Woman Sues Christian University After Being Fired for Becoming Pregnant Out of Wedlock

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Woman Sues Christian University After Being Fired for Becoming Pregnant Out of Wedlock

By Heather Clark | christiannews.net

NCU-300x300EUGENE, Ore. — An assistant professor at a Christian university in Oregon has filed suit after she says that she was fired for becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

Cory Richardson is seeking $650,000 in damages from Northwest Christian University for what she believes in wrongful termination.  Richards, 35, was fired last month, and is a single mother of two children from a previous relationship. She has been with her current boyfriend for twelve years.

According to the legal challenge filed in Lane County Court on Tuesday, Richards is upset that after she notified the university of her pregnancy, “[i]nstead of supporting her pregnancy, the university singled out Ms. Richardson as unmarried…” She says that she was given the ultimatum to either marry the father or break up with the man and proclaim her actions a “mistake.”

The Dean of Faculty, Dr. Dennis Lindsay allegedly told Richardson “that having a child out of wedlock while still continuing a relationship with the father was inconsistent with the university’s core values and mission and set a ‘bad example’ for the students,” the lawsuit reads.

When she refused to comply and told officials that she desired “privacy in her personal life,” her employment was terminated.

“NCU’s response was swift, blunt, and unequivocal,” the formal complaint reads. “According to [Lindsay], the issue was that she was going to be ‘showing’ soon and that many of the students and staff would start to ‘ask questions.’”

But Richardson believes that her termination is wrongful because she provided a “faith statement” upon her hiring four years ago as required by the university.

“Ms. Richardson’s faith is incredibly important to her,” the lawsuit states. “In her statement Ms. Richardson gives thanks to God ‘for all of the blessings in my life, the truths, the lessons, even the struggles because without those I would not truly appreciate the beautiful grace of God in my life that I have allowed to take hold of my heart and mind and body and soul.’”

“Richardson communicated with Dr. Lindsay several times to tell him that her decisions about her pregnancy and her relationship with her partner were personal matters that have nothing to do with her employment and exemplary performance at NCU,” the complaint outlines.

She is now alleging discrimination, as she asserts that men at the university who had fathered children out of wedlock were not similarly terminated. Richardson is seeking $500,000 in emotional damages and $150,000 in economic damages.

“This experience has been incredibly humiliating and confusing for Ms. Richardson,” the suit reads. “Already dealing with some complications with her pregnancy, while carrying her child Ms. Richardson now has suffered incredible emotional distress, economic loss, and pain and confusion regarding the actions by NCU and Dr. Lindsay.”

“NCU terminated Ms. Richardson because of her pregnancy, her gender, her marital status, and her religion.”

Northwest Christian University has not yet released a statement on the matter, but its website requires employees to posses “a vibrant and maturing Christian faith.”

Applicants must provide a “personal statement that addresses how a maturing Christian faith finds expression in the candidate’s personal life, family life, community life [and] local church membership,” among other areas.

12 Comments on “Woman Sues Christian University After Being Fired for Becoming Pregnant Out of Wedlock”

  1. As much as we can bash this university and how could they be so judgemental… they are holding true values. I don’t disagree with their decision only because as a Christian in a position of a leader in a Christian school you should be able to show students the biblical way of life, but so many things are changing to were we are allowing the way of the world into our lives, and we can’t forget to separate ourselves and set apart. I do agree with the school. If your in a prominent role, you have to lead by example. We all truly make mistakes, but we repent and don’t keep sinning in that nature.

  2. This is crazy. I see it as an open door for the LGBTQ to start trying to destroy all Christian schools by infiltrating them with their lusts. Soon the only safe place for your child will be homeschool.

  3. This article is funny. Her “private life” is not private now that she is pregnant. It is evident to all. This lady is trying to sue the university so she does not have to work any more. smh.

  4. Miss Richardson’s actions are not unusual for sinners but, as a Christian she is to acknowledge before God her error and repent. She must marry the father. If she have a living spouse that she has divorced she must repent for tearing asunder who God has put together and get God’s Blessing before proceeding with another Oneness.
    She is commanded by God to work out her own Salvation with fear and trembling. She is not to compare her Salvation with another’s. The scripture record that we are not to go to judge before unbelievers but to reconcile ourselves by taking responsibility for our faults when they apply. I hope this woman is able to do so. The article does not state that she states that she is a Christian but, if she is she will hear Christ and follow his command. As we know the scriptures record that there be many God’s; she did not record which god she is referring to.
    Remember that ” all things work together for good for them that love God(Jehovah) and are called according to His purposes”.

    Salvation is Free!

  5. This is a very interesting dilemma that NCU finds itself in. If she has been in this relationship for longer than her employment, and I am sure, or I would presume, she did not hide him away from faculty activities where spouses/significant-others would be present, I wonder if any of the leadership ever discussed with her prior to now how a pregnancy out of wedlock would affect the school, students, etc. Also she did make one point to consider: have there been any male teachers who became fathers without benefit of marriage and was their employment terminated. I do understand that NCU stance morally is seen as “old-fashioned” and outdated but it is still true that the Word of God admonishes us to not be in intimate relationship with anyone who is NOT our spouse. It protects us from situations such as this.

    Her relationship is private, granted, and the school cannot dictate that part of her life, but they can dictate who they want to represent them, especially since they would not want their students to see an example that they may determine as okay because they see no consequences. I hate to see her lose her job because she got pregnant out of wedlock but as Christians, so-called believers of The Word of God, where do we draw the line in the sand????? We may not like it but as His Children, we must understand that when we go outside of His Protective Arc of Safety, we will pay for our transgressions, one way or another. ….and doesn’t the Word say something about if we cannot keep our legs closed (euphemistically speaking lol) that it is better to marry anyway???? 🙂 I pray for all parties involved that they will listen to the leading of the Spirit of God so that they all have a good outcome.

  6. 12 years in thier relationship. We as humans know effects of the desires of nature. It will not be platonic for 12 years; l may be dopey in my thinking. To mandate marriage after the knowledge of this elongated relationship is a bit too late. To try to legislate holiness outside ones committment to God will not ever work.

    To me, this is a quagmire toward the university.

  7. what does it mean these days to have faith in Christ. it sound like we can just give God lip service and not life service as long as I say i love Him and I’m grateful(that He allows me to continue in sin) that makes every thing alright.( smh) God is still HOLY

  8. “If” she knew the mandate of the college before she took the job, and it spoke out against premarital sex, etc. then what’s the problem here?

  9. As previously mentioned her actions aren’t at all unusual for a sinner. Which she identified herself with as she attempted to excuse her illegitimate pregnancy while admitting that she’s willfully sinned for the last 12 yrs of her life. Christians are to be Christ like, she hasn’t possibly been reborn. Once being reborn the Holy Spirit corrects you & you feel horrible if and when you sin, nothing compels you to continue in that way. Christians also sin but not willfully & sin won’t be habitual. Don’t seek compensation due to suffering loss for your sin. The wages or price of sin is death, in comparison she should take that little slap on the wrist & keep it moving. She perpetuated a lie & is upset because she got discovered & called out. Her master encouraged her to battle what’s right. To publicly make right wrong and wrong right! It’s foolishness like this on top of all the signs we’re seeing that should SCREAM the end is here!

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