Criminal Poses as Gay, Adulterous Pastor in New TV Land Show

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Criminal Poses as Gay, Adulterous Pastor in New TV Land Show

By Jennifer Leclaire |

impastor-facebookAdmittedly, some pastors are phony and some prophets are false. But a new TV Land show Impastor crosses the line into anti-Christian bigotry.

Here’s the premise: Buddy Dobbs, a slacker on the run from a loan shark, steals a man’s identity and ends up posing as a small town’s new gay pastor. TV Land is promoting the show as an “irreverend” new comedy set to air on July 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET.

One Million Moms explains how the main character, posing as a gay preacher—recently hired sight unseen by a church that was aware of his lifestyle choice—begins to manifest other traits that are atypical of your local church pastor.

Video trailers of Impastor show the “pastor” explaining how he knows so much about drugs (mission trip to Jamaica) and offering sexual innuendos. The church secretary even snags him fornicating.

“This show not only depicts pastors in a negative light, but the entire program will also be based on lies about Christianity. TV Land has crossed the line by belittling the Christian religion with foul jokes,” One Million Moms argued in a statement.

One Million Moms wants Christians to send a loud and clear message to TV Land, its owner Viacom, and all potential advertisers that this kind of programming is insulting and completely unacceptable.

“TV Land is not ridiculing any other religion currently and wouldn’t dream of mocking Muhammed or Muslims,” One Million Moms said. “If we speak with one voice now, we can keep this program from ever seeing the light of day.”

I agree with One Million Moms. Christians need to stand up and speak out. TV Land and other networks can’t be allowed to mock Christianity—and even Christ Himself. People can’t even draw cartoons of Mohammad without fearing for their life, but Jesus and Christians who turn the other cheek are open game.

I believe we should turn the other cheek and pray for our enemies, but that doesn’t mean we should lie down and allow Christianity to be mocked without correcting the misconceptions. There’s a difference.

“Christians should no longer sit idly by and allow this blasphemy to continue without speaking up in protest,” One Million Moms said. “Impastor is another attempt to distort the truth about Christianity. There is power in numbers! Forward this to everyone you know in a fight to keep this show off the air.”

Click here to take action and let your voice be heard.


8 Comments on “Criminal Poses as Gay, Adulterous Pastor in New TV Land Show”

  1. To our shame, and because of division within the church on righteousness and holiness, the secular media is not afraid to mock our God nor the church. They only have to watch the news to witness what would occur if the Muslim faith was mocked.

  2. this is just the homosexual agenda using the media to continue their effort of desensitizing us so that we will accept the lbgt community into every aspect of our lives even church. Not to worry God’s in control. The battle has already been won!

    1. You got it. I am appalled at hearing so many pastors and Christians that saying that those of us that will not accept this sinful-agenda are not acting like Jesus, showing love, etc….foolishness. It is a sad day when the written word is negated by those who are supposed to follow it.

  3. I was just on a sports website, and what do I see, the image of a naked man. There really is nothing much left in
    the media for us believers. (Two different images now that I think about it). I like sports, but I really don’t want to see a naked man, tastefully done or not. There ain’t much for us, guard your kids.

  4. Thanks for this info. Ex-ministries. Funny how these big ministries and megachurch pastors rarely come against the media’s sinful actions, they always ignore or dance around these issues. Do you think God only concern was tithes and offerings in the day of Lot’s Sodom and Gommarah, a city of unrepentant pedophiles, homosexuals and rapists running the streets and attacking people.

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