Outer Darkness – The Weekend Flashes “Satan” During Concert

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 12 – Outer Darkness, I discussed the devil’s family and how it was created by Satan to fight against God’s family. Well, all of the artists that you see highlighted today are apart of the devil’s family. They use symbolism, hidden lyrical content, and visual graphics to show their allegiance to the devil. They have no choice, they must give praise and adoration to the devil because he has granted them fame and influence. The devil wants your praise and adoration too. The way he gets it is to have you sing, dance, and enjoy his family of artists. When you yield your members (eyes, ears, body, etc) to the music of these artists, you are indirectly worshipping and showing adoration for the god they worship.

Here is a video clip of The Weekend briefly flashing the name Satan in his concert. The sad part is that EVERYONE in attendance that is singing along, dancing, and adoring The Weekend is worshipping the same devil that he is. It’s all to bring honor to the kingdom of darkness. When they go home, they will expect to return to their normal lives, but the devil has plans for allowing him a doorway through their worship. Their lives will never be the same again. This is very sad people. Romans 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

Click here to see the video of The Weeknd Subliminally Flashes SATAN

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Hell is real and folks are going! The Truth Behind Hip Hop 12: Outer Darkness, is a message of eternal relevance, that will open the eyes of those that claim their allegiance to Christ while testing the faith of those within the Kingdom of God. Over the centuries, there has been confusion surrounding the existence of a literal and eternal hell. This viewpoint has affected our perspective of life’s consequences within the body of Christ, and even caused some to believe that, although being fully aware of its presence, a believer would never be at risk of ending up there. This presentation boldly confronts the age-old controversy with astounding biblical evidence that extinguishes any doubts of the existence of hell. Society is engrossed with issues that have been pushed under the proverbial rug of life for countless generations. The consequences of either rebellion against or living in God’s order will ultimately be reaped by every human being. Contrary to popular opinion, hell isn’t just struggles in the physical realm or exclusive to a metaphysically, spiritual place. It is a real, physical and spiritual location. Droves of people are putting themselves in a position to be sent there forever, by the Almighty, loving God. In this video, G. Craige Lewis teaches what the Bible says about hell and how to avoid this eternally, damning path.

7 Comments on “Outer Darkness – The Weekend Flashes “Satan” During Concert”

  1. Amazing. People are getting ready to worship Satan, many without understanding that are doing so. I went to many hip-hop concerts as a teenager, and I never once thought that I was cultivating the soil for dark seeds to grow.

    My last concert was in 2013 where I saw Pusha T in Miami. At this time, the Lord was pleading with me to come out of Babylon. I had quit drugging, so I was particularly clear headed that night. While attempting to enjoy a hip-hop concert, like I had in my teen years, I began to see the demonic side of rap music. I watched an amateur artist’s eyes get dark and trance-like. He began to focus on all the people in the crowd. Eventually, he got to me and stared as if to know that I was working to not be one of them anymore. Then Pusha T came out and I noticed that he had the same look in his eyes. Needless to say, that was my last hip-hop concert ever. Living in the light of the Lord is way more fulfilling than the empty words of those popular musical ministers.

  2. Things are getting worse and worse by the hour. I can testify this, when i was listening to secular music I ran across his music a few times and it is so demonic. It is very graphic about using all types of illicit drugs and mixing with alcohol and having wild sex etc. The beats are all the same (slow and very trance-like) and the videos were always using dark colors and shadows. It always made me feel depressed when any of his songs would play. I even caught on to it. I figured something was wrong with his music. THANKS FOR THE SHARE PASTOR.
    P.S. Did you know there was a “Queen” James Bible? It is even for sale on Amazon. I have been meaning to share this with you for a while now.

  3. Hello to all at Exministries. I was wondering will you guys release another Christian Rap album? I really enjoyed the last album, just curious. God bless you Pastor Lewis, your family and church congregation. This ministry has help change my life. God bless.

  4. Folks it’s sad this is no playing time. People are going to hell because they are playing with these devils. Saints of God how long are we going to down let are children be sucked in to this darkness. I fear for our children of today because of what they are worshipping and what they are seeing.

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