Antichrist Superstar: The “preachers” congratulate RuPaul’s success!

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I warned you this would happen back in my video in 2004 called The Truth Behind Hip Hop 3 – Antichrist Superstar!  And now it’s happening right before our eyes. So called “preachers” are pushing satans agenda right into the lives of their followers!

RuPaul-and-The-Preachers-1-298x186In this shameful episode of the Preachers show, RuPaul schools the preachers and teaches them how to pray? The preachers did not even correct this man as he gave his “New Aged” philosophy of prayer and his higher power to millions watching. They even told the audience “do not forget to check out his show and watch it??” A drag queen show?? Watch this clip and then continue reading:

This shows you how powerless these men are and how fame driven their lives have become. Where was Gods power in this episode? No concern for the lifestyle or the sin that this man is bound by. These preachers didn’t even try to help him. They just went along with him and even congratulated him for having a drag queen emmy award winning show. This shows the true heart of these men. Lord have mercy on our world! These men are sick in their own worldly lusts.

Phil. 3:18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

Phil. 3:19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

dummyThe hip-hop genre has taken the world by storm, seeping through the walls of God’s house through music and corrupted praise. Once a house of refuge and a place of salvation, the modern church has been weakened through the infiltration of wickedness and self-glorification weaved into its worship service. No longer is God and His holiness the sole object of worship. The pulpit has become a performing arena, the choir stand has become a dance floor, and the sanctuary resembles a club scene. Satan has crept in unawares intermingling the things of the world into the house of God. Pride and self-glorification has replaced pure worship and the sacred music has been desecrated with worldly influences. Learn to recognize and dismantle the plan of Satan to deceive the very elect as Elder G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries expose the spirit of the Anti-Christ and its effects on the body of Christ. This video is full of extras including 2 full length presentations, documentary styled expose’, interviews with various ministers and outtakes from the Documentary “What every church needs to know about Hip Hop”.  Click here to get yours now! 


2 Comments on “Antichrist Superstar: The “preachers” congratulate RuPaul’s success!”

  1. I am glad I am rooted in Christ and know the difference between what’s the truth of God and the lie of Satan. My heart is heavy for people who are new to the Gospel and those who are looking for excuses to reject the Gospel.

    This is dangerous and I just want to thank EX Ministries for having the courage and the fear of God to expose this and the many other things devised to mislead people away from Salvation. I thank God for your ministry!!!

  2. Oh My – I could not watch the rest of this clip. I had to STOP it. Thankfully, this program does not air where I live. What an abomination! What’s wrong with these “preachers”….what are they preaching in their churches!? Thank you EX Ministries for exposing this nonsense!

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