Los Angeles Unified School District opens first gender-neutral bathroom

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By Sandra Endo Kelly Taylor | foxla.com



Members of the student group in the Gay Straight Alliance have been campaigning for three months to make this a reality.

Monique Garcia says “we gathered signatures, made signs, held meetings, did outreach. This is a huge accomplishment and we feel like we can do anything now.”

Principal Martin Gomez says “they came to me prepared and with a plan. Safety was the biggest concern but we will have increased security and adult patrols and students vowed to utilizes the anonymous ‘text a tip’ program on campus if they see a problem.”

Students on campus were mixed about having the gender neutral bathroom, some girls saying they wouldn’t feel safe especially with Snapchat apps being so popular now.

Others says it’s good to have an alternative for people who want one.

The gender neutral bathroom is centrally located on the second floor of campus making it easy for the nearly 1800 students to access.  (click here to read more)



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