End Of Days: Louis Farrakhan’s Vague Declaration!

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In my video End Of Days, I talked about men that teach false doctrines that lead many astray. Louis Farrakhan is one of those men. He has, for his entire life, declared that Jesus is not the son of God, Christianity is false and the white man’s religion, as well as declaring that Allah is the one true god. Louis for years, has gone into Christian events and some churches, declaring that Jesus can be their Lord but Islam is his religion. I have heard of him even doing altar calls in black colleges where he allowed people to be saved through Christ as well as Islam. The mix and merge of his erroneous doctrine with the true doctrine of Christ has been very confusing down through the years and yet he has remained the leader of one of the most erroneous belief systems ever created to deceive black people.

Now he is proclaiming that Christ is his redeemer, or maybe not. His language is very vague and he seems to leave room for a recanting of his statement. He doesn’t denounce Islam or Allah in his speech, which is definitely required in order to receive the God of the bible’s son Jesus. The Nation Of Islam has been contacted by many Christian publications yet no statement has been released and Farrakhan has been silent on his statements.

Farrakhan must publicly denounce what it is that he was teaching. To say, “I will have to pay for what I’ve been teaching all these years” is not denouncing anything. I pray, before Charles Blake and TD Jakes invite him to speak at the COGIC convocation and Megafest, that this man explains his statements and truly denounce the demonic doctrine of devils that he has been married to for 80+ years. When he denounces Allah and calls it a false doctrine, then we can talk.

Pray for him people. Pray that he truly declares that Jesus is Lord of all and Allah is not the true God!  Pray also for the carnal leaders of these black Christian organizations!  You know they are already planning to invite him in before they even know what his statements meant! I pray that that they would somehow and someway operate with enough discernment instead of the love of money. So God’s people can be protected and not exposed to yet another great end time deception.

Luke 21:8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

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3 Comments on “End Of Days: Louis Farrakhan’s Vague Declaration!”

  1. I have reached a point in my life where I am not moved just b/c someone makes a declaration saying they know God. The thing with Mr. Farakahn is that for many years he has promoted so much Anti-Christ, anti-bible and racially fueled garbage that I find it hard to believe that he has now changed. Has he repented? Has he been baptized? Who shared the gospel with him so that he could receive salvation? Or will people just take his word for it just b/c he said a few churchy cliches? Hes charismatic and persuasive but I pray that instead of folks following blindly they will seek God for biblical truth and not get caught up with another false teacher. If he truly denounces and turns from Islam he will be hated by many within the black community.

  2. Grace and peace all,

    I’ve only been able to find the same clip posted above and not the speech in its entirety, but unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe Farrakhan has “come out as a Christian” as many seem to gun-jumping-ly celebrating about. He clearly stated that the false prophet Elijah Muhammad is his teacher, and that ‘god’ has been guiding him since Elijah left. We all know that he has not been led by the Spirit of the God of the Bible (at least not willingly)- so who’s he referring to (Jeopardy theme plays…)?

    Regarding him paying for what he taught- I believe he’s not denouncing his false Islamic teachings, but rather stating that he will either be taken out by enemies for preaching what he thinks is the truth, or possibly insinuating that he is due for his reward for his teachings (he’s getting ready to bang 70 virgins- or whatever those folks believe).

    Yeah he name-dropped Jesus, but I think he’s alluding to Muhammad. It’s just his way of dressing it up for the environment he’s in.

    Sorry peeps- I’m like pastor Craig on this one. Farrakhan needs to come right out and say that he repents and denounces Islam. No coded words or symbolic speech. He needs to apologize to the millions of black people he has led astray- and this done with evidence of a broken and contrite heart- not trying to hoop it up for the blind sheep who get happy about anything.

    Like I said- I could very well be mistaken. But that’s how I see it.

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