Color of Blood: Boys Prove That Love Has No Color!

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 11 – Color of Blood, I prove scientifically and biblically that skin color has nothing to do with God’s preference or acceptance of anyone that He created. The racial tension in our nation was planned and programmed through the elite using the media. To put kingdom against kingdom is the best way to cause God’s creation to hate one another and this hatred turns people away from God.  God is love and God’s love has no color or racial preference. He has no respect of persons and neither should we!  This story is inspiring!

(CNN) This is Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon. Aren’t they identical? They sure think so.

They’re in the same class. They both love to play. And they both have a lot of energy.
So, according to a post on Facebook, when Lydia Rosebush told her son, Jax, last weekend that he needed to get a haircut, he had a fun idea. He’d shave his hair short to look like his friend, Reddy.
“He said he couldn’t wait to go to school on Monday with his hair like Reddy’s so that his teacher wouldn’t be able to tell them apart,” his mom writes.
Just one thing: Jax is white; Reddy is black. Turns out, that didn’t matter.
When the buddies, ages 4 and 5, from Louisville, Kentucky, showed up to class Monday with matching haircuts, their teacher played along, pretending to confuse the two. Soon, other classmates were swapping places with each other, Lydia Rosebush told CNN affiliate WAVE.
Jax and Reddy’s classmates aren’t the only ones getting on board with the boys’ friendship. Lydia Rosebush’s post of her son and his best friend has been shared more than 79,000 times.
“It’s total insanity!” she told the station. “I just made the post because my kid is hilarious and cute. I never anticipated this. It just struck me as funny that Jax doesn’t even notice that Reddy is a different color. When he describes Reddy, he never mentions it. I thought with all the hate in the world today, we could use this lesson from an almost-5-year-old.”
Reddy and his older brother, Enock, were adopted from Africa when they were 2 and 4 years old by Kevin and Debbie Weldon, who are white. They say family isn’t limited by race and nationality. Watch video below!

Our society is plagued with issues that have been neglected and left unaddressed for far too long. Many people desire answers but they deny the very truth that would eliminate the need for answers. Sin is the issue, but mankind ignores sin because of his desire for pleasure and self-gratification. Until sin is addressed, we will continue to be burdened with fatherlessness, which leads to the degradation and demise of any society.

In this installment of The Truth Behind Hip Hop series, G. Craige Lewis goes in-depth about the relationship between sin and the blood curse from Adam and how it affects present day humanity. ‘Brother killing brother’ and ‘nation rising against nation’ as described in Jesus’ Mount Olivet discourse, is a result of what happened in the garden and how Adam’s sin affects us all. G. Craige Lewis expounds on what Jesus’ blood really does for us and how our blood can be regenerated through salvation. This video will prove to be an invaluable resource for believers as we navigate through the end times.  Get your copy now! 

2 Comments on “Color of Blood: Boys Prove That Love Has No Color!”

  1. Simply beautiful, love has no color it’s simply beautiful. I’m so glad you posted this. The unconditional love and friendship between these 2 beautiful boys is truly a lesson for all people over the world. I see you and not your color. This is a lesson to all we were not born with racism or hatred in our hearts, if it’s there it’s learned or taught. God bless your ministry for sharing.

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