EX Ministries responds to Kirk Franklin's interview with The Breakfast Club

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G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries responds to Kirk Franklin’s interview with The Breakfast Club. Defining what true religion is and why Kirk’s stance is not biblical.


680635_946274388001Kirk Franklin stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album Losing My Religion. To kick things off he revealed that he is in fact Plies which was quite funny since everyone seems to think he looks just like him. Kirk discussed the following topics.

  • He’s more into having a relationship with God then practicing a religion
  • He believes that organized religion has attacked homosexuality
  • Discusses his porn addiction
  • Why did he choose the gospel path
  • He became emotional while discussin being abandoned by his mother and meeting up with her years later
  • He’s upset how church seems like a hustle

Losing My  Religion with G. Craige Lewis



Kirk Franklin Breakfast club: Discusses Religion In His Music, Homophobia In The Church



12 Comments on “EX Ministries responds to Kirk Franklin's interview with The Breakfast Club”

  1. I think he is a nut job because he is always talking about his mom’s actions when he was a child. He is annoying. He should stop telling everyone his problems instead he should just confess his sins, become real, and try living righteously. He seems to be openly straddling the fence, in addition to calling his faith into question. He walks a very line between the world and the faith. He is so closely aligned with the things of the world until it is nearly smeared. I feel bad for him in so many ways. I am really tired of this pitiful story and only Jesus can heal him.

  2. I cannot help but feel sorry for Kirk Franklin. If he continues on this path on the day he stands before God, God will be Judge and not Saviour. Thank you Pastor Craig for continuing to preach truth. I was especially glad when you touched on church folk addressing their pastor as Daddy. This trend that has started in my church and every time I hear the members of my church address our pastor as Dad something recoils in my spirit. I hate it because I know it is not biblical. But if I were to tell folk it’s wrong I would be labelled as…get ready for it…’religious’.

  3. I would like to know if Pastor Craig has any videos dealing with IHOP. Can the administrator of this site please let me know? I am particularly troubled about this organization. Thank you.

  4. ………………………before we get to that…..why is he on the breakfast club?? I guess that’s the “going to the 4 corners of the earth” theology. That type of atmosphere only wants to patronize Christ as you heard not even 10 seconds into the clip. But we just go along with it.

  5. That interview was totally ineffective and powerless im a Christian and he didn’t inspire me to do anything better and there’s always room to do better. I’m praying that God draw him closer and thank God for pastor G Craige Lewis

  6. If you have ever watched other interviews of Kirk Franklin and every time the issue of homosexuality comes up, the brother is stuttering so hard and his voice starts to break, that’s how you know he’s about say some rubbish. From singing songs like “Silver and Gold” I think he needs to listen to his own music again and also get in the Word because there are some 10 years old that’ll school him in scripture. I’m also sure this hurt Pastor Lewis since he knows Kirk personally. Keep praying for him guys.

  7. A few years ago I tossed away all my kirk cds and song books along with Yolanda Adams, the singer who sang Imagine in a show honoring John Lenon, an antichrist person. I only support anointed, holy, gospel singers. I am upset with the Pace sisters who appeared on Oprah produced show, fix my life, to seek advice from that priestess lady. Kirk has compromised, identify with the world and make them feel comfortable. Jesus never compromised. The church have to come with the power of the Holy Ghost to change lives. To tingle the ears of the world would not make them change. Why is Kirk excusing sin. Whats up with the slang. Listen to them joking at the end of this interview.

  8. Amen. This is truth. We must all be dedicated to studying the word of God in order to stay grounded instead of being swept away by every doctrine that presents itself. Thank you for sound preaching brother Craige. Bendiciones!

  9. John 3:16 Says For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. If Kirk Franklin is a believer than he is a child of God, pastor G Craig spoke about how we should not call God our father but the word in Galatians 3:26 says so in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith so we may call God in heaven our father because he is. Everybody is worthy to be saved if they repent of there sins. Let us remember that a saint is just a sinner who refused to stay down or in sin. Romans 3:10-11 There is none righteous, no, not, one; There is none who understands. if we are children of God let us not hate or judge one another let God do that.. Romans 2:1 for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself.. Ezekiel 34:22 says God will judge between sheep and sheep we are all one body of Christ let us all stand together. God says we are to judge the world not each other, because the Blood of Jesus is power. Love you G Craig & Kirk Franklin.

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