Pastor Le'Andria Johnson losing her Religion | "Religious people are babies. They’re wolves.."

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False Teacher and Reality Show ‘Preacher’ Le’Andria Johnson Continues to Defend Use of Profanity

By Heather Clark |

Johnson-compressedATLANTA — A Grammy Award-winning gospel singer who leads a purported church in the Atlanta area, and who came under fire in September for using profanity and drinking on her live Periscope account, is continuing to use profanity purposefully—this time on her Twitter account.

As previously reported, Le’Andria Johnson of Imperfect People Changing (I.P.C.) Ministries is one of five ministers who will be featured on the upcoming reality show series “Preachers of Atlanta” on the Oxygen Network. Johnson was named Billboard’s number one female gospel artist in 2012, and won best gospel/contemporary Christian music performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards for her debut single, “Jesus.”

“I take it to the streets. I pass out cigarettes and condoms,” she states in a preview of the series. “I do all of that, but at the end of the day, when God tells me to do something, I do it.”

Johnson first generated controversy about the practice in 2013, which she claimed was a way to witness to the lost, when a video surfaced of Johnson approaching a homeless man and offering him a cigarette while lighting one for herself.

In September, Johnson again was the center of controversy when she drank tequila and used profanity on Periscope’s live video stream. She appeared on a local Christian radio station to defend her actions, which she said were done on purpose to allow people to see her life outside of the pulpit.

Despite numerous Scriptural warnings, such as in James 1:26, which cites that a “man’s religion is vain” if he “bridleth not his tongue,” as well as Ephesians 4:29, which states,”[l]et no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers,” Johnson says that everyone uses profanity, affirming her belief that people just need to be true to who the are — “imperfect”.

“Drinking and saying a few little words on Periscope—who don’t cuss?” Johnson remarked. “Who don’t cuss out there in the church world? I just want to know if there’s any pastors and bishops and missionaries and saints and friends out there that don’t cuss.”

She became visibly annoyed at those who called the radio station to state that she was not setting a good example for her congregation and followers. Johnson said that she was not “going to apologize for being [herself].”

“I drink, yes. To be drunken, I know that’s a sin. But I’m not doing this every day. I’m not doing this back to back,” she stated. “I wouldn’t want a pastor who shows me he or she is walking that perfect scale all the time. I’m not condoning anything that I’m doing but I’m going to fall, I’m going to make some mistakes.”

“At the end of the day, religious people are babies. They’re wolves,” Johnson remarked. “They need to be taught. They’re not where I am right now.”

Last week, two months after the incident, Johnson posted profanity on her Twitter page, writing “Cheers to kissing’s nobody’s [expletive].”

“[T]he women has no shame or morals,” one commenter wrote.

“Please don’t represent yourself in this matter. You are responsible for the souls that are lost because of your example as a WOG (woman of God),” another stated.

Johnson’s father, Gregory Johnson, leads HQ Ministries in Altamonte Springs, Florida.



39 Comments on “Pastor Le'Andria Johnson losing her Religion | "Religious people are babies. They’re wolves.."”

  1. This woman is a disgrace to the gospel! It hurts when I see stuff like this because those who are not saved will look at her and think to themselves, “I don’t have to change. She’s doing the same things I do.”

  2. The worst part about this hypocrite is so many will flock to her because they want to be apart of the world and still think they can inherit the kingdom of heaven. Not possible!

  3. This is so not acceptable for a leader in the church! Yes we may stumble, we may fall however preparing to stumble or fall isn’t stumbling that’s practice! She is making a mockery of our God with this foolishness. I keep it real in my life and expect those who love me to do the same. I don’t smoke, cuss or drink and no I’m not saying I’m perfect. However to excuse ungodly, worldly behavior because we can is just foolishness. She needs to go somewhere and sit down, be quiet and get her soul right before she goes back in the pulpit, sings another song, or hits the streets evangelizing. I feel for her and those whom she is leading in error. Romans 16:17-18 tells us how to handle those who do what she is doing; causing divisions, offenses and such- AVOID THEM!

  4. So to get through to a crackhead, you should start smoking crack so you can meet them where they are. Or strip at a club so you can minister to the other strippers. That is the most idiotic logic I’ve ever heard. Sin with the sinner so grace may abound??? No!!! News flash, we Christians are to be the example for the world. Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians, “and thus were some of you”. Meaning, we are to stop sinning to show the power of the Lord’s saving grace. She is a false prophet, not just because of her ideology, but also because she is a woman leading men. She has the Jezabel spirit that goes against God’s Word. His Word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  5. i think that she is a babe in Christ and needs to be taught, herself, before she ministers. she clearly is not reading and practicing the same book that i do. i am reading the kjv and she is reading the special “love and hip hop” version.

    …..btw, i do not curse

  6. The purpose of showcasing people like her on TELEVISION is to destroy the true image of christianity which Jesus showcased, and that image is a holy life. This woman walks in the spirit of Jezebel (Revelation 2:20) who called herself a prophet to teach and seduce the Lords servants to do things that do not glorify the Lord. This woman is blind, and thoes who follow her are blind, and in the end they both will fall into the ditch. What we are seeing today should not surprise anyone. The word of God declares that there would be a great falling away from the truth, and the love of money and pleasure would dominate the lives of many who call themseles “The Lords Annointed”. Rember the words of Paul the Apostle “Follow me as I follow Christ”. Shalom!

  7. Its unbelievable how people dance around the issues and justify their sin. It’s obvious that she is looking for affirmation from everyone in her positions on sin. Then you can hear everyone always talks about judging and being real…we as Christians must tell people about their sin and the detriment thereof instead of patting people like Leadria on the back and saying “it’s okay, we all sin, no body is perfect.” We don’t reach perfection through our own works, its is through Christ, but we break that perfection pursuit when we PRACTICE the sin that she is flaunting on parascope.

    Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

    Its sad that this mentality has spread as it has, so many people called in for the justification of this foolishness and to put in their 2¢ . Which ultimately shows the ignorance of the Word of God and their lack of conviction.

    Sad indeed!

  8. This is foolishness!! Pastors like this is exactly why we are losing this generation. False prophets beware because you are playing withy he right person!

  9. She said she would not apologize for being herself well the word tells us to die to self? I’m just saying.

  10. This shows how far some ministers have fallen and how they don’t understand the word of God. Yes, we see and understand what David and Paul did in their past. But, the thing is they changed their lives when they knew better. They did not fall by into their former mess.

  11. See, this is what happens when you affirmed and when you have a so called singing voice and then anything goes because you were not even slapped on the hand when you made earlier mistakes and openly are backed up by many well known fakes, I mean folks, oh she can sang leave her be. Oh really? Well, nobody ask me but Ima say it anyway. The gospel music industry created this mess. So they are just as accountable as she is. Soooooooo…..

  12. Dear Le’Andria. Please get some where, SIT DOWN and GET TAUGHT! Not only do her words reveal her heart, but they ensnare her! Imperfect people changing…….. Well, where is the CHANGE? Or better yet “changing” into what?? I see an image formed….. And it certainly doesn’t look like what God our Father describes in His Word. Just go be secular!!! #piedpiper

  13. This is shameful. A perfect example of the blind leading the blind. She is definitely sending a mixed message. On one song she says “every drug, every drop of alcohol that tried to take over my life, I had to cancel it in the name of Jesus”. What happened to that? Obviously she’s not canceling it anymore. It’s sad to see a person excuse what the word calls sin, especially one in a pastoral position. Lord PLEASE awaken Your people.

  14. It seems at the end, the prophet was able to minister to her. I hope she calls him and cries out from the brokenness wothin her that causes her to defend sin in her life.

  15. I couldn’t listen to anymore of her nonsense. All I have to say is that she is right in this respect, she is just being who she is. A RANK SINNER, with christian retoric and a following that relates to her unholy lifestyle. Birds of a feather, flock together. She is reprobate, and she’s leading people astray.

  16. You do not embrace sin to show people Christ. And it’s not fair to bring up the sins of David and Paul to justify stepping outside of the will of God. David repented, for his sin and suffered because of it. Paul’s sins were committed before he was converted to Christianity. This is what people should know. What people should also know is that the prophets, ministers and leaders of the bible did not invite people to come and watch them sin.

  17. Le’Andria feel it ok to be worldly and say im saved at the same when it convenient for her you can’t serve two masters .
    She has no conviction because she not living the true gospel.

  18. Her “fans?”. We are to lift up the name of Jesus not promoting some fan club. The word of Gods says that without holiness no man shall see the Lord. Imperfect men were examples to show the transforming power of the love of God. Her gospel is perverted and totally against the word of God. She needs the prayers of the righteous because the deceit of the devil had clearly overtaken her.

  19. Deception is a tool used by the enemy and this display is an open display of this message that is twisting the truth of God:sholy word. Keeping it 100 is not the point, we know that all have sinned and come short of God’s glory,
    Nobody is judging her, she is already judged and needs prayer. She may indeed be a leader but she needs to stop and reevaluate the gravity of what teaching error to God’s people can cost her.Pray for this daughgter as she exalts herself and clearly needs to be taught by a mature and holy man or woman of God.


  20. In Jude, she fits the bill. I am highly disappointed in her. David is a horrible example as to why anyone sins because this is why Jesus came and died for every generation during and after Him. She had an opportunity to bring imperfect people to change and blew it because she, herself, wanted a drink and a light. If we are going to be real, how do you deny what God’s word says if thats what you preach? Why dont you want someone that lives the bible to preach it? Seems as though it would be logical. The bible also says she is supposed to be blameless. It is true no one would know what she was doing if she didnt post it, however, i believe that she had an opportunity to get it right and still does. She is highly intelligent thats why she has a limited amount of good points. However, sin makes you so stupid. God is not religious. His bible is not religious. He is specifically for the the sinner. I hope she changes. Maybe shes been hurt by religious people. She keeps calling people religious as if she doednt believe in the same God. People were probably more loving and nice than i have ever seen them be Perhaps, after she saw all these bishops and preachers doing whatever it is they do, she said well i may as well do what do. God is for perfecting saints. She doesnt want to hear anything. She is saying im talking to my fans. That kinda sums it up.

  21. I cannot respect her or her stance….I have not listened to or played any of her music since 2012 and never will again she needs to be sat down

  22. I have only one comment for this “Sprit of Dumb (and Demonic too).” What’s really sad are the ignorant, lost people that go to her church, smh!!

  23. I had a song on my computer by her, but after reading this, guess where it went? STRAIGHT in the trash bin!

  24. This is what happens when an industry that should scrutinize its musicians FAR past talent has a luck show and they get lucky by winning and then they get a platform to spew foolishness! This girl wants to LIVE IN HER SINS AND WALLOW LIKE A MUG!!! She does not want the power of God to change her! Nobody talks about David, Paul or anyone else’s sins because they is what Jesus does WHEN WE COME TO HIM AND CONFESS — our sins are cast into the deepest oceans, as far as the east is from the west and they are NO MORE REMEMBERED!!! So why spend time talking about who Saul was when we can talk about who PAUL became!!! I’d hate to sit in her father’s church! If her father taught her then I feel REAL sorry for his congregants!! I haven’t heard ONE song that girl sings and I’m gonna continue to do JUST THAT!!! I feel sorry for her “fans.” Fans are followers!!!! Too sad! She needs Bible Studies!

  25. I am glad exministries inform the public about the behavior of christians celebrities and their questionable behavior. The followers and members of these types are often afraid or reluctant to question their leaders. For example I believe inner circle members more often pat their leader on the back rather rebuke them. Now Ms. Johnson situation is very sad, she needs to pray and read her bible and the verse about denying oneself, taking up your cross and following Christ. She needs to humble herself and submit to Holy Ghost led pastor. It appears that she needs to grow spiritually and is hurting herself and her gullible followers by her role as a pastor. I will definitely pray for her.

  26. It’s funny how all gospel artists start off by saying “it’s all about Jesus.” But when it’s time to make it “all about Jesus” all they talk about it MY FANS. smh.

  27. A sign of the times, itching ears, doctrines of demons, delusional . A babe, a novice, put in place by some man because of fans….not called byGod. The bond leading te blind, conversing with a demon . Those who’re spiritual and you see your brother in a fault, go to them to reprove,rebuke , restore, teach b doctrine.. If you are still,processing , you you are not yet called by avoid to Pastor. We are praying for you and the blind who are flowing you.

  28. This poor women has never been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ she has never had and understanding of the truth, because her gift has been exalted and none of the” big heads” around her would dare speak the truth to bring deliverance to her tormented soul because they are too busy prostituting her gift for the sake filthy lucre and greedy fame. Her outburst on social media merit nothing but prayer because she is obviously vexed with demons. Pray saints and exalt Jesus with your life lets make sure that our lives not only look good but that in God’s sight they are good because we’re trusting in THE ONE who has saved us washed us in His blood and transformed our lives and He is yet by His Spirit working in us who believe to will and to do what pleases Him

  29. The sad part here is that she sees nothing wrong here folks, and that in itself is scary as well. Pray for the Lord to get a hold of her and shake some sense into her, and she repents of her sins (and means it) before it’s too late? She’s bringing Christ’s Name down to open shame and the sowing won’t be so pretty. Lord help this woman and those following her?

  30. My concern is for her walk with Christ. When I first saw her on Sunday’s Best a few years ago, she was humble. The stress of celebrity is taking its toll on her and now she is acting out for the world to see. It is time for Leandria too take a break from the spotlight and get herself together. Her success happened too fast and too soon before she had the chance to be ministered too. Even when we viewed her deliverance on YouTube, she was still in pain. Success does not guarantee healing, only Jesus can put our celebrities on the right path towards discipleship.

  31. Ecc 10:1 Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour : so does a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour.
    As Pastor Lewis said when you fail as a leader, it makes it seem like the word failed, to those without the faith.

  32. So she feels justified by focusing on the imperfection of those in the Bible. One repented for his killing and the other did his killings out of ignorance. But as she kept saying at the end of the day. Both David and Paul got it right.

  33. Jesus is coming soon.

    Revelation 21: 6.

    I will give to unto him that is athirst of the fountain of water of LIFE freely.

    What are you thirsty for? We should be thirsty for the word of God that Jesus demonstrated for us. If we thirst for God’s word to transform our lives, God promises to fill us with His comforter. We must faithfully obey the Holy Scriptures in order to endure these hard times that are coming. Repent and turn away from sin.

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