‘You Don’t Hate Us!’ Lesbian Learns Christians ‘Really Do Care’ By Sharing Gospel

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‘You Don’t Hate Us!’ Lesbian Learns Christians ‘Really Do Care’ By Sharing Gospel

By Heather Clark | christiannewsnet

Red-Letters-Born-Again-pd-300x300CHICAGO – A Christian columnist, cultural analyst and attorney specializing in constitutional law recently shared a story about about how a lesbian’s eyes were opened to the fact that Christians are motivated by love and not hate to share the gospel with homosexuals.

Matt Barber, the founder of BarbWire.com, recalled the incident in an article published by Charisma News last Monday. He stated that in 2009, as he was the keynote speaker at a banquet in Chicago for the organization American for Truth About Homosexuality, a number of homosexual protesters stood outside, angered by the event.

One woman that was present at the banquet claimed to be with the press, but it was soon discovered that she was actually among the protesters. Rather than ejecting her from the building, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, invited her to stay.

“This young woman, who identified as a lesbian, sat at a table with some of the most loving and godly women I know,” Barber recalled. “They showed her the love of Christ.”

The women shared the word of God with the girl, who also listened to Barber’s message shared from the podium during the event.

“After I gave my remarks, this young lady . . . rushed over to me with tears in her eyes,” Barber remembered. “‘They lied!’ she exclaimed of the protest organizers outside. ‘You don’t hate us. You don’t hate me. You really do care.’”

“‘I’ll admit it,’ she continued. ‘What you said was hard to hear. But they lied to me. You don’t hate anyone.’”

Barber said that he and others began to pray for the woman, who he saw as a “priceless daughter of God the Father.” The woman stayed and talked well after the event was over.

But, when some of the protesters outside saw what had occurred, they were bewildered.

“What are you doing with them?!” one called out.

“To even my surprise, she ignored them, reached over and gave me a big hug,” Barber recalled. “She saw that we loved her. She saw that Christ, in us, loved her. He died for our sins, her sins, and for the sins of each of her fellow protesters.”

Barber concluded his piece reiterating that Christians do not hate homosexuals by sharing the gospel with them, but it is rather out of love that they speak the truth.

“Yes, they lied. We don’t hate you,” he said. “It is truth. And it is love. But sadly, truth is hate to those who hate truth.”

He vowed to continued speaking the truth in love despite opposition.

“To you homosexual activists, I say this: We will not be daunted. We will not be intimidated. We will never quit,” Barber stated. “We do this in obedience to the Holy Spirit. As He did before us, we are going to love you. But, as did He, we are also going to tell you the truth. And we’re going to do it whether you like it or not.”





9 Comments on “‘You Don’t Hate Us!’ Lesbian Learns Christians ‘Really Do Care’ By Sharing Gospel”

  1. GOD IS AMAZING ! as soon as I was about to post my comment for the previous article, this article was sent. So
    this comment can be short. They (homosexuals, lesbians and all sinners) can be part of the harvest. GOD Bless
    Mr. Barber

  2. Our God’s love is amazing and indescribable. He loves unconditional. Hates sin but loves the sinner. Second chapter of Ephesians and verse 2 makes even clearer.

  3. When truth in love is ministered, it is the least thing LGBT suspects because the devil has blinded their minds, lest they believe. We must speak the truth in love, absent of anger and verbal attacks. Sooner or later, someone will see the truth as uncovered by the Holy Spirit.

  4. Amen this right here, should have you examining ourselves if we are walking in Christ ways as this, pray that young woman gets delivered, she’s not suppose to be a homosexual. She was created to be a mother, wife by the grace of God not this lifestyle she chose not from God. Praying for them all and hallelujah for this Lord.

  5. Wow!!! True testament that the Word of God saves!!! Love it!! I pray that the woman in this story seeks God for herself. In the name of Jesus.

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