Identity Crisis: LGBT Uses Male Vultures To Validate Their Plight

G Craige LewisIdentity Crisis2 Comments

In my video Identity Crisis, I discussed how the lack of identity can damage a person to the point of mental illness. The LGBT, in their hunt for validation in the animal kingdom, has  reached extensively in this article, to the point of sounding mentally ill! To use an example of 2 male vultures hatching an egg as validation for same sex marriage is psychotic.  A missing female vulture that may have died or abandoned the egg was cause for the vultures to intercede and hatch the egg. The vultures weren’t sexually active or mated! But this reach proves that our world is saturated with this twisted agenda!

2 Comments on “Identity Crisis: LGBT Uses Male Vultures To Validate Their Plight”

  1. God bless i am a chaplain of the prison in chicago.Iove the lord one of his daughters that preach the true word of god keep standing on the wall man of god we true saints r in this battle together

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