Lords of Discord: Pharrell replaces God, Kirk Franklin Silent?

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Rom. 14:13 Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.

In The Truth Behind Hip Hop 8 – Lords of Discord, I discussed how the spirit of “Discordia” places sins in the hearts of men.  Kirk Franklin is doing just that.  He has departed from the faith by promoting the new aged doctrine of “no rules, no religion” and leading millions astray!  He is the new poster boy for this new aged, false god doctrine and in this video, he allows Pharell to advise him on how to make God more appealing to those that do not want to believe in God. Pharrell has produced a remix with him and now Kirk is promoting this illuminati artist to his so called “gospel” audience? This satanic move is creating spiritual anarchy in the lives of so many today.


Pharrell covers one eye to signal that he is Illuminati and secretly worships Satan!

Kirk Franklin has gone the way of Balaam and is placing stumbling blocks in the lives of young people that will ultimately lead them to sin. In the video below, he even promotes Chance the Rapper as a good source for youth to listen to, even though Chance’s music is full of profanity and innuendo. (see lyrics below). This is sad people. I never thought I would see the day when a so called minister of the gospel would change the gospel to fit his lifestyle so that he can be embraced by the world. The blood of millions are on his hands and will be on yours if you continue to support the antichrist gospel he is selling. Watch this video, and then read the lyrics of Chance the Rapper below and see what Kirk is promoting to your kids. -G. Craige Lewis

Chance The Rapper – “You A Bitch” Lyrics

Aiyo, what’s up, what’s up?
Let’s keep it real, son, count this money
You know what I’m sayin’? (Yeah yeah)
Aiyo, put the Grants over there in the safe
You know what I’m sayin’?
‘Cause we spendin’ these Jacksons
The Washingtons go to wifey, you know how that go
(I’m sayin’ that’s what this is all about right
Clothes, bankrolls and hoes)

You a bitch
And when I say bitch I don’t mean a bitch
But speakin’ of bitches I’m with your bitch
And you ain’t on shit cause you’se a bitch
You’s a bitch
You a bitch
And when I say bitch I don’t mean a bitch
But speakin’ of bitches I’m with your bitch
And you ain’t on shit cause you’se a bitch
You a bitch

Love or her not
As long as she run through your thots
Then she the best that you got
Focused on tying the knot
Or the run down, come up, I keep it on lock
Fuckin’ deuce, bitch

Who is you, is you the same?
You’se a lame
I’m you shit you’se a nuisance
Lose your life when I told you that you should hang
You should beg
You should beg with chasers
Stop chasin’ Chance
I be takin’ chances when I be tryna blaze a dance
Raise a man
Thumbin’ through like lasers when I laser beam
You’se a fuckin’ loser and you chase it with some [?]
I need me some magic beans and a fuckin’ stalker
So I could climb that bitch to the top of mount of lava
And the whole damn parkin’ lot
But it be ridin’, it be ridin’ all my niggas just like Dennis
They be robbin’, they be Rodman
I’m comin’ through it pimpin’
I be pimpin’, I be drippin’ when I’m off the fuckin’ acid
And that

Me I’m a pimp
All in your crib
With your bitch
Watchin’ Netflix
Bet that I hit
She ask where you at me
I tell her don’t trip
I tell her don’t trip
Like hope you gettin’ a hint
Hope you gettin’ a hint
Or feelin’ the rain
God damn motherfucker no gin
Let me hit

dummyEver wonder why all of the U.S. Presidents from Washington to even Obama are related? What ancient bloodline are secret society members tapping into for money, power, and fame? Better yet, how is the Illuminati using Hip Hop and the music industry to influence the masses for their demonic agenda? In this powerful and most-anticipated release, G. Craige Lewis boldly and clearly reveals, from a biblical perspective, not only the spiritual consequences of Hip Hop and secular music, but also backs up scientifically, deeper than ever, how the devil uses music to addict and “dumb down” a generation. Also, just about everything you wanted to know about the Illuminati and their agenda but were afraid to ask is in this powerful DVD! In “The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 8: The Lords of Discord,” discover how to break free from Babylon’s demonic agenda through your identity in Christ and God’s creation role for your life. Get Your Copy Now!


2 Comments on “Lords of Discord: Pharrell replaces God, Kirk Franklin Silent?”

  1. To be a good messenger, you got to be able to relay the message in it’s original form.To bring it in another form, is contamination. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, nor the Bible,is in need of a re-mix. It’s us that need re-mix of our minds, through Jesus.

  2. Once again, you are dead on. Great job, sir. I am saddened that no one else is speaking the Truth of God’s WORD about Hip-Hop. I teach kids who are swept away in this lifestyle. It is so spiritually dark; I loose and bind in prayer her daily because Satan is sifting this generation like wheat.

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