Error of Man: Texas gay teen suspended after ripping out Bible pages

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Isaiah Smith, Gay Teen Who Ripped Out Bible Pages, Suspended By Texas School



Photo by: Star-Telegram Ron Jenkins

Photo by: Star-Telegram Ron Jenkins

The American Humanist Association has formally sent a complaint to Birdville Independent School District in Texas, citing that Isaiah Smith’s First Amendment rights have been violated after the teen was suspended for ripping out pages of his Bible as a protest against anti-gay bullying.

Smith, who is gay and Christian, said that he was repeatedly told that “being gay is a sin,” and that “gays go to hell,” by students at his school.

He brought his personal Bible to his first period class on Monday, October 28, and tore out pages from Leviticus, a portion of the Bible which contains prohibitions against Homsexuality, as a way of protesting their statements, and because he doesn’t believe the Bible condemns gay people. Smith was subsequently sent to the assistant principal’s office, who told him that though he could continue carrying around the ripped Bible, he shouldn’t tear out any more pages.

However, on Wednesday the assistant principal reportedly called him into his office again to reprimand him for carrying the torn book and asked, “How would Muslims feel if a student was tearing up the Qur-an?” He was then suspended for three days and had his Bible confiscated, according to the letter.

The American Humanist Association believes this is a violation of Smith’s First Amendments rights, and has called upon the school to either allow all students to carry torn versions of the Bible and any other books if they so choose, or forbid all students from carrying religious texts to school. They also demand that the suspension be expunged from Smith’s record, and have raised the possibility of a lawsuit if the school does not comply.

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48 Comments on “Error of Man: Texas gay teen suspended after ripping out Bible pages”

  1. No matter how many pages you tear out in justification, God’s Word will stand! The power doesn’t rely in the pages, but the one who wrote them! You can never rip God out! I pray for this young man’s deliverance and that he will not frustrate God’s grace!

  2. One thing you seldom see is someone violating other religions like muslim, judaism etc but for some reason there’s always someone trying to contradict the word of the Lord. There’s always someone wanting to be gay and Christian. What I don’t understand is why would you want to be something that God hates and still want to force Christianity to conform to your sins? This just goes to show that indeed Jesus is the truth the way and the light, and the enemy will stop at nothing to try and trivialize that and confuse as many people as possible to a point of tearing up the bible because they feel so convicted wanting to be the one thing (christian) that does not accept their behavior. I never hear of a gay muslim or any other religion but I always come across someone trying to butcher the word to suite them, something is wrong and we have to remain even stronger in faith and prayer.

  3. Wow, this kid is mad about the truth… I was thinking the truth would sat us free because that is what the Bible says maybe this is some of the reason this child is not free because he refuses the truth. AM not mad at this kid but sad because sin has him and has a hold on him. It’s sad when people don’t understand freedom from sin…

  4. If he doesn’t believe that the bible speaks against homosexuality, why would he rip out Leviticus?

  5. Wow so the American humanist association don’t feel it right to suspend this student for violating a religious document, but the word of God is also what the courts of America swear everyone who has to stand trial in on before the person gives a testimony.

    1. Not for long, that along with congressional praying, and opening up with a scripture traditions, is being debated as we speak in Washington, and most likely will be made illegal very shortly, those in power have sold their soul to Satan Republicans and democrats and Independents, it is just a matter of time unfortunately.

  6. ok he rips out the part about what God called out wrong about being a homosexual … well next he will go for Romans Chapter to huh ? Mcfoolery !

  7. I am reminded that those who need the help the most, often ask for it in the least beautiful of ways.

  8. Yeah we are sinners but a true christian is led daily by the Holy Spirit and therefore pleases God after allowing himself to be transformed by the renewal of his mind and not to be conformed to the standards of this world. To say that a person ‘who claims to be gay’ and does not want to become a new creature in Christ and be like Jesus Christ of the bible, is totally Lying. It is so sad to read that this happened, God have mercy on his soul…

  9. If the bible doesn’t say that homosexuality is a sin, then why protest? The one thing I know is that when I am certain, I don’t have to go to extremes to prove that I am right concerning what the word says. Are we to ignore it and not stand for the truth? Romans reminds us that those who tolerate this abomination are just as guilty. I am no condemning anyone, but the lifestyle I hate. We are to hate what God hates. We are to love what God loves. I can’t find anywhere in scripture that says He blesses homosexuality, lesbianism, trans-sexual, bi-sexual, etc, (I can’t keep up with the terminologies). I know that the bible is right. His judgments are right. I think I’ll continue to agree with God on this one.

    1. You hit the nail on the head with a hammer.
      Because he knows the bible condemns homosexuality, and he does not want it to, he tore out only the pages that condemn it, so the story stating he does not believe the bible condemns homosexuality is not correct, as the facts say he does.
      But he wants to edit out the passages that does and say here is my new version of the bible that no longer condemns the sin I partake in, but still condemns adultery, fornication and other sins other people do just not me.
      This may also been preplanned specifically for a $$$$lawsuit as many of these are like homosexuals purposely going to wedding bakers, photographers and planners that they know ahead of time will not partake in a homosexual wedding, just to sue them and force them out of business, or homosexual parents who raise transgenders kids and demand their little boys use the little girls room and showers, and locker rooms or sue $$$ for damages, with know though given for the other parents, teachers, students what so ever.

  10. Let them sue then…apparently what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. He ripped out the very scriptures that convicted him of his sins, like ripping pages is supposed to change God’s mind or erase His precepts. May God change his hardened heart.

  11. unfortunately we will see more of this in these last and evil days the feel good churches just ignore preaching on this stuff

  12. He just needs deliverance. The New testament also condemn homosexuality and immorality! God doesn’t force us to believe but if we want to be saved we have to believe and obey!

  13. The Gospel is the only thing that can help this young brother. Has anyone reached out to him to let him know the error of his ways concerning God’s creative roles designed for men and women? I perceive that this young man has no masculine father in the home. NO man in the home to teach him about being a good biblical Christian man. This is the fate of most of our sons if we fail to do what God has ordained us to do as fathers of the home. I understand that everyone’s situation is different, but there is still hope for him if he surrenders his will to Jesus Christ.

    1. To answer your question, I haven’t read a comment on this post of anyone reaching out to the young man to expose him to the truth. The young man is in a church and has a pastor, who I pray is helping him deal with this issue in his life. Yet, as a leader like yourself, we must be careful that our words do not breakdown what this individual has built up. Yes, I agree there is still hope for him but if he is under the scrutiny of words like those being wielded here in these blogs will he understand that he still has a chance? We as Christians and leaders must pray against this demonic stronghold so that he and others may break free of their bondage and find their way out of satan’s hands and into Christ’s! Be blessed Man of God.

  14. The bible condemn’s all sinners, unbelievers and people who do not place Christ as their hope, Lord, or places their trust in him.

  15. He is so ignorant and blind in his sin that he commits sacrilege of God’s word. What a misled and lost soul

  16. According to 1 Corinthians 9-11 the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
    Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of us who have commented on this article: but we are washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. Now how many of us commenting have not sinned and fallen short of His glory! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! Now go and leave your life of sin! This young man has committed a sin just like each of us at some point in our lives, God has granted us grace and a space of time for forgiveness and deliverance. Will God not grant this young man the same?

    We should ask ourselves what sin have we struggled with in the last second, minute, or hour that requires us to seek God for forgiveness? I never read in the word of God where Jesus actions reflected any that I have read here in these blog comments. If we are going to be so quick to use the word of God then we should be just as quick to reflect Christ. Reflecting Christ does not mean that one condones sin it means that one understands forgiveness of them. We must be willing to let God be God! He can save, He can heal, He can forgive, and He can deliver. It is HIS business not ours.

    Perhaps its so hard for this young man to come out of sin because of those (Christians) who are condemning him. Who are we to judge when we ourselves are just as guilty! Have we all not sinned. Instead, let us pray for this young man that he comes into truth and revelation that will lead to deliverance. We should pray against this demonic spirit that has taken him and others like him captive. That its hold be relinquished in the name of Jesus. Let us come against the spirit that has him bound and not the young man.

    1. This young man has not committed a sin, as believers often do, he is living a life of habitual sin. He needs to repent & forsake the sin. Repentance isn’t just confessing your sins, its also forsaking that sin, making a 180 so to speak. In Jn.8 when Jesus deals with the scribes & Pharisees about the woman caught in adultery, you seem to have forgotten perhaps the most important part. While he does condemn those who pointed the finger at her ( because of their motives) He also forgives the woman, but the forgiveness came with a command; “Go And Sin No More”. You can’t keep on in that lifestyle and think that you have forgiveness for that sin. The article says that the young man was a gay Christian.That’s an oxy-moron. You can’t be a gay Christian, that’s like saying you’re an Islamic-Christian. There’s no such thing. To be Christian means to be “Christ-Like”. Jesus was not a homosexual male. Jesus himself said in Matthew 16: 24, ” If any man will come after me (follow me), let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”. There is no middle ground in this life, no grey area. Don’t be deceived! Yes, we should be compassionate, we should pray that the Lord opens his eyes to the deception he’s in, but in all that, we should love the young man. We should love him enough to tell him the truth! For only the “Truth” will make him free. (Jn.8:32) Be Blessed….

      1. If in all we must love then I must first ask how is love being shown to this young man? We who have no Heaven or Hell to place anyone in have condemned the young man before God has even judged him! Then we must be reminded that there is only one sin that God doesn’t forgive…blasphemy. As far as living in habitual sin, the woman at the well was a habitual adulterer. Christ reminded her of that when he told her that the man that she was currently with was not her husband, yet he forgave her. He did not belittle her on a public blog. He dealt with her one on one. This young man has a pastor who can deal with him one on one. I haven’t read where anyone advised the young man to seek counsel or where anyone offered to speak to the young man and share the word of God with him concerning the issue he is dealing with. If LOVE as you have stated is the foundation, I have yet to find it in any of these blogs or comments. When love shows up so does forgiveness! When love shows up so does deliverance! When love shows up so does Christ!!
        Yes, forgiveness came to the woman with the command to go and sin no more. However, at what point does this young man get the opportunity to do that if we (Christians) have already condemned him to Hell? I agree with the fact that he needs to repent. He needs to repent to God not us! Since we don’t know the relationship that he has with God, who is to say that he has not? His repentance doesn’t have to be an outward sign to us! We are not God!
        You can’t be a fornicating Christian, a drunk Christian, and a lot of other sinful things as a Christian either but I didn’t see anyone discussing those sins here in this blog. Sin is sin, there is no big sin or little sin, black sin or white sin, round sin or square sin. It’s simply sin, whether you did it once, twice, or many times. We can’t say that an individual sinned once so he is forgiven whereas someone else sinned many times and cannot be. If all sin is forgivable then this young man has a way out. However, in many of the blogs you find here we (Christians) have closed that door.
        I am a Christian and I do not condone the homosexual lifestyle. Yet, like Christ, I love the people of God! Like the rest of us on this blog, I have sinned and fallen short of His glory I understand deliverance and forgiveness. I understand that these blogs and comments are not assisting the pastor that is assigned to this young man in his plight. I understand that they are helping to build up that suicidal spirit that can so easily attach itself to those who find themselves in the position that this young man is in. Then, in most cases when the individual turns to suicide, I also understand the guilt the blogger feels because of what was said, done, or not done that could have prevented it.
        So what I am saying is be helpful to the instrument that God is using to bring this young man out of bondage. Help him/her by posting a prayer or saying a prayer for the young man. By as you say, sharing the truth in a way that will build up and not destroy. Yes, we should tell him the truth but did God tell you that you should be the one to tell him? This is the question that we should ask, especially if one has not dealt with an individual who lives in this situation. Sometimes in our desire to help others we cause more harm. In any situation we must love! So let’s review our words to this young man and see if any was shown. Be Blessed!

        1. matthew

          A Brother who Sins
          15″If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. 16″But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED.… we as christians have to understand we should minister to the unbeliever ….. thats just like seeing a homeless man and praying that someone feeds him instead of actually feeding him…. who does that benefit… just because the people knew it was a sin does not mean they went about it the right way …. we have to watch how we talk to and about people but we do have to tell them they are sinning

          Galatians 6:1
          Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.

          we must give warning wether the person is a christian or not dont let oppertunity pass you bye

    2. Cynthia, I get what you are saying but you are not completely correct. We as the Church of the living God are to judge these things. Why because that would mean that we as followers of Christ do understand the difference between hearing the word and doing the word. The Bible also says some you will pull out of sin gently and others you have to in tough love. Why because of sin and mans fallen nature to easily do just that sin against God. I know love covers a multitude of sin but we can also mark pple who say they are of the church that cause divisions because the bible clearly states when it comes to the gospel and the purpose of God calling us is to be on one accord, putting our differences aside. We are pple who are always in the press. The press of being formed and filled with the love and mind of Christ. It is only through the power of the cross that we have come this far. And i can understand how pple get upset and say that this young man tearing pages out doesn’t do anything but that he is fighting against God’s will for his life. Not mine or yours. But the problem that I think will be a result of this is foolishness of unbelievers thinking well if a kid can tear up a bible, along with all the others kind of unbelievers that think they tearing down the church in other fashions, that if we don’t cry loud and spare not then why did Christ call us to be light in a dieing world? We can shake our heads and say what we want but this young man is in a fight and well as we all know if you fight against God you can not win. Finally are the body of Christ no one is condemning this young man he is condemning himself. Because it is by confession of faith we become free from condemnation. So by his actions he is not openly confessing by his action faith in Christ! You will know them by their fruits. IT isn’t hard to see whether a tree has good fruit or bad fruit.Grace and peace.

      1. I think that we are all in agreement that this young man needs to know the truth, that he needs to be delivered, and that he needs to repent. This is not the issue. The issue for us as Christians is how are we helping him to obtain these things. Just because we read this blog doesn’t mean that we have been chosen to assist this young man on this particular leg of his journey. The article indicates that the young man attends a church and therefore he has a pastor, who I pray is counseling him in his situation. This pastor should be allowed to handle the situation as God has directed him/her. Since the pastor is the one who has access to this young man the statements that many are making on this public blog are not assisting this man or woman of God in their endeavor to help this young man get the deliverance that he needs. Our prayers are more needed.

        Just because something is allowed doesn’t mean we should indulge in it or that we must speak on every issue that arises before us. Some things come only through prayer and fasting. Does God not have people in place who can do what He needs to have done? Because if we are not the vessel He has chosen to use then once the individual leaves our presence, such as this young man, he will not be healed, delivered, or receive salvation. If this is not the outcome then we are not the one that should have spoken into his life.

        Simply stated we are required to pray in this situation, not stand in the role of the pastor or God! However, there are situations that exists such as exposing our children to the gay/lesbian lifestyles through education, forcing our churches to host events that support this lifestyle because they are a 501c3, or even putting prayer back in school that would benefit from our crying loud. These are platforms where our cries would be beneficial to the kingdom. Yet, laws such as these pass with little hindrance from Christians. Let the pastor handle this young man as we pray and focus on the issues that are affecting the kingdom.

        1. just beacuse they say they are christians does not mean they atted church … or even attend church reguarly …. .they very much could be though we must pray for him but if we can reach out or know this young man speaking with him will do more good than bad …

          matthew 15:8

          “‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me

          throwing a christian title does not mean christian
          GOD is still forgiving and merciful…
          i know a guy who was homosexual and repented and turned from that sin through regular people
          ministering to him and praying for and with him we have to understand that its not the young man but a spirit that lies within him ………….we ought to pray without ceasing for this young man

  17. You cannot serve to masters, you cannot be practicing homosexuality and be a christian.
    You are either a rebellious sinner, like we all are or were at one time, or your are a obedient believer.
    Choose this day who you will serve, God or (MAN) Satan.

  18. Only religion in its entirely can people justify their abominations. It says in the bible that all sin is an abomination to GOD. Ripping out pages changing the words of GOD will not change the fact that GOD MADE 2 SEXES to be together and not with the same sex

  19. Even if you tear the bible, burn the bible, confisticate the bible, the word of the Lord reigns supreme above all

  20. People teased me for the longest over many things in school my skin tone, bad clothes ext and I was very sad even suicidal at times but none of it made me rip the bible. The bottom line is he ripped the bible due to the hard core truth it was speaking about his current state so rather deal with the issue rip the bible and continue to live in denial!

      1. Ikeashia I command you on your strength and ability to overcome. However, some are not as strong as you. I am glad to hear that you did not succumb to the foolish of others. My prayer is that you will continue to be strong in the Lord and use your testimony to help others who find themselves in that situation. Perhaps you are correct in your opinion, the young man did not want to face the truth, whatever his feelings where I wish he could have chosen another method of exposing them. However, we know that ripping the word of God does not change it! It is the same today, yesterday, and forever! God bless and keep you!

  21. I don’t like the word, gay christian, according to God’s word, there is no such thing because we are born again and new creatures in Christ. Gay christian is like saying one is an adultery christian or secular christian.

  22. Carrying around a Bible does not make one a Christian.
    If he were really a Christian, ripping the pages from the World of God would be farthest thing from his mind.

    The fear and love of the living God would be living in him.
    His action tell me the Holy Spirit does not dwell in him.

    1. The Holy Spirit will not dwell in an unclean temple. So If he’s a practicing homosexual, he’s living a life of “habitual” sin. So he is either grieving the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit was never there. His confession of faith in Christ may not even be authentic…

  23. Monty – this is why the bible is our final authority and not your opinion. Have a good day sir.

    1. Amen, and though many of us are familiar with its words many of us are capable of living them!

  24. I wondering have most missed the issue here. It’s not whether he’s gay or whether we believe in his homosexual lifestyle, but should the school suspended him because he ripped HIS OWN Bible and wanted too continue carrying in that condition?

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