Detained For Entry: Annebelle 2 Causes A Woman To Manifest Demons

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In my video “The Truth Behind Hip Hop 6 – Detained For Entry, I talked about how horror movies that contain actual Satanic rituals and incantations can summon demons. When you elect to watch these movies, music award shows, etc, you are presenting your body and mind as “available” for these entities to possess you. Of course, not everyone manifest demons immediately after viewing these movies. Some people get targeted by spirits that will oppress their lives and attempt to bring them to ruin. So many relationships fail because of incubus and succubus spirits that are unleashed on people while they are enjoying the darkness in these movies. Sexual spirits, spirits that cause hopelessness, depression, and anxiety target people when they open themselves up to celebrate and enjoy horror films. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why a person that loves to see demons and devils would not question some of the occurrences in their own lives after viewing them. As the bible says, one needs to examine himself to see why horror is so attractive to them and then evaluate the condition of their lives. This story below is just one example of many to prove that demons await those that sit through movies that summon the devil.



ByFranco Gucci, writer at CREATORS.CO

Watching a horror movie is a strangely satisfying experience. Yes, you might spend half the time with your eyes covered in case a creepy disheveled woman or horned presence pops up, but it’s great to walk out of the theater and realize that what had your heart racing for two hours was fictional. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the same experience from horror flicks. There are times where the terror is just too strong for some people to handle, and they carry their frightening experience with them even after the lights have been turned on.

We just got a great example of that thanks to Annabelle: Creation. Unlike its predecessor, the origin story of the possessed doll we were introduced to during #TheConjuring has done a pretty good job at creeping people out… some might say too good.

A Woman In Brazil Had An Inexplicable And Terrifying Reaction To The Movie

A video from Brazil started circulating around social media last week. A woman is shown screaming on the floor after walking out of an #AnnabelleCreation screening, while two of her friends try to calm her down:

The situation was much more serious, though, as the person reportedly started to punch herself in the face. An audio recording was released alongside the creepy footage, and it reveals that the woman began to act strangely after a particularly frightening scene:

“It was at the moment when the devil appeared. When the film ended, we went to pay the car park and she started hitting herself with punches to her own head, and threw herself on the floor. Other people in the shopping centre got together to try to control her, I became really scared.”

The scene that triggered the attack wasn’t explained, but judging from the description, it seems to be the one in which #Annabelle’s seemingly innocent presence is revealed to be the devil. Emergency services were quickly called to the scene but the woman was in such a state of shock that they had to use a wheelchair to carry her out of the mall. She was then transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

That’s unsettling enough, but if the whole situation hasn’t done enough to creep you out so far, there’s more to the story. A mall employee then told UOL Brazil that during the commotion, the young woman stated she had no idea of what was happening to her.

Yikes. Granted, her freakout was probably not the work of paranormal forces but of her own mind playing tricks on her. Still, that doesn’t help in dialing down the creepy factor for me. Possessed by a supernatural entity or one’s own mind snapping and turning against you, both scenarios are nightmarish, if you ask me.  Read More 


The Truth Behind Hip Hop 6 – Detained for Entry is a message that picks up where Part 5 left off. Many questions that may have been raised in your minds from viewing Part 5 are answered in this powerful video. From Gnosticism to Magic and Aliens, G. Craige Lewis lays it out plain and simple so that all can see the deception that is forthcoming to our nation. As you are entertained by gnostic producers and movie makers, you are being detained while “something” enters into you. G. Craige Lewis shows you exactly what that “something” is!  Download or order your copy here! 


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