Pharmakos: Most people die from the Chemo not the cancer!

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According to recent statistics, approximately 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetimes. This saddening reality is made worse when it is acknowledged that modern methods of ‘treating’ the disease are often ineffective and only make the symptoms of the disease worse. In fact, according to one Berkeley doctor, chemotherapy doesn’t work 97% of the time.

In the eye-opening video above, Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses how ‘leading edge’ cancer treatment is a sham.

He has personally studied the life expectancy of patients for more than 25 years and has come to the conclusion that chemotherapy does more harm than good. The bone-chilling realization prompted Dr. Jones to speak out against the billion-dollar cancer industry. Click Here for more

dvd_cover_eom_2_00000In the garden God gave us dominion over “all the earth,” which includes plants, (Gen 1:26). Unfortunately, because of our quest for independence from God through “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,” many are being enslaved and led to death by the very things God gave us dominion over: Trees, plants, and herbs that make up our food and drugs (legal and illegal). How is the enemy using “Big Pharma” to control the masses? Why are preventable diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure, and heart disease so rampant in this generation? Better yet, if God desires that His people prosper and be in good health, (3 John 2), why is the church so sick? The teaching in this DVD, Error of Man 2: Pharmakos, is not only saving souls but saving lives! In this powerful expose, G. Craige Lewis takes you on his personal 4 year journey of weight loss, healing, and deliverance, resulting in the revelation God gave him for this powerful teaching. Your soul will prosper, and your life will be changed as you apply the principles in this most important video. Click here to get yours now!


2 Comments on “Pharmakos: Most people die from the Chemo not the cancer!”

  1. I’ve been saying thanks a lot in my comments, one more time won’t hurt. Thanks for giving us great advice, for body and soul. And thanks for being non-profit.

  2. I KNOW for a “fact” that this IS TRUE, because a few friends that I grew up with who got cancer then did chemo (MAINLY Black), turned out to be a horrible experience for them.
    Two of them stopped the chemo because of what was happening to their “skin and insides”, and said the ‘burning sensations and nausea’ were horrendous, so they ended the sessions for good. I’ve heard for “years” that chemo is “WORSE” on us because of our pigmentation (but NO one mentions the fact that Israel has been working on their own cancer cure “without” chemo though, and I’m praying it happens SOON).
    Keep bringing this vital info to us, it’s a Blessing and means More than you realize.

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