Pop Life: Akhenaten – The Spirit That Obama Ushered In

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life, I discussed Barack Obama and how the spirit of the rebel pharaoh Akhenaten operated through him during his presidency. From having the seat of Satan (altar of Zeus) recreated for his nomination speech, to his plight to push the LGBT agenda and blur gender differences, this man worked to undo God’s plan for His people. The resemblance to Akhenaten’s rule over Egypt is mind blowing, even down to his very appearance! Barack Obama pushed abortion, same sex marriage, and rebelled against everything moral during his terms. He even pushed the Hip Hop agenda by celebrating Jay Z and Beyonce, calling them role models for our youth. Just as Akhenaten went against the traditional religious practice of his day, Obama did the same by pushing an antichrist agenda and rebelling against biblical morality in every way.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a supporter of Trump or any other political candidate because I believe it’s all a charade and there is no real political party. But Obama is the one that ushered in the very insubordination that we are dealing with today. Blacks folks that are upset because their president is no longer in office are rebelling against our nation’s leadership and everything that America has offered us. Because the majority of our people do not have balanced home training due to the lack of fathers in the home, they do not understand leadership and authority. The only reason most of them respected Obama was because he had a black face. Hilary Clinton would have sufficed as well because most of our people only understand female leadership like they have seen all their lives. But now since Trump is in office, it’s time to rebel and disrespect the very country that has given us all equal opportunities to succeed. Every man can make it in this nation with hard work, and diligence equals success in America. But because of this spirit that Obama ushered in and his anti establishment attitude, African Americans want to protest, fight, and disrespect the very Anthem that gives them opportunity to do well.

Here is a video of where this spirit originated. Obama, on stage with other leaders, refuses to respect the very flag that he is suppose to represent. This video clip speaks volumes to the issue we are dealing with now. If you understand spiritual things, this will make a lot of sense to you. But if you believe the media, TV, and are brainwashed by the god of this world, this post will only enrage you the more!

May God have mercy on our nation. More and more tragedies, natural disasters, and plagues are coming as a result of the 8 years of insubordination that Obama operated with. Take heed and find refuge in Jesus because it’s about to be bad for America.

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