Jezebel’s Finest Hour – Black Female Pastor Makes History By “Inheriting” the Family Business

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In my video Jezebel’s Finest Hour, I discussed how the enemy is using women to circumvent the authority and order of God.  Men are being emasculated and God’s order is being perverted by the uprising of women. This is how you create chaos which will ultimately end in the demise of all of people.  Slave owners knew that in order to enslave a people, you must emasculate the man and put the woman over him and the family.

This is the plan of the enemy for the church.  In order to make the church powerless and ineffective, you must go against God’s creation order and elevate the woman over the man.  There is not one example of a woman pastor in the bible. This office is for husbands of one wife according to the bible, not the other way around! But because of the feminist movements, the LGBTQ movements, and the sexual revolution, the church has followed the world’s lead and began to change God’s order in so many churches.

I wouldn’t expect the Hilliards to follow God’s order either.  This move is a business move and keeps the money in the family.  God has not ordained or sanctioned this at all.  Megachurches are huge cash cows and the money must be kept in the family name.  Whether God has ordained the leadership of the church or not, these megachurches cannot afford to hand down all that money to someone that does not bear the family name, so despite what the bible says, they do what is convenient for their own benefit. The saddest part is that this leaves way for people to do whatever they want in the name of God and gives God’s church a bad look.  The world is no longer looking in the church for answers. It’s because so many churches have conformed to the world and loss their witness.  This is truly Jezebel’s finest hour! Revelations 2:20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.


7 Comments on “Jezebel’s Finest Hour – Black Female Pastor Makes History By “Inheriting” the Family Business”

  1. I believe people fail to realize that the roles that God gave us is not to demean anyone but to compliment. The role in the home is expanded to the church. Although we have single family homes that are women lead as well as men lead this does not change what God ordained. Women most definitely have a role but it is not as the covering in a church. Look at the home and we will see the picture of how the house of God was intended to be. God has a high standard and that’s where the Lord desire we be. Will God Use a women? Yes, all are to share their faith but the church is the church and we can’t change it. Titus 2 will tell another role of the woman in the church as one who teaches the younger women to do what God first ordained. If God knows all things I think he would have had Paul write woman can be the covering in certain circumstances. Meaning if we believe the scriptures to be inspired by God then the change or clarification would have been annotated. Women need to stop trying to compete with men and help them do what they were called to do.

  2. Wow.not surprised bout this anymore…..but i had a question:if there is no man to take over as pastor of a church,what do they do if theres only women left???not that im disagreeing with whats being said cause i agree 100%….just asking a question…..

  3. Here we go with another Six Flags Over Jesus church. Funny how these people want to preach the Word but conviently overlook scriptures that are clearly rebuking what they are doing. Most of all it is obvious that something is wrong because every “female preacher” starts to look very masculine and they somehow are always yelling and screaming. By the end of the message they can barely speak. Most of all, alot of them are not married. So if she is the pastor, then her spouse is 1st Gentleman? As a woman I must say that entire scenario is unnatural. I was very disturbed by her saying she was supposed to be a boy then God told her dad that she was chosen? I have to question who was actually speaking to him. Let’s keep the Church body in prayer.

  4. In order to keep the affectatious spirit alive emotions must be allowed free reign . No better tool to do that and keep it at a monumental high than a female pastor. Everything else will follow like a dominoe affect. We must pray for the church.

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