed his “murderous spirit” on being a former member of a Chicago gang and listening to violent rap lyrics.

Presley’s murderous spree in the Atlanta area began after he decided to commit robberies because he could not find work as an actor to support himself, according to the media outlet. His first killing involved 53-year-old Calvin Gholston, a homeless man who was sleeping in a shopping center, who was shot three times but never robbed by Presley.

A DeKalb County courtroom heard on Monday how after killing his first victim, Presley developed a “bloodlust” for killing, urging him on to commit two more murders of homeless men and one female hairdresser. Although prosecutors in DeKalb and Fulton counties are pressing for the death penalty, Presley insists he is not guilty.

According to a sworn statement by an investigator with the Fulton County district attorney’s office, “hoping to rejuvenate his beleaguered acting career,” Presley had taken a Greyhound bus from Los Angeles to Atlanta in May 2014. The information was received after reviewing Presley’s cell phone records on a request for a search warrant.

After moving into a homeless shelter in Atlanta and working odd jobs in a restaurant and catering company, Presley sought other means of obtaining money after his cash ran out, the statement continues. After buying a Taurus .45 revolver “from someone on the street” in August, he traveled to DeKalb County on Sept. 26 to find someone to rob.

Immediately after he had killed Gholston, “Presley experienced a self-described adrenaline fueled high,” the court filing reads. “This high manifested into a ‘bloodlust,’ which compelled Presley to commit two more murders of homeless men in Fulton County.”

On Nov. 23, Presley approached 42-year-old Dorian Jenkins, who was sleeping in blankets on a sidewalk in Atlanta, and shot him three times in the chest, the statement continues. On Nov. 26, he found 68-year-old Tommy Mims sleeping under a railway bridge and killed him also by shooting him.

Presley might have continued to kill more homeless men, but after killing 44-year-old Karen Pearce in an apparent robbery, he didn’t obtain the same kind of thrill and decided to stop killing, according to authorities. He reportedly told investigators that he felt remorse after killing the woman and decided to stop.

Pearce had been walking alone near a parking garage when Presley approached her with his gun and ordered her to lie down on the ground and give him her wallet, according to the statement. Even after she obeyed his orders, he allegedly shot her once in the chest.

According to investigators, Presley told them that he never intended to kill a woman, so after he had done that, he decided to pursue his acting career and stop killing. On his way to see a photographer for headshots on Dec. 11, he attempted to pass through a train station turnstile downtown without paying, leading to his arrest.

During a six-hour interview after his arrest, Presley confessed to the four killings, according to prosecutors. His “murderous spirit” was the result of life experiences, including being a member of Chicago’s Gangster Disciples street gang and listening to violent rap lyrics, he allegedly told investigators.

Pleading not guilty and waiving arraignment when he was brought before DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Gregory Adams on Monday, in relation to the death of Gholston, Presley faces charges including malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault.

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James is seeking the death penalty in a separate arraignment scheduled for May 27 in the case of Pearce’s slaying. In this case, Presley faces charges including malice murder, felony murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said he intends to seek the death penalty in the cases related to the killings of Jenkins and Mims, but no date for the arraignment has been set. Presley faces charges including murder, felony murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in those cases.

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  1. Sad.but if you listen to that trash everyday you’ll eventually act out what goes into your ears and very careful what you listen too and watch.

  2. Confirmation again. I don’t know this young man, but I seriously doubt if he ever heard of the TTBHH series, to use this as a way to get out of his crimes. I had to go to a small country church, a hundred miles away from Atlanta to learn of it. You would think Pastor Lewis, Ministers Ford and Moffett would be in every major city in
    America speaking on a weekly basis. But nobody wants to stop money, or fun to save a soul. Like I said, I had to
    go to the country to learn of EX MIN. That’s ridiculous, and sad.

  3. Does this surprise anyone? He is listening to demonicaly led music, then, he had all this extra time, bc of pursuing an acting career,….then out of work, and when your mind is not filled with Christ, what happens? IT becomes a playground for the enemy. And he does his bidding. : ( so sad for the innocent people he snuffed out.

  4. it is sad , I thank God we have EX MIN to lift up their voice like a trumpet in zion,- for these r the last day’s we know the love of many shall wax cold

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