Error Of Man: The Absurdity of Gender Pronouns!

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In my video Error Of Man, I discussed how gender fluidity would become a serious issue for employers and educators. The LGBTQ’s determination to undermine everything with their plight is turning our society into a culture of confusion. They not only want acceptance for their behavior but they want to change ours as well, including our language. This video and article is just one example of how they are demanding that we cater to them in every way.

( – In this gender-fluid age, some people are embracing gender-neutral pronouns to avoid designations such and “he-she” and “him-her.”

To help him (zir) through the new pronoun maze, Fox New’s Tucker Carlson asked an expert to help him (zir) translate sentences, such as: “Did she enjoy herself at the party?”

Cathy Areu, the founding publisher of Catalina Magazine, was Carlson’s guide on Tuesday night.

You have to watch the video “yoself.” It’s funny.

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The Homosexual agenda has taken the world by storm. However, what most people believe to be an agenda of man, has actually been part of the age-old agenda of Satan to war against the woman, and her seed. (Genesis 3:15) Ever wonder how this movement has gone unchecked, and has been able to enact laws, against the wishes of the masses, for the past 30 years? How has the enemy been able usher in “gender confusion,” upon our girls and feminize of a generation of boys, before our very eyes? What occult and demonic philosophies are fueling the silence regarding the AIDS epidemic? In this eye-opening DVD, “The Error of Man,” Elder G. Craige Lewis rips the veil off the LGBT movement, revealing its major influence over the next generation chemically, naturally and spiritually! This teaching dares to go where few in the church have gone before, and will equip you in how to address this culture war. This DVD not only gives solid answers through biblical insight, but also offers healing and freedom for those bound by homosexuality. From parents, to leaders and students, “The Error of Man” is a must see for everyone!

One Comment on “Error Of Man: The Absurdity of Gender Pronouns!”

  1. You know there is something completely twisted when folks take offense to being labeled as a boy/male girl/female when you were created with those parts. This is pure perversion people. Dont let social media and the changing of the law have you thinking otherwise. I can say i no longer desire to be called a women but i want to be called a sheep does it make me a sheep? Of course not neither does me labeling myself a man, or switching my gender whenever it suits me.

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