End Of Days: Toronto Ice Cream Shop Taking The Name of the Lord In Vain?

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In my video End Of Days, I discussed how, in latter times, people would begin to take the name of the Lord in vain and stop believing in the power of it. I have traveled the globe and cast out many devils in the name of Jesus. I have seen deliverance come to thousands by invoking the power of the name of Jesus. I know the youtubites (sacred namers) believe that the name has to be Hebrew in order for it to have power, but whatever! I have always spoken the name of Jesus in my native language and because of the authority I have in Him, it has always worked!

We all know that Toronto is considered the LGBT capital of the world. And because of this, it’s no surprise that this ice cream shop would open in that particular area. Taking the name of Jesus Christ, the redeemer, and using it for a food slur is just plain blasphemous. They have even included the satanic “fall from heaven” lightning bolt in the name just to mock the Son of God?  I hope every sinner that takes a bite of that ice cream gets convicted and repents. I pray that every LGBT member that visits the shop would come face to face with the true reality of their behavior and turn to Jesus! Sad day people!

Here is the statement from their website:

Our name was created from the popular phrase that people use as an expression of enjoyment, surprise or disbelief. Our aim is not to offer commentary on anyone’s religion or belief systems, Our own organization is made up of amazing people that represent a wide range of cultural and religious beliefs.  http://www.sweetjesus4life.com

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4 Comments on “End Of Days: Toronto Ice Cream Shop Taking The Name of the Lord In Vain?”

  1. Kids, parents ppl r confused. Lord help us. I’m from Seattle, so I seen my fair share of homosexuality rainbows. Too many rainbows even in churches but this is too much too far. I heard it was a hate crime if somebody says faggot or says im homophobic. school shootings, things are getting worse. I hate i was raised in Seattle. I wish I wasn’t raised here. Even watching Miami love and hip hop..theyre were gay moments 😷💩

  2. This is so sad, but with all God and Obedient Teachers like Pastor G has taught us I cant say im surprised at all! I pray for them to turn from their wicked ways, Lord help us… Amen

  3. The word ice cream is used in the pedophile circles as some sort of sick secret code word. They use other words also such as Pizza, pasta, hotdog etc to refer to the type of child they are looking for. Not only is this blasphemous but this place is probably an undercover pedo ring.

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