Christian Groups Blast ABC’s ‘The Real O’Neals’ for Showing ‘Pure Contempt for Jesus and Christianity’

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By Michael Gryboski | Christian Post Reporter

onealsChristian groups are denouncing ABC network’s new comedy series “The Real O’Neals” for mocking Christianity and exposing children to sexual and expletive-laced dialogue.

Debuting earlier this month, “The Real O’Neals” centers around an Irish Catholic family dealing with a son who came out as gay and parents who are possibly filing for divorce.

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, wrote in a column published Wednesday that the television series “shows pure contempt for Jesus and Christianity.”

“‘The Real O’Neals’ mocks Christianity and insults Catholicism. AFA recognizes this show ridicules people of faith, and Christians across America are offended by it,” stated Wildmon.

Wildmon noted that the program was produced by Dan Savage, an LGBT anti-bullying activist who is nevertheless known for verbally attacking Christians.

“A perusal of Dan Savage’s work reveals a career built on advocating violence — even murder — and spewing hatred against people of faith,” continued Wildmon.

“Despite his extremism, vulgarity and unabashed encouragement of dangerous sexual practices, ABC’s newest sitcom with Savage as its executive producer is now airing on Tuesday evenings.”

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