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There is an old African proverb, which talks about trapping. Trappers sometimes set their traps by placing their food or bait inside of a jar.  When the trappers approached with their nets, though the animal is faster, they were always caught.  All the animal had to do to escape, is let the fruit go, turn it loose, and take his hand out. His hand is only stuck because he is so focused on leaving with the fruit to eat it, which all along, was never food, but only bait.

I was reminded of this story, because this morning, I heard the word “scandolon” when I woke up from a dream.  The word “scandolon” is an interesting Greek word used in the Bible.  A “scandolon” was actually a trap in a pit.  It was used to capture animals like foxes or wolves on farms. The way the trap was utilized best, is when the farmer dug a deep whole, large enough so that a wounded animal couldn’t get out.  A bait of fresh meat was then placed into the trap.  After that, the trap was placed into a pit. Though foxes are known to bite their legs off to escape traps, they’re too injured and in too much pain to leap and escape the deep pit.

What am I getting at?  I’ve had to take pause and look at this Trayvon Martin fiasco, and see one way this situation may have been avoided.  All of this could have been avoided if Zimmerman hadn’t taken the bait, and got out of his car when he was told to stay in. 
All of this could have been avoided, if Trayvon had kept walking home, and not taken the bait by engaging Zimmerman until an altercation ensued. Doesn’t matter who threw what punch first. At the end of the day, tragically one person is dead, another has his conscience and life in shambles, because both of them went for the bait. They got in over their heads in a trap by the devil, and before they knew it, they couldn’t stop before it went too far, because neither let go of the bait soon enough.CBN-Trayvon-Martin-riots-Los-Angeles

The English translation of scandolon is “offense.”  When we get offended, it can lead into a serious trap that can overwhelm and overtake us, if we are not careful.  Zimmerman was offended by people breaking into his neighborhood who looked like Trayvon; Trayvon was offended by people who looked like Zimmerman he assumed were suspicious of him.  This case is loaded by the enemy, baited I dare say, to arouse offenses all the way around.   The enemy is trying to instigate rioting and anarchy thru every media outlet possible, by reminding us all of times of national racial issues.  Many of us are even reminiscing over personal injustices done against us, and are applying it to this situation.

Speaking of the poison of offense, bitterness, the Bible says that many can be defiled by it:  Enough even, to defile a nation thru rioting, etc.  The enemy wants us to take the bait and overwhelm this nation with a race riot worse than anything we’ve seen.   Though scandal isn’t a derivative of scandolon, the truth still remains that when we are offended by scandels, we can be trapped in a situation way over our heads. The facts are that we all have been on either side of history with these events in America.  We’ve come too far as a nation, to undo years of work at race relations, simply because we choose to feed on the bait of offense in this case, and others.  Offense is horrible food for your soul.  We can’t feed upon the very resentment, anger, hurt, bitterness, etc., the enemy wants to use to ensnare us.

bildeThe devil would love nothing more than inflame this situation. There are practical things we can do to prohibit this from being agitated even more:

Don’t take the bait by processing your pain on twitter or facebook:   You’re bound to be misunderstood, and its hard, even with a “twitter rant” to convey your feelings in a substantive way for everyone to know where you’re truly coming from.  If you need to process or talk this out with anyone, talk with others in person or on the phone, but avoid doing it on twitter, facebook and social media.

Don’t take the bait by feeding on info in the case.  Don’t buy into the media feeding frenzy of the constant barrage of information.  Stay informed, but manage your time, and don’t immerse yourself in it.  Now that the trial is over, the news outlets are retrying the case again, this time with vocal jurors, key witnesses which may only make matters worse: Its one thing to be insightful, and another thing to be inciting. If you must watch it, take it in doses, focus on facts, proof check information, but don’t obsess over it.

Don’t take the bait by rehearsing this event with other unjust situations or race encounters in your personal life.  Don’t use your past injustices as a building block or filter to see this case through.

Don’t take the bait by being quick to speak, and slow to listen. Tensions are high right now, so if you need to say anything, don’t react, but take time to process, pray and respond, if necessary.

Lastly, you need to release the bait by forgiving those that have offended you; Whether it’s people in this case, or similar situations from your past.  Forgive, release and let go. Forgiveness can be a process, but even if you need to do your 70 x 7, do it! Pray and be persistent in prayer, and ask the Lord to help you forgive and heal any hurts you may have.

Am I saying we should bury our heads in the sand over these kinds of issues?  No, but we must endeavor to maintain the unity of the spirit, and the bond of peace as we dialogue thru exercising wisdom.

HoustonIt can be said that because of offense, we now 2 have families, weeping over the fate of their sons.  The Bible however, talks about the greatest injustice to hit the planet.  In Zech 12:10, it says, “In that day, I will pour out on the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the house of Judah, the spirit of grace and supplication, and they will weep and mourn over Me, whom they have pierced, as a first born son, and as an only Son”. Zimmerman’s life will never be the same, and his parents are weeping over their son. Trayvon’s parents are weeping over the lost of their son. But the greatest injustice that has ever happened on the planet, is when Father God lost His only begotten Son because of the way we’ve treated each other in our selfishness and sin.

I’m asking everyone to lay down your cry for justice, and cry out for mercy for us all. I believe that thru the spirit of prayer that God wants to pour out, he wants to replace hoodies, with prayer shawls. Of course, not speaking of a little prayer cloth or shawl, but how God wants to blanket this nation with prayer, allowing us to be comforted by Him.  He can break thru hard hearts and heal this nation.   He wants to open our eyes to our desperate need for mercy, not only over what we’ve done to each other, but also for what our sins did to His Son. We can all lay our offenses down at the foot of the cross, where all of us need mercy.  If mercy triumphs over judgment, I say let mercy win again for our nation. If we do this, I believe incredible fruit is awaiting us, and awakening can be furthered in America.



TRUTH BEHIND THE BLACK CHURCHIt’s good to focus on the things ahead, but we cannot forget the prayers and deeds of those before us. We are functioning now because of the promise of God to our ancestors. We must not forget the prayers of those that came before us and how they selflessly sacrificed their lives for our spiritual freedom.

Every now and then we need a reminder so we do not take for granted what we are able to accomplish in this life.

The Truth Behind The Black Church is that reminder! Will Ford goes deep into African American history and traces God’s movement from slavery til now. You will learn how God has had His hand on the black community and how the enemy systematically fights to remove it!

This DVD exposes the satanic plight of Prince Hall Masonry, Black Greek Lettered Organizations, Eastern Star, and Boule. You will learn how the enemy has recreated and repackaged slavery for the modern day African American and his plan to silence the “black” church.

30 Comments on “Will Ford: "Don't take the bait"”

  1. Thank you so much! I have been waiting for someone to stand up and speak truth about this subject. I am shocked at how many people have fallen into this trap clearly sent to provoke, tear-apart, and bring bitterness. We all came from two people, Adam and Eve. We all share the same blood. The love of Christ unifies, only Satan and his followers practice the tactic of “divide and conquer.”

  2. Amen my brother, I like everything you just said, and it is the absolute truth, well said Craig well said. Let us continue to pray for the minds and hearts of Gods’ people and those of the world. Amen

  3. Mr. Ford this was an excellent post and much needed for people to see the masquerade that has already happened. Thank God for you and the word he supplies you with. God Bless

  4. Will Ford, I enjoyed this post today. It really blessed and encouraged me to be watchful and prayerful regarding offense in my own life/heart and to not allow it to take root. I also enjoyed when you stated that God wants us to replace hoodies with “prayer shawls”. Thank you for this post!

  5. thanks for this message, we Christians are being baited everyday. I am being baited by my own siblings every since I gave my life to Christ, they are hell bent on proving God cant change me. they have even tried to get me locked up, my job is using bait to fire me and I have done nothing wrong. thanks.

  6. Thank you for the wisdom and insight. This has been VERY helpful to me. Helps to put things back into perspective.

  7. I have to confess: I was immersed in this and it is time for me to step back. I had no opinion about it when it comes to Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman personally, only that racism is being manipulated to divide and distract people. It is sad to see the racist comments from both sides, but the enemy loves using racism.

  8. You have spoken truth in love my brother! Thank you for setting me free from being tossed about on a sea of public emotions to see clearly the mind of Christ in this matter. You have left me feeling concern, compassion and forgiveness for both parties of this tragedy. May God be glorified in the midst of the loss, pain and forgiveness his word requires of all men.

  9. Mr Ford,

    Thank you for trying to help refocus the so called “believer”. It saddens me that me of the people I know personally whom are proclaiming the name of Christ are displaying an attitude contrary to that of a Christian. Continue proclaiming truth!

  10. This is EXCELLENT! I have felt the enemy was ultimately behind all of this and this article articulated what is actually going on so well! Wish that this could be read to the entire country. Thank you for the wisdom that has been imparted here. The divisiveness and rancor evident in Congress and White House needs to stop too. It too has the power to do us great harm to this country. Time to stop the blame game between Democrats and Republicans and do what is best FOR the PEOPLE.

  11. I really needed this. I’ve gone so far as to have imaginary arguments to understand this case and the surrounding madness. I looked for scriptures on justice, and I found one that comforted me but also gave me a warning. Romans 12:19 basically states God will bring about justice, and no one should try to take on that role independent of Him. I’m learning to fear God and respect His commands. We should view the world from God’s point of view, not our own.

  12. You right, brother. Prayer for those involve and a plan for this to not happen again, and forgiveness.

  13. Wow! Amazing post. I appreciate it. We all needed to read this. This is bringing peace into my heart. Thanks, Will.

  14. Thank you Mr. Will Ford for being sensitive to the holyspirit and, even more important, being obedient to God.I thank God for EXministries!. Be encouraged and continue to fight the good fight of faith guys.

    I Pray that God continues to bless you all! 🙂

    Thanks again,
    Rayvon L. N

  15. THANK YOU ! will ford for this important TRUTH… I just sent a message on facebook concerning a video that was aired talking about injustice faced by an AFRICAN AMERICAN family at the hands of a white NEO NAZI type group which came to their house and demanded a family member be turned over to them to be beaten or worst my response or comment to this video was BLACK PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES NOT THE THIRD ONE SEE BEYOND THE TIP OF YOUR NOSE DON’T BITE THE BAIT OF HATRED REACT PEACEFULLY DON’T ALLOW THE WICKED ELITE TO CAUSE US TO RIOT AND DESTROY THE VERY COMMUNITIES WE LIVE IN DON’T BURN THE BRIDGE…. WHAT THE LORD HAS ALLOWED ME TO SEE IS 3 INCIDENCES OF THE SAME NATURE TAKING PLACE ONE AFTER THE OTHER TREYVON, THE YOUTHS SHOT TO DEATH IN THE GAS STATION IN FLORIDA , AND NOW THE SKIN HEAD ATTACKS ALL IN FLORIDA WHY FLORIDA BECAUSE OF THE STAND YOUR GROUND LAW WHICH COINCIDES WITH GUN LAWS IN AMERICA WHICH THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS TRYING TO CHANGE TO TAKE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AWAY FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!!!!!!! ALL OF WHICH ARE SINISTER PLANS BY SATAN HIMSELF… I THANK GOD FOR YOU because you have made me to understand the DEEPER DEPTH OF this LUDICROUS situation.. This can’t be a coincidence me righting about bait and you righting and explaining a deeper depth of this life sustaining truth………… GOD BLESS YOU , EX MINISTRIES ,EX TV, TRUE CHURCH PERSPECTIVE AND ABC!!!!!!!!!

  16. We all have been offended in some form or fashion. As Christians we are to forgive those that trespass against us. I feel that God allowed this to happen for a reason. I believe that we as Christians have allowed satan to creep into our homes while we slumber. I believe God is saying that it is time for us to wake up and see what we are allowing to go on into our own homes. We need to take inventory of our lives. Allowing the garbage on tv to raise our children…and allowing the school system to raise our kids. The antichrist agenda is out in full force. God don’t make no mistakes. There is a message in this tragedy. And we as Christians needs to take note. If we are going to be mad at any one…then it should be satan. But we also need to take responsibility for our actions or lack there of. I think trying to make this a racial thing is ridiculous. But I also know that it is a setup from satan. And many are falling prey to it. Being a Christian we should all have nothing but love for one another. No one truly knows what happened during this incident but God, TM, and GZ. Some people will take any opportunity just to act the fool. Again, falling into satans trap. There have been many tragedies that have occurred and have gone unnoticed. Many children have been brutally killed. Many innocent babies are killed on a daily basis. My question is where is the outrage in this? Why don’t we stand against the things that are going on right now…such as abortions, drugs and same sex marriage. There is nothing that can be done to save TM. However, there is something that can be done to save the kids that are still here. And I don’t mean from a physical death…I mean spiritual death. Our children are dying and some of us are doing nothing about it. Some of us have just allowed satan to take over our house…while we go about our every day lives. Divorces are also one of the downfall of society. A lot of spouses divorce their spouse for their own selfish reasons. And this is happening in Christian homes. Again, this is spiritual. God is in Control.

  17. Racism in and of itself is a straight from satan. He’s the father of lies which is why racism even exist. One group has a “false” idea of another group which therefore breeds animosity and hatred. We should be VERY careful of taking info from mainstream media on ANY situation. Although this case is tragic, God is STILL in control. Thank you EX ministries for imparting your knowledge with the people of God.

  18. Racism breads hate. Hate is of satan. Any Christians falling for this trick needs to check themselves. We are commanded by God to love everyone. If there are Christians that are walking around with unforgiveness in their heart. They might fall for this trick from satan. When I read in the Bible I read Jews and Gentiles. Once we become save then we are of one fold…which is Jesus Christ.

  19. Well said ms Patricia.thanks so much mr.will ford.great job.great article.its amazing how people get outraged at what happened to trayvon,but don’t bat an eye about black babies being butchered every day legally in this our nation,sodomites getting married as well as lesbians,women constantly committing fornacation and having all these future gang bangers out off wedlock,freeloading hoes that come in the store with their ebt cards to by food and other goods for which they did NOT work for,how pathetic.where is the outrage for all that?she can by better food and more food than me and I have job.i wish they would march and protest against that.i wish!God bless ex ministries!

  20. Everything in America is black, brown, yellow, and white. The world is so much bigger than America’s obsession with race. I wish blacks would get irate about abortion , homosexuality, black on black crime. fornication, as we do about minute incidences as the Rodney King case, OJ Simpson case, Treyvon case, etc. Seems like there’s a double standard in our community – if we do evil we’re justified because we’re victims but if other groups do it (especially something to us) they’re evil.

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