Man Proposes To Boyfriend At Church, Church Responds Perfectly

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Man Proposes To Boyfriend At Church, Church Responds Perfectly

This is what acceptance looks like.

By Kimberly Yam | huffingtonpost

2BB51B8A00000578-3212938-image-m-4_1440681729722Love is love, and this congregation embraced that.

Trevor Harper and Davis Covin, who have been dating for nine years, are active members of the First United Methodist Church of Austin in Texas. Harper proposed to Covin at the church earlier this month in front of the congregation — a moment which was captured in a video and shared on YouTube.

The congregation responded to the magical moment in the best way possible — with a standing ovation. We must say, we’d totally be lying if we didn’t tear up a bit ourselves while watching the proposal.

Harper told BuzzFeed News that the couple’s church, which they’ve belonged to for two years, has been supportive of the pair’s relationship and welcome people of all sexual orientations to attend. When Harper proposed, the pair had actually been sharing the story of their faith during the service, according to the video.

While clergy belonging to the Methodist church aren’t permitted to perform same-sex marriages, Harper said that his pastor, the Reverend John Wright — who helped plan the moment — thought the proposal in front of the congregation was a great way to celebrate the pair’s love, BuzzFeed reported. The couple hopes that the church will allow them to hold their wedding ceremony there by the time they plan to get married in 2016.

35 Comments on “Man Proposes To Boyfriend At Church, Church Responds Perfectly”

  1. Wow. I know the government has made it legal, and I knew they would try to come into the church. But it is truly shocking to actually see this.

  2. what in the world is going on?
    what bible are people reading from?
    people I’m not speaking in hate, what in saying is this is against the word of God…
    what in the world???????
    Classic example of the great falling away, in these last days.
    good gracious, Lord have mercy.

  3. I mean really, how much worse can things get? How can people really be this blind to think this is acceptable. I understand soy, other chemicals, subliminal gay stimuli, and role reversal agenda, but it is very hard to understand how so many have become okay with something that is so clearly against nature!

  4. The Days Of Noah and Lot are Here! Hope this helps all true believers to prepare for the exit of the Church Od Jesus Christ!

  5. This is a ugly perversion that will incur the wrath of God! Men having sex with men is nothing to ovation about, we ought to be mourning over the lostness of two souls that are confused, misguided, and decieved!

  6. that whole indoor synagogue, set up shop ,wanting people to come to u jus on two days out the week and those two days don’t even make up a quarter of 24hrs, and that’s the only time I’m available thing. I can’t get wit….Cuz Christ commanded you to go out not in , he didn’t walk that way, u can’t reach them indoor like u can goin out plus it’s a price it’s a danger and also a treat to serpressers that’s why they fund buildings and not going out speeding the gospel….it was going the people’s homes fellowshiping and worshiping God. Yes God worked thru Paul to come up wit Church and Christian but as usual man tainted it .. GOD all mighty told me that i never have to say I’m having church…or call myself a Christian …I for record I don’t believe in church ..because everyone thinks Church is of God …when this article clearly states it’s not… and I’m a follower of Christ no a Christian because of junk like this these Fags are also Christian ,I tell u I’m Not. I am part of the body of Christ and jus a follower which means “Disciple” becuz even I am not all the way converted..yet I still Evangelize ,preach and teach, laboring. walk how those that became Apostles..Paul did a great job..but he can’t KEEP men from doing What they want…THATS WHY THE APOSTLE PAUL WROTE SO MANY LETTERS of correction because good showed him I believe stuff like this article….he tried to tell the saints in Corinthians Ephesians and Timothy among others…but yet all I see from the church is is disrespect for what God gave Paul for us..hypocritical and compromised ways of what use to be Christian and the Church….God can no longer establish his people with those words…Kfromna’D wrote it.

  7. Obama said change was coming to America. The First United Methodist Church of Austin and it’s pastor turned over the pulpit to homosexuals. They have lost all respect for doctrine and the principles set forth in the Bible. What’s of memorable note is the congregation’s standing ovation. The falling away spoken of by the Lord is in full effect. Whole denominations have gone the way of this Inclusionist theology because the shephards refuse to adhere to The Word. Reverend John Wright helped staged this mockery and led the congregation in clapping for this abomination.(watch the video)

  8. This is so disgusting and shameful. Jesus is truly about to split the sky. EX Ministries, please make some kind of adjustment of the title on Facebook, because the new members seem to think you all are supporting this filth. Those who know you all well have defended your name. But I must say thank you all for keeping us up to speed with the abominations that are happening in the body of the church.

  9. This is pretty sickening and for being a minister to help him is crazy.For a minister he should know what it states in the bible about this.

    1. Perhaps the minister feels that love is love and that a 2000 year old book written 200 years after Jesus died and is smart enough to understand that the word of Jesus was a guide to apply to the world you live in. I love how people love to pick and choose the parts of the bible that help them hate, but totally forget that parts that make them sinners.

      1. You need to read the word yourself God does not acknowledge that marriage first of all and sin is sin but the word refers to this as fithiness and also there is a difference I making a mistake and living in sin habitual sin that what homosexuals are doing and repent means turn and walk away from so there is no way anyone cane justify homosexal lifestyle period Jesus is returning just as in days of lot know I’m coming back this is just the beginning

  10. These satanic people are becoming more and more blatant and disrespectful towards my God! That’s ok, it will soon be over…all this MESS in the world…Jesus is coming soon!!!!!!!!

  11. It is hard enough to get a man to propose to a woman, and to see a man propose to another man makes me sick.

  12. GOD is not pleased with this!!! Thats whats wrong with some churches today….they Compromise with GOD’s way too often. They should not Compromise what the Bible tells them. Smh.

  13. This is shameful…the devil just all up in the church & they all string there happy…God is not pleased…they all need
    Deliverance & prayer…the watchman have fell totally off the wall…God, please have MERCY on their souls…

  14. Okay. So, why, again, do they not marry same-sex partners? Sounds like this pastor is double-minded. He allows a couple to stand in the pulpit and announce their sin and then, congratulates them. Seems like a hireling, voted in by and committed to pleasing the church board members, rather than God.

  15. Oh, Ignorance destroys people. 4d whole congregation to av stood up cheering in claps, dats 2 tell u hw ignorant spiritually d church is. A man of God applauding a demon(its works) which Paul wud av sharperly cast out

  16. this church is supporting gay relationships but, i wonder if instead of just proposing up there in front of everybody they had sex and showed everyone what a gay marriage ‘really’ is, i wonder how many would still be cheering. this is disgusting that a church is holding the door to hell wide open for people.

  17. These abominations are basically spitting in Gods face. That “church” is nothing more then a building full of sin and these disgusting homosexuals will pay for their sin on that great day of judgement that is coming so soon! Everything Yeshua said that will be occurring in the last days is happening to the T! Repent and save your eternal souls from eternal seperation from God and eternal flames. Soon the tares shall be gathered and burned; but his wheat shall be gathered into his barn! Praise the lord and live by his word!

  18. T his is the most disgusting thing ever. And this is a church and the pastor approves and the congregation is happy about it. What kind of christian church is this? They. Must have a different kind
    Of Bible than I do. From what I know and everyone else who is a christian knows that being
    Gay is a sin! This church and its members need prayer.

  19. insult to the living God.the members and pastor of that church are not saved at all.

  20. I am sorry, but if a church allows this, then this is NOT appropriate church behavior. sorry, but plenty of places in the bible sayto FLEE FROM SEXUAL IMMORALITY, inCLUDING homosexuality!!! if a church “responds appropriately”, those two men would be NOT allowed to participate in church functions. this is so very saddening!!!

  21. That would have been my last day attending that church as I walked out during that obscene act, and immediately turned in a letter to the pastor stating such. You need strong leaders who know the Lord and His Word which clearly is against this and does not compromise because of their lifestyle choice, also which is forced upon us daily and numerous laws to protect them to practice in their sinful nature. America is under judgement now and its no time to sway left or right. Either you are for Jesus or you’re not.

  22. I always used to ask myself…to what extent can the world be so evil that the Lord would have had enough of the world and would be coming back,,,what type of serious disgusting sin would the world have come up with in this time that the Lord would give up His forebearance and come back????? Now I see it right infront of my eyes, in this time, in this generation, here it is, sin at its greatest. This is so sad. Dear believers of Jesus Christ, let us keep watch because it is clear that the coming of the Lord is upon us, right on our doorsteps. Take heed, fast and pray, make right your hearts for the Lord is here, coming sooner than we think.

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