Antichrist Superstar – Azealia Banks Sacrifices Animals for Fame

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azealia-banks-yung-rapunxel-650-430In The Truth Behind Hip Hop 3 – Antichrist Superstar video, I talked about recording artists using Satan to further their career. I even discussed Aleister Crowley and his sex magic rituals, incantations, and ceremonial pledges that lead to fame and notoriety in exchange for aligning with Satan and his kingdom. It’s not hard to understand people. There is a reason why their music is so perverse. There is a reason why they sing and rap vulgarities, obscenities, and derogatory themes. There is a reason why they show their bodies, wear provocative revealing clothing, and promote lewd sexual acts in their concerts. They have deals with the devil people. Azealia Banks is no different. The recent video she posted of herself cleaning up the room where she sacrificed animals for fame is nothing new. In order to make it in the devil’s music industry, you have to use THE DEVIL!

c9ab959886212b23d665fbb2856ce696I’ve been preaching it for years. Before there ever was a youtube. Before there ever were exposes’ of the illuminati and all these conspiracy head hunters, we were here. I have shared the truth about these things since day one and in turn, opened the eyes of many with God’s biblical truth. Do not be surprised by these things. Just know that the kingdom of darkness is real, but God’s Kingdom of Light is much greater!

People Magazine ReportsAzealia Banks.a 25-year-old rapper posted a series of disturbing videos to Instagram on Friday, where she admitted to practicing “three years worth of brujería” (the Spanish word for witchcraft) before beginning to clean the room she’s been using for the apparent animal sacrifices.

Panning the camera around what looks to be a closet in Banks’ apartment, the room is a troubling sight to see. Its walls are covered with what appeared to be hardened stains of blood — while a mix of feathers and a black substance cover the room’s wood-floors. It also looks like at least two dead chickens can be seen on the floor.

snobette-azealiab-21-620x410“The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right now guys? Oh my God,” she explains in the video. “You know I got to scrape all this s— up. I’ve got my sandblaster, and my goggles — it’s about to go down.”

“Real witches do real things,” she added.

She revealed herself as a practicing witch earlier this year during an interview with Broadly Vice: “My mother practised white table magic. Prayers to the ancestors and praying to saints and praying for all kind of protection.”

She further explained on Twitter: “Black people are naturally born SEERS, DIVINERS, WITCHES AND WIZARDS. we have REAL supernatural powers, and the sooner we ALL learn to cultivate them and access them, the sooner we can REALLY fix s***”.  Read more here: 


The hip-hop genre has taken the world by storm, seeping through the walls of God’s house through music and corrupted praise. Once a house of refuge and a place of salvation, the modern church has been weakened through the infiltration of wickedness and self-glorification weaved into its worship service. No longer is God and His holiness the sole object of worship. The pulpit has become a performing arena, the choir stand has become a dance floor, and the sanctuary resembles a club scene. Satan has crept in unawares intermingling the things of the world into the house of God. Pride and self-glorification has replaced pure worship and the sacred music has been desecrated with worldly influences. Learn to recognize and dismantle the plan of Satan to deceive the very elect as G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries expose the spirit of the Anti-Christ and its effects on the body of Christ. This video is full of extras including 2 full length presentations, documentary styled expose’, interviews with various ministers and outtakes from the Documentary “What every church needs to know about Hip Hop”.  Get your copy today! 

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