University selects lesbian to pilot divinity school

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Emilie Townes installed as Divinity School’s 16th dean

By Ann Marie Deer Owens |

weopwopeThe Rev. Dr. Emilie M. Townes was installed Aug. 23 as the Vanderbilt Divinity School’s 16th dean during an emotional service that included reflections on Townes’ accomplishments from her new Vanderbilt colleagues as well as Dr. Harold Attridge, the immediate past dean of Yale Divinity School.

Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos and Richard McCarty, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, praised Townes, who holds the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter chair in womanist ethics and society, for her internationally renowned scholarship as well as her leadership skills.

Approximately 400 faculty, students, alumni and other well-wishers filled Benton Chapel.

They included the Rev.James Lawson, a Vanderbilt University Distinguished Alumnus and 1960s Civil Rights leader who has donated his papers to Vanderbilt Special Collections.

During Townes’ convocation address, which she titled “Launching Pad,” she discussed her deep commitment to integrate spirituality and social justice/social witness in her teaching and research.

“I am excited about becoming part of this slice of God’s cloud of witnesses as we shape ourselves into being responsive to holding traditions and the future together,” Townes said. “Not out of a sense that traditions are static but with an appreciation for the fact that they are dynamic and actually morph and change, though slowly at times. And also not out of a sense that the future is some magic potion that allows us to neglect the work we must do today.”

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18 Comments on “University selects lesbian to pilot divinity school”

  1. Children of THE MOST HIGH GOD please pray for all LGBT who think GOD is pleased with their lives and think they are SAVED and have true fellowship with our HOLY GOD. JESUS BLOOD still saves all who truely repents and turn away from sin thank GOD for ex ministries keep exposing the enemy with the light of GOD amen.

    1. Anthony,
      Praying for them all the time, but they have to ‘want’ to come to the Lord, and let Him change them as well. Have mercy Lord?

  2. Wow, a lesbian Dean over a School of Divinity is about like a gay Pope over the Catholic Cult or a gay Priest heading a “church.” No respect for the Word of God at all. The powers that be have certainly become bold in their disdain for God and Christ.

  3. Psalms 12:8 saye that the wicked strut about FREELY, when what is VILE is HONORED among MEN. Those of us who are TRULY on the LORD SIDE shouldn’t be alarmed at this DECISION. The world LOVES it’s OWN. Just because it has the name and reputation of a divinity school, doesn’t mean that those who attend or teach in them belong to Christ. The Lord KNOWS those who are HIS!!!

  4. Sad, Ms. Emilies Townes. I have heard some inclusion theologians like Ms. Townes, Carlton Pearson and a couple of others. This inclusion theology is very philosophical and they use very little bible scriptures to support their views and if they use bible scriptures its often distorted or out of context. In one youtube clip, Ms. Townes call God, the Divine or whatever you want to call that. Wow. I notice that inclusion and gay theologians creep into ministries through liberal academia, college programs, which are very inclusive and liberal.
    True Christians who seek theology education have to be careful, prayful, and research programs to avoid these inclusion(gay) schools. Ex-ministries you should do a series on the Truth behind theology schools. This lady, Ms. Townes in one clip, said that the Bible is not the main authority in her life, by the fruit of her words she does not have a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

  5. Please do a Truth Behind Theology schools. In a bio, Ms Townes is a married gay woman and her partner is now a college professor at the same school. If a student is taking a religious course and say they are against gay marriage or write a paper on it I wonder what her reaction will be or I wonder if a person apply for a Phd then how will they react to their beliefs on ssm.

  6. This is a social gospel full the of new age garbage she will open her eyes in hell when it is her end

  7. this is foolishness of the highest order, can a lesbian lead the people to God, i just watched her videos, she is very confused,she is talking about feminism in the church, we need to pray saints, jesus is coming back

  8. …these and similar developments, even world-wide, are growing contradictions in our pursuit of a sound moral society under the watchful eyes of God. Well, even the Bible anticipated such developments when the Bible talks of those who would develop reprobate minds. But let ii be established here that whoever objects to these deviations from godly traditions should opt out. We are not excused when we argue that we cannot operate our faith in a certain environment. There is always a choice to make here – either to stay and become part of such contradictions – or to move on with God. Whoever knows the ways of God very well cannot be disturbed by these developments – for they are the necessary ingredients of the events that would usher in the Messiah. Lets keep praying and watching…..for at the end, the word of God will certainly prevail. It is well.

  9. More proof of end times prophecy fulfilled. Jesus is coming soon. All they have to do is really read the book of revelations and see the insanity of the seven judgments coming that will be the worst of all things apart from being cast into the lake of fire which is a real place not a metaphor. Nearly half of all humans on earth will die. It is sad that many of these people are under Romans 1 curse.

  10. School that supposed to represent God.

    Selects a person to lead that school that does not represent God’s view.

    What will this produce? VERY CONFUSED people. This is DUMB!!! Stop! Don’t do this.

  11. I am wondering is this one of those schools that teach once you are save you are always save. Sounds like it probably is…hence inserting lesbian as the dean. The spirit of God is the best teacher. All this apostasy is most certainly God’s word unfolding. This woman needs to sit down some where…and really seek God’s face.

  12. It is sad to see how the church is home to so many who seek to destroy it from the inside. She will not adhere to the inerrant infallibility of the Word of God who is our Saviour and only mediator. They keep revising Him and insisting that we the church embrace such unrepentant hodgepodge ‘Christian’ apostasy, willing to believe we can improve on the love of God when we cant even understand that His Justice, Love, Truth, and Unchanging nature are not opposites but absolutes that stand inseparable…

    Then of cause there are all those humanistic tenants that the UN and all those democratic countries seek to enact into law that by definition make the Bible in its true unadulterated form illegal in the places where true Christianity is currently legally protected. We will be criminals very soon where we are now free. The time to stock pile hard copies of pre easy to read versions of the bible that have no missing verses or chapters, and no gender neutral or Islam sensitive revisions is now. The time to truly go to war by getting on our knees and making God’s worldview heard in the organs of government available to us is now. Tomorrow may be too late. Right now let us seek God for our Jerusalems, Judeas,Samerias, and the outermost ends of the earth. Let us share with them the real un-accursed gospel now while it is still day.

  13. This alone will cause me to tell every young female in high school, don’t go to Spelman, and don’t go to Vanderbilt. This is some foolishness! Lord I pray that even as this chaos continues you will grant me peace in my heart and in my ministering to such a lost person. For everytime in my past where I have supported such persons, forgive me, for I did not know what they would later do. Help me to put on the whole armor of God, so I an never influenced by people such as these.

  14. This makes no sense. How is a lesbian the head of a theology school? This is why I’m homeschooling my kids and steering them away from physically attending a university. This is crazy. I wonder how long God waits until he physically annihilates these homosexuals on a mass scale like he’s done so many time in human history.

  15. Today i was thinking of how much pastors are doing to fight the devil and yet the devil still lingers among us. i bring this to notice the battle against the Devil has been left to the pastors alone. Yet the communion with the devil has become massive a lot of things are happening and some people will have excuses for them now like this lady a person will say she was given that position because she is learned and educated that’s are valid excuse for most people in the world surprisingly, at this time education has become for the educated not God. we have to remember that Devil knows scripture better than most of us which is a shame. The devil has brought is people among the people of God and we have allowed it shamming. This is just the beginning even drug dealers will become deans one day so friends lets join our pastors and fight the war . may God bless you

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