Hollywood Distorts Religion, Bible, Claim Christians in New Poll

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 Hollywood Distorts Religion, Bible, Claim Christians in New Poll

By Morgan Lee | Christian Post Reporter

According to respondents from a Christian News Service/Nicaea Movie poll conducted by American Insights, 49 percent of Christians view Hollywood positively, while 32 percent do not. The poll also revealed that Catholics are more likely to view Hollywood warmly, with 57 percent approving of it, compared to only 40 percent of Protestants.



Other findings show that one third of Christians (33 percent) believe that Hollywood fairly represents Christianity on screen, while 43 percent believe that their religion is unfairly portrayed.

“People would like to be optimistic, but they have been disappointed over the years. This year has given them some hope,” Russ Jones, president of Christian News Service, told Variety.

2014 has been a breakout year for faith-based movies. Currently,according to Box Office Mojo, “Noah,” “God’s Not Dead,” “Heaven Is for Real,” and “Son of God” all sit in the top 20 of highest grossest movies of the year. This fall, “The Song” and “Exodus: God and Kings” will also be released into theaters.

An online poll done by Bible Gateway in March suggested that the majority of readers only want Hollywood adaptations which “adhere strictly to the details of the original story.”

The week of “Noah’s” release, BibleGateway found that over 60 percent of respondents preferred Hollywood adaptations that strayed little from the story. Twenty-eight percent asserted that “Bible stories are a good fit for the big screen and can withstand artistic license,” while just over 10 percent wished that “Bible stories should never be grist for the Hollywood mill.”

In a similar poll by American Insights poll, 37 percent of Christians stated that they believed Hollywood accurately portrayed the Bible, while 42 percent disagreed. And a majority of Christians (79 percent) said that staying close to the Bible’s interpretation was a large factor in deciding whether or not to see a particular movie.

The American Insights poll surveyed 1,200 American adults, 63 percent of them who identified as Christian, between May 1 and May 8. The margin of error for their study was plus or minus 2.8 percent.

The study was done as part of a larger campaign for the upcoming movie “Nicaea,” which will tell the story of Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicaea. The film will likely be released in 2016.

“The biggest lesson we saw was that historical and biblical accuracy is really important to Christians,” Jones said. “That should give folks a stern warning that it’s crucial to use historical data, historical facts and biblical themes as accurately as possible.”

In April, Brett McCracken, film critic and author of Gray Matters, questioned what exactly the majority surveyed meant when they indicated they wanted a movie that followed the specifics of the Bible.

“Does that mean that we expect the film to not have anything above and beyond the actual words in the story?”McCracken told The Christian Post. “If that’s the case, in the case of ‘Noah,’ there would be no words spoken by Noah in the movie, because he doesn’t actually speak in the biblical story, except for one verse in the end when he gives the curse story of Canaan after Ham sees him naked and drunk.”

10 Comments on “Hollywood Distorts Religion, Bible, Claim Christians in New Poll”

  1. Can someone explain to me how Hollywood can replicate bible story without error,deviation and flesh?
    1 Corinthians 2:14

  2. Hollywood is for Satan. Why would satan want to promote anything depicting God and the Bible accurately? Why would he want to promoted something glorifying God and edifying one’s spirit?hy would he want to promote something that would save the masses and cause them to Satan, and to repent and call on the mighty name of Jesus? Let’s get real! We live in this world but we are not of this world so the world and it’s outlets reject us and will never fully cater to us.

  3. Should not Christians be more concerned with souls? or is it just me. When Christians start to boycott all Hollywood then they will start to take notice and at least ‘pretend’ to bring family oriented films. Can you imagine on judgement day people being judged for if the liked Hollywood gimme a break! All i can say is everything Ex ministries said years ago is coming to pass…. Now everyone’s on the bandwagon about the illuminati etc; Y’all wouldnt listen when John Todd (RIP) told you the truth.
    Christians main concern should be about straightening their own lives and bringing souls in the kingdom and seeing results NOT HOLLYWOOD!!!

    1. Pointing out the the workings of Satan within Hollywood and “Christian” films within Hollywood is part of being concerned for souls. We need to expose these things for all to see and for all to be able to make a conscious decision to remove ourselves from their influence or not. By the way, before the judgement I do recall our Father saying “come out of her my people” this referred to mystery Babylon but i’d make the argument that Hollywood plays a big role in making the way for whatever system mystery Babylon is or is a big part of Babylon in general. Either way hollywoods influence is something we must not allow in the body of Christ. Agree? So no, liking Hollywood doesn’t sound like something God will mention on that great day, but one who does like Hollywood is probably heavily influenced by it’s ways which in turns leave you in bad shape. Remember, friends with the world, enem of Christ. Love you all, God bless

  4. Of all the movies that already came out, God Is Not Dead, is the one I want to see the most. I refuse to watch another, so-called, based in bible times, historically, biblically and physiologically in accurate movie, with European characters playing these roles. Especially understanding how myuch, our history is distorted and misrepresented in our school systems and the lengths gone to do such.

  5. I believe that any secular actors or actress should not act or play a role in a movie that is out of the Bible. And u can’t have a secular director directing a Christian based movie, it’s like oil and water it don’t mix.

  6. Hollywood is in Satan’s camp and it’s role is to distort Christianity. Christianity cannot be in agreement with Hollywood because we serve different gods. Christians serve Jehovah God of the Bible. The god of Hollywood is the Greek pagan god Dionysus. Dionysus Is the god of orgy, sexual immorality, wine, alcoholism and drunkenness, ritual madness and cults. Hollywood and Dionysus fit like a hand in a glove! 

  7. Nope, cuz they can’t. If they were really going for accuracy and truth it’ll be some spirit filled Christians acting, writing, scripting and producing the film itself. Profit wouldn’t be the main goal or not a goal at all. And they definitely wouldn’t go through the catholic church for approval. But since it is about profit, and everybody involved can care less about Christ, and would rather have artist in the movie that use other spirits other than the Holy Spirit enter them to pull off great performances let’s me further know that God is not involved and won’t be involved in the process. I wouldn’t let a trained directer, writer, actor, or producer do a film about my deceased dad if they didn’t know him when I can get a team of people who did. Likewise, I don’t like for an director, actor, writer or producer involved in bringing to life things of my heavenly Father when they don’t know him, don’t wanna know him or reject him. I want the Lord to be able to use all individuals or at least the main ones responsible for presenting something as serious as the Gospel.

  8. Hollywood has been misinterpreting and skewing the stories of the bible from the very first “bible based film”. Everything from the cast to the dialogue and ultimately the intention are far from what God expresses in the bible. They are historically inaccurate and spiritually.

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