Letting Go: Unforgiveness And Other Emotions Linked To Gut Issues

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In my video Letting Go, I did a very important experiment to demonstrate how holding on to hatred and unforgiveness can wreak havoc on your immune system in your gut. So many Christians today struggle with their past and cannot get free from it. Many that suffer from Crohns, Colitis, and other bowel diseases are harboring hatred, unforgiveness and trauma from their past. In Letting Go,  I discussed biblical methods to let go of the pain of your past and move forward from it. The article below shows the scientific link that proves this information and just how these gut issues are linked to emotional responses.

Natural News Reports: Scientists have now proven a link between gut microbes and emotions in humans. This is the first time that behavioral and neurobiological differences associated with microbial composition have been studied in this way. Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles observed 40 healthy women and attempted to identify brain and behavioral characteristics based on their gut microbiota profiles.

To accomplish this, researchers collected fecal samples from all the participants and measured their brain activity using a MRI scan as they viewed images that evoked an emotional response. The women were grouped according to the gut bacteria found in their feces. Thirty-three of them were recorded to have a bacterium called Bacteroides, while the remaining seven had the bacteria strain Prevotella. Surprisingly, the Bacteroids group were measured to have thicker gray matter in the frontal cortex and insula — regions of the brain that are associated with the processing of information. The Prevotella group, on the other hand, displayed more neural connections linked to emotional, attention, and sensory brain regions. Yet, this group also showed to have less active hippocampi, which is responsible for the processing of long term memory and how people respond to emotional situations. As expected, the Prevotella group reported to experience higher levels of negative feelings such as anxiety, irritability, or distress when looking at the photos.

These results support the age-old assumption that there is a connection between gut microbes and emotional response. Previous data studied the link in animal models, but there has been very little evidence on the connection in humans so far.

The team has said that their results do not determine if the bacteria in the gut influenced the development of the brain or if existing differences in the brain disrupted gut bacteria production. Either possibility, however, does suggest a relationship between the two. These results were published in Psychosomatic Medicine. Read more

Letting GoThe hurt and pain of the past can be immobilizing. Many of us struggle to overcome. Whether it is divorce, abuse, or even the death of a parent, these tragedies change us forever and greatly affect who we become. Bitterness and unforgiveness often takes root in our hearts and causes us to make life-altering bad decisions. But if we ever plan to experience freedom and fulfill God’s plan for our lives, then we must forgive others and move forward. G. Craige Lewis gives us the roadmap to recovery. Learn to confront and conquer old memories, bad habits, and damaged emotions that stem from unforgiveness. Be encouraged to let go of those things that are hindering God’s blessings in your life. This powerful 3-part series will help you deal with the pain of your past by teaching you how to trust God and focus on the future, instead of being tormented by the past. Adherence to God’s plan for emotional and spiritual healing will lead to good choices, better decisions, and a better way of life. Let it go! Click here to download or order your copy now!


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