Error Of Man: Anal Cancer Coverup That’s Not Making The News

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(Natural News) There is an epidemic of anal cancer sweeping across America, and while it might not be politically correct to say so, one group in particular seems to be getting it the most: homosexual men. According to reports, men with HIV who have sex with other men are 100 times more likely to develop anal cancer than HIV-negative men who exclusively have sex with women. This suggests that anal cancer is a disease that almost exclusively afflicts non-straight males who are on the verge of, or already have, AIDS – a fact that, again, is likely to ruffle some feathers.

Not only that, but anal cancer appears to be a disease that ultimately results from persistent infection with human papillomavirus, or HPV. This is what health authorities are saying anyway as they bemoan the lack of national screening guidelines for detecting HPV infection early in order to prevent it from developing into anal “pre-cancer,” followed by full-blown anal cancer. It could all just be a ploy to get more people to take HPV vaccines, which have already proven themselves to be a massive hoax created by the pharmaceutical industry to generate more profits.

But anal cancer is real, and the LGBT community would certainly become triggered were the media to start addressing it in terms of being a gay men’s disease. So serious is this growing epidemic that a recent study published in the journal Cancer aims to come up with better solutions for prevention that will help HIV-positive gay and bisexual men avoid developing anal cancer. The study’s conclusion, of course, suggests better anal pre-cancer “management” and post-treatment HPV vaccination as the best solution.

Homosexuals developing anal cancer at high rates represents ‘major public health concern,’ admits American Cancer Society

Back in the 1980s, AIDS was by far the biggest concern within the gay community. Many in the general public expressed worry about contracting the disease from tainted blood and other infected fluids. But now, anal cancer is being declared as the most pressing problem among homosexual men, the Los Angeles Times reportedly calling it “the next big crisis” for the gay community.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has also declared that it expects to see 8,200 new cases of anal cancer just in 2017 alone. More than half of those who end up developing the disease will be diagnosed at stage III or later, which means they will most likely end up dying. Because of this, the ACS has stated that the scenario represents a “major public health concern” that, as of yet, does not have a definitive solution. Read More

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