Outer Darkness – Nicki Minaj Upside Down Crosses?

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We are at the end people. I have been warning you for many years now. We just released The Truth Behind Hip Hop 12-Outer Darkness where I showed you thousands of youth worshipping Lil Uzi Vert at his concert with upside crosses on stage behind him. Now Nikki is doing the same thing. These people want to take you to hell with them. Are you ready to spend eternity with them? There is a reason they are mocking Christ and no other beliefs! They know He is the only real way to God. Choose Him before it’s too late.

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Hell is real and folks are going! The Truth Behind Hip Hop 12: Outer Darkness, is a message of eternal relevance, that will open the eyes of those that claim their allegiance to Christ while testing the faith of those within the Kingdom of God. Over the centuries, there has been confusion surrounding the existence of a literal and eternal hell. This viewpoint has affected our perspective of life’s consequences within the body of Christ, and even caused some to believe that, although being fully aware of its presence, a believer would never be at risk of ending up there. This presentation boldly confronts the age-old controversy with astounding biblical evidence that extinguishes any doubts of the existence of hell. Society is engrossed with issues that have been pushed under the proverbial rug of life for countless generations. The consequences of either rebellion against or living in God’s order will ultimately be reaped by every human being. Contrary to popular opinion, hell isn’t just struggles in the physical realm or exclusive to a metaphysically, spiritual place. It is a real, physical and spiritual location. Droves of people are putting themselves in a position to be sent there forever, by the Almighty, loving God. In this video, G. Craige Lewis teaches what the Bible says about hell and how to avoid this eternally, damning path.

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