Mother of All Gods: Feminists Perform Mock Abortion Of Baby Jesus!

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 7 – Mother of All Gods, I discussed the diva spirit. This is the goddess spirit that seeks to defy the order of God and emasculate men, whom God deems the head of the woman. This same spirit backs the feminist movement of today as well. Women who pledge in greek sororities, eastern star, and other goddess led organizations conjure this spirit and usually emasculate and dominate the men in their lives. This is the opposite of submission that is taught in scripture.

The feminist movement of our day is stronger than ever because women now make up the majority of the bread winners in American homes and the role of provider is no longer a male role in their eyes. Women are leading in politics, in the home, and in most churches. This is not God’s order and our children are suffering the consequences of this daily. The feminist movement hates men, hates family, hates child rearing, and most of all, HATES THE ORDER OF GOD! This is why they mock Mary, the mother of Jesus, and act out this satanic ritual every time there is a collective celebration of woman power!


CBS NEWS REPORTS: As part of International Women’s Day (March 8), feminist protestors simulated a bloody abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, outside the cathedral in Tucuman, Argentina.

The protestors, according to Life Site News, which reported the incident in the English language press, cheered the fake abortion as symbolically killing “patriarchy” and “forced heterosexuality.”

Mock abortion of baby Jesus outside the Cathedral of Tucuman, Argentina

on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017. (Photo from Twitter.)
Rev. Frank Pavone, who heads Priests for Life, told Life Site News, “This act also shows what is at the foundation of the hard-core pro-abortion people: They hate the church, and they literally want to abort Jesus off the face of the earth in every manifestation of his presence today.”

In the mock abortion in front of the cathedral, a young woman is wearing a white dress, a blue veil, and a crown of flowers. She is also wearing what appears to be a rosary around her neck.

She is sitting on a chair with her legs spread and several “abortionists” wearing pink “pussy” hats are removing and dismembering a bloody fake baby from her vagina. Fake blood and body parts cover the street.

In a photo from the event, one protestor is shown videotaping the “abortion” of the baby Jesus. Read More

The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 7: Mother Of All Gods The word of God says that we are not to provoke our children unto wrath, yet a generation of fatherless children has emerged, provoked by their situation to rebel against God and society. How is the devil promoting this fatherless agenda thru Hip Hop, and worse, in what ways is the church perpetuating this cycle? Also, what is behind the gender-bending obsession with today’s youth? In The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 7, “Mother of All Gods,” G. Craige Lewis goes in depth, into unchartered territory, to expose the harlot of Babylon’s assignment against this generation. If you thought you’ve seen it all, you haven’t. This is unlike any video in “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” series. The information in this video will not only open your eyes to the secret agenda of the enemy through entertainment, government, religion and fatherlessness, but will also equip you in your stand for the kingdom of God. Get your copy now!

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