Error of Man: Angry Perves turn violent in the streets of Seattle, in the name of "gay pride!?"

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Gay pride partiers turn violent in Seattle, break windows and ATM machines


A “gay pride” event in Seattle turned violent early Sunday morning as police broke up a mob reportedly smashing windows and bank ATM machines. The event, called “Queers F*****g Queers” was supposed to be the “event of pride weekend,” according to a post at, who described it as:

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A night that was intended for queers and their allies to dance their hearts out, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the night was theirs.

The Seattle police department reported that “several hundred people” at Broadway and E. Pike were in the street engaging in apparent random acts of violence and property damage.

According to the police report:

The known property damage for this incident included the front plate glass window of the a luxury car dealership, the front plate glass window of Clothing Apparel Store (Broadway and E. John), and damage to two patrol vehicles (shattered windows and dents).

Two suspects reportedly picked up a street barricade and threw it into the roadway. One of the two suspects was arrested. An eyewitness wrote that one of the alleged anarchists had taken a pick axe to an ATM machine.

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10 Comments on “Error of Man: Angry Perves turn violent in the streets of Seattle, in the name of "gay pride!?"”

  1. It’s obvious that the preachers were not the intolerant ones in that news report. It’s no surprise that they were attacked.As believers who are planted in the word we can expect this.No matter what we should be prepared to tell a dying world the TRUTH!

  2. Thanks for posting the gay manifesto, these wayward people have an agenda, too many leaders and Christians leaders want to ignore them, but this lifestyle is a poisonous infection that is corrupting our society and churches. Thanks EX for your information.

  3. These gay people are really violent humans. I believe there are more violents to come from gay. I would like to share that about 3 years ago in Detroit a family member shared with me that gay men at one of the colleges that gay men were walking on the streets and raping one an other this was never reported to the people of the city. Smh just sad

  4. These is The End times. Lets Pray for our father in Heaven to come quickly and rescue his Saints from these Demonic Nation.

  5. When that spirit is called out, it sure seems to react in a violent manner. Some have said that as Christians those gentlemen should not have been there. I disagree, you have people whose souls may be lost that is exactly the place you need to be. Maybe in larger numbers, but I am not sure what God told them to do and who he told them to go with. There are many examples in the bible where God sent the tribes of Israel out in small numbers so when they acheived the victory His name would be glorified. Keep the faith believers.

  6. Well there you have it! Angry gay priders that are anger. they are gay and others are not. Totally ridiculous and the man arrested he needs to be taught a lesson in life about keeping his opinions and 7 violence to himself!

  7. In Genesis during the days of Lot, the men of Sodom threatened to break down the door just so they can sleep with the other men who were really angels. The lgbt is being influenced by this same spirit, and the more they push forward their agenda, more violence will break out, especially against people who oppose them.

  8. I live an hour away from Seattle and avoid going every Summer when I didn’t have to go. Unfortunately, attacks on pastors in this state are all too common when they voice concern. When I was unsaved a couple of years ago and attended Viking Fest, there was a church group holding signs and pact mentality set in. Although I thought it was wrong for one of the guys to call one of the teenage girls at Viking Fest a whore, people shouldn’t be gang jumping someone either. Most of the group was peaceful and just wanted people to understand that sin is sin. Pray for Seattle though. The University of Washington just had a man arrested today because they thought he was going to blow up the campus or something like it. I just graduated from there last year. Its sad but at least they have an attack on a pastor in this state on camera this time and hopefully will punish the guys who attacked him.

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