Color Of Blood: Fake Jews Make Man Kiss Their Feet!

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 11 – Color Of Blood, I discussed the epidemic of false Jews that claim superiority over other people groups through literal interpretations of the bible. This movement is of Satan and is the same battle that the 7 churches of Asia had to fight against in the bible days. Those claiming to be true Jews but are not, are teaching racism, hatred, and vengeance to this untoward generation! This is fast becoming an epidemic and is luring away weak minded people that have no true shepherds to protect them from these wolves. People, please do not believe in this false interpretation of scripture that deems the black people “chosen”.  The only people that are chosen in this day are those that choose Christ!

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The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 11 - Color of BloodOur society is plagued with issues that have been neglected and left unaddressed for far too long. Many people desire answers but they deny the very truth that would eliminate the need for answers. Sin is the issue, but mankind ignores sin because of his desire for pleasure and self-gratification. Until sin is addressed, we will continue to be burdened with fatherlessness, which leads to the degradation and demise of any society.

In this installment of The Truth Behind Hip Hop series, G. Craige Lewis goes in-depth about the relationship between sin and the blood curse from Adam and how it affects present day humanity. ‘Brother killing brother’ and ‘nation rising against nation’ as described in Jesus’ Mount Olivet discourse, is a result of what happened in the garden and how Adam’s sin affects us all. G. Craige Lewis expounds on what Jesus’ blood really does for us and how our blood can be regenerated through salvation. This video will prove to be an invaluable resource for believers as we navigate through the end times.

5 Comments on “Color Of Blood: Fake Jews Make Man Kiss Their Feet!”

  1. Wow! Straight up nonsense right there! Anyone who believes in these clowns is in need of serious help and need to study the Bible under the guidance if the Holy Spirit!

  2. This is a doctrine that demons teach (1Ti 4:1), so it must be discarded.
    They are taking the migration of Jews into Africa in 70 AD the slave trade, and with their lack of knowledge of the Truth in the Gospel of Christ they spew out this diabolical doctrine.

    They denied Christ for who He is for MANKIND, and the weak minded are like sheep to the slaughter who buy into this.

  3. Thank you for saying this! I have stated that BHI are profundly racist. They are offensive to whites – whom they erroneously refer to as Edom – and offensives to me an, African. They have failed to grasp the meaning of the gospel, failed to understand the meeting between Nicodemus and Jesus.. Just sad.. 😔

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