One Comment on “5 Days of Prayer for TTBHH12 – Day 5”

  1. Father I pray you look on the man of God. Send legions of angels to war on his behalf. Cancel every assignment of the enemy against him, his family, and his life. Dispatch your ministering angels in the atmosphere to go before him where he will minister. Lord God I pray you prepare the hearts and the minds of your people and prepare the way for your word through this message to reach the world. Lord Give Pastor Lewis peace and another level of authority to speak darts out to tare down lies and strongholds in the minds of your people that the enemy put there. Lord Give him everything he needs to deliver this message and allow your presence, your spirit, your protection to keep him and his family. Thank you for his boldness and his hearts desire to preach truth, to prepare the masses for a soon coming king and to set the captives free. Thank you Jesus for answering these prayers, I count it all done in faith and seal this prayer with the blood of Jesus.

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