Identity Crisis – Kaepernick Get’s GQ Cover But Refuses Interview?SMH

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In my video Identity Crisis, I talked about the lengths a person will go to for the approval of others, when they do not know who they are. Kaepernick is the best example of this. This man is starving for someone or something to give him identity. His actions are of a man that has no real purpose outside of his physical ability in sports. This is sad because when your identity is only in your talent and not in your being,  it will causes you to do whatever it takes for the approval of others. In this case, it’s for the approval of his girlfriend, who is a muslim and is pushing this pro black agenda through him. While he was a starting quarterback in the NFL, all was well. But once he got benched, he starts to protest the powers that be? The saddest part is that he is a pied piper in the sense that many black people that lack the same fatherless identity will be lured into his angry movement and follow him, defend him, and even believe in him without understanding what this is all about.

When you are angry at your father or mother, or anyone that had abandoned, neglected, or treated you unfairly, you will lash out and connect with other movements that spew anger and hatred for others.  You will be blind to the facts and not examine the true cause.  Injustice is not a prevalent issue in America anymore, but if you look through angry eyes and lack identity, you have a recipe that causes you to believe what social media and the news is showing you. You believe it because it registers in your own heart when you have suffered injustice IN YOUR HOME!  This is the issue people. Fatherlessness, motherlessness, and bad upbringing will cause you to lack identity and latch on to people that can give you one!

Now GQ magazine has created a status title for Kaepernick “Citizen Of The Year?” So, all of the NFL players that have helped with hurricane relief, with feeding hungry children, with supporting the military, and those that serve our nation get passed over for this bogus award, but this dude that takes his orders from an angry female lover gets the front page award? Kaep wears socks depicting police officers as pigs, he wears Fidel Castro as a fashion statement in Miami, he sues the NFL for collusion because no one wants an insubordinate subpar quarterback, and his girlfriend compares NFL owners to slave owners but he is being hailed Citizen Of The Year? This is absurd people. It shows the climate of our nation and how this make believe injustice against blacks ploy is gaining momentum. I even saw a protest over the incarceration of Meek Mills! I wonder how many fans will take a knee for his jail time but never address the vile content of his lyrics and the perversion he promotes that leads to more fatherless children.

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Identity CrisisHave you ever experienced uncertainty and confusion concerning which goals to pursue? Are you skilled and accomplished, yet unfulfilled? Ever felt insecure and unsure of your identity? Shifting and contradictory public opinion, popular culture, and societal traditions for family and gender roles are root causes of identity crisis. Recorded live at Adamant Believers’ Council in Grand Prairie, Texas, G. Craige Lewis delivers a dynamic message that promises to enlighten and empower Believers to combat identity crisis. In this series, discover Christ’s plan for mankind, and learn to live in alignment with His timeless order and roles for men, women and children. Believers are challenged and coached to receive their identity from God.



4 Comments on “Identity Crisis – Kaepernick Get’s GQ Cover But Refuses Interview?SMH”

  1. I agree. I see so many young black folks jumping on this “its all the white mans fault, lets revolt and protest against the white man, against the cops cause the white man is the devil” bandwagon …Where there is no proper teaching, where there are no strong parents who have understanding of whats going on, then young people will go after all sorts of foolishness and many false teachers are waiting to mess them up mentally and spiritually. I saw so many people protesting “the injustice” of Meek Mill a few weeks ago, but no one did the research to see this dude has been in and out of prison, has violated parole multiple times, and even threathened the judge and his lawyer. None of these guys are innocent but when you are angry and follow those who are you become blinded.

  2. Injustice is still prevalent in America, but it’s nonsense like this meek mill case that gets all the attention. A man who blatantly disobeys the law and cries injustice with foolish people supporting this sort of nonsense

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with you brother Lewis. Wherever his girlfriend goes, she brings destruction. She was at the center of locker room fighting between Kaepernick and Aldon Smith. Aldon was dating her first, then Kaepernick started dating her after they broke up. As a result, Aldon and Kaepernick got into a fight over her during practice. This incident was reported in the media.

    Before dating her, Kaepernick was a professing Christian(with scriptures tatted on his body and all). Once I realized he was compromising and dating her, I was very surprised and afraid for him as well. Ever since he unequally yoked up with her, he has been on the decline. She is indeed responsible for him being “woke” all of a sudden. She has singlehandedly destroyed his career. The only team that showed a real interest in him, The Ravens, she destroyed that opportunity for him as well. He was in the middle of negotiations with the Ravens and she sent a racist tweet that swiftly ended his chances. This is a modern day Samson and Delilah.

    The sad part is that he is completely blind to the devil working through her and he thinks she has his back. He needs some real prayer of deliverance. Watching this unfold has been very sad. We as saints need to pray for his eyes being opened to the truth and for deliverance.

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