Mother Of All Gods: Lesbian Pastors Married By A Lesbian Pastor

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 7 – Mother of all gods, I taught how in the last days women would be the leaders and teachers of men instead of God’s design for the man to be the head of the woman. The devil destroys the image of God by changing the roles of His creation. God specifically stated that the man is the head of the woman as Christ is the head of the church. Eph. 5:23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

The feminist movement in our nation has initiated an attack against the scriptures and raised up weak, effeminate men that are positioning women above them. This comes from the lack of strong men in the home. When women desire to teach and usurp the man’s authority, they are doing it from hurt or anguish caused by men. When women are in the roles that God has designed for them, they have no desire to lead or usurp a man’s authority in the home or in the church. This is the Jezebel spirit that is spoken of in Christ’s address to the church at Thyatira. The spirit of Jezebel comes into the church through men that hide sexual sin, have dominant wives, or hurting women.  I talk about the origin of this spirit in detail in the video Mother of all gods.

This article is just another example of what happens when God’s order is not protected and upheld in the church. God’s order cancels out these types of actions and keeps the church grounded in God’s will and desires and not the desires of men. When God’s order is not followed in the church, it makes way for erroneous beliefs and wicked leadership.
These two women really believe their marriage is sanctioned by God despite what the word says about their sinful union. The female bishop, Yvette Founder,  that married them really believes she is ordained by God because a famous gospel singer, Walter Hawkins, ordained her. She is recognized as a bishop by many church leaders, including Bishop Charles Blake of the COGIC, so she feels her position is valid. This is a mockery of God’s word people. The end is fast approaching and so many will be lost. It’s time for the church to repent and get God’s order back in our homes first, then it will be in our churches!

Shirley Miller and Bishop Flounder have been in a lesbian relationship for many years.

The New York Times: Pastor Twanna Gause stepped out of a limousine amid the whir of cameras outside the New Vision Full Gospel Baptist Church in East Orange, N.J.

Dressed in an off-white wedding gown and veil that sparkled in the cascading sunshine, she carried a bouquet of white roses and lilies, hugged several guests, then parted a sea of well-wishers on the way to her best friend, Pastor Vanessa Brown, who stood waiting at the altar in a cream-colored long coat called a sherwani and gold Punjabi jutti shoes.

The church doors opened, allowing the faint strains of “You Are So Beautiful” to float on the hot August air. Pastor Gause stepped inside, where she was greeted by Bishops Levi Richards and Eugene Gathers, both of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.

“She’s our spiritual daughter,” Bishop Richards said.

Both men walked Ms. Gause down the aisle, a role she had initially hoped would be accepted by her father, the Rev. Sam Gause Sr., a Pentecostal minister who lives in Atlanta.  Read More

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The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 7: Mother Of All Gods The word of God says that we are not to provoke our children unto wrath, yet a generation of fatherless children has emerged, provoked by their situation to rebel against God and society. How is the devil promoting this fatherless agenda thru Hip Hop, and worse, in what ways is the church perpetuating this cycle? Also, what is behind the gender-bending obsession with today’s youth? In The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 7, “Mother of All Gods,” G. Craige Lewis goes in depth, into unchartered territory, to expose the harlot of Babylon’s assignment against this generation. If you thought you’ve seen it all, you haven’t. This is unlike any video in “The Truth Behind Hip Hop” series. The information in this video will not only open your eyes to the secret agenda of the enemy through entertainment, government, religion and fatherlessness, but will also equip you in your stand for the kingdom of God.

6 Comments on “Mother Of All Gods: Lesbian Pastors Married By A Lesbian Pastor”

  1. The thing that makes me angry is that they know the word,but choose to do it differently, and the other sad thing is you can’t correct them either! Smh

  2. A lesbian pastor marrying two other lesbian pastors. Thats a new level of perversion smh. Woe to those who walk in darkness and for those who take pleasure in those who walk in darkness. A lustful spirit attached itself to these ladies as young teens and they stayed under the radar for many years. Once the father found out he spoke against them. The problem is all the others who didnt. Not only will these ladies have to answer to God for this perversion but they will also have to answer for the many people who they are leading astray.

  3. Very disgusting! This reminds me even more how I have to stay grounded in the Word of God, and ask God to keep me in this increasing godless society in these last days!

  4. So many folks are using their own logic and reasoning over GOD’s word ! I have an observation that’s probably not gonna be popular but I’ve witnessed instances of very attractive men who had women fawn all over them since they were kids and lot’s of times these guys start thinking they’re cute, get caught up in themselves and too many times wind up gay… by contrast you have big overweight unattractive women who are lonely and… desperation produces some bizarre stuff so I’m just say’n .. now where I disagree is the Church sanctioning their marriages etc… once the Church starts down this road there’s no turning back … these people naively celebrate this stuff without a clue to long term consequences, seems like we should’ve learned from the past.. I was very young but I remember when “Free Love” was the “in” thing during the late 60’s and through the 70’s, this move encouraged women to  be promiscuous and for people in general to have irresponsible recreational sex.. Society didn’t see the consequences of this ideology until 10 or twenty years later when tens of thousands of unwanted and fatherless children were born resulting in generations of lost, bitter and angry people

  5. I am so sick of seeing our Christian people excepting any and all inappropriate action’s from people and thinking this is alright, it is not and people please don’t be deceived and please come out of the dark world that you are living in. Trust me I know what I am speaking on. It is the trick of the Devil. Wake up and don’t allow your spirit and soul to be used by the enemy. This is not a Godly Communion. I am not judging just stating a fact. Please wake up God does not like this Marriage, on any level.

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