Curse of the Culture – Don’t believe everything you see on TV!

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In the Truth Behind Hip Hop 4 – The Curse of Culture, I spoke about the main stream media and news corporations being owned by Cabbalist Jews with Luciferean ties. These organizations are all working to promote the New World Order and bring about the need for a One World Government just like the bible predicted. The events we are seeing now are being used to anger us, makes us fearful, and to cause even more violence from the public.  What we are watching on TV is mostly staged, plotted, and even tampered with to get optimal results. This video goes in depth into their agenda and proves what I spoke years ago as well.

I urge you brothers and sisters, please do not allow the news and media to cause you to react to the point of making terrible decisions and endangering your own life and the lives of your loved ones. Do not believe everything you see in the news or on TV. Do not fall for the racial war they are creating. Do not believe the presidential candidates pledges and promises. Do not be angered and manipulated by what they are showing you. TV is TV! Lets all fight the good fight of faith! Let’s fight for our marriages. Let’s take care of our own children! Let’s overcome our own issues and forgive those that have harmed us! Let’s stay motivated by God’s word and continue to have faith that He will see us through.  We are children of the light and we should never chase after the darkness.

Keep your eyes open and keep your trust in the only wise God our savior, Jesus Christ!



dummyHip Hop is not a culture, but it is a consequence to the actions of a people that are selfishly immoral and thus produce children that must find their own way. The embracing of this philosophy is destroying the future of our African American youth and is birthing a new found lust for money power, and pleasure, without responsibility. The saddest part is that the Black Church as a whole is not only silent on these issues, but is becoming self serving and money/power driven itself. And just as fatherless-ness is the root of the problem in the streets of the African American community, it is fast becoming the root of immoral, effiminate, and lustful leadership in the black churches of America. In this installment of the Truth Behind Hip Hop DVD Series, G. Craige Lewis uncovers the curse that produced the “Hip Hop Culture” and where America is headed if we don’t stop this movement. God is judging America and he is starting with the leadership of his house, the church of God! Click here to get this video!


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