Pop Life: Army Teaches Men How To React To Pregnant “Men”?

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In day 2 of my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life, I discussed the transgender movement and how our society is indoctrinating this generation psychologically. The idea that we should be tolerant and accepting of women that identify as men (or vice versa) is already preposterous! Now they want to teach men in the armed forces how to react to a transgender man that is pregnant? You must view this behavior as normal and you cannot voice your opinion of it anymore without serious repercussions. In the medical field, they are now mandating that even if a male decides he wants a pap smear, a doctor must oblige him. They have to even place him on stirrups and act out the procedure on a penis baring male all because he “identifies” as a woman. Come Lord Jesus, we need you now!

The Army has begun mandatory transgender sensitivity training for soldiers. The training covers everything from “transfemale” soldiers to transgender shower etiquette to dealing with a male soldier who becomes pregnant.

Yes, good readers. Within the ranks of the greatest fighting force known to mankind – the baby’s daddy could also be the baby’s momma. Click here to see the photo.

“That pregnancy scenario is beyond words,” Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty executive director Ron Crews told me. “This is an example of how this social policy can be used simply to promote personal agendas at the expense of taxpayers with no regard for being what the military is all about.”

The matter of male soldiers with child is tucked away inside the Army’s “Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Soldiers Training Module, Tier 2: Commanders and Leaders.”

One of my readers serving in the Armed Forces was kind enough to send me a copy of the training briefing – mandated during the Obama Administration.

“The training module specifically outlines key roles and responsibilities of commanders, transgender soldiers, military medical providers and administrative management organizations,” Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson told USA Today. “This training is mandatory for all uniformed members, as well as Department of the Army civilians.” Read More

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  1. This is the beginning of the end of the U.S.A. armed forces as we know it. The enemy has now penetrated our armed forces with this perverted nonsense, which in turn, will weaken it. I thank God, when I was in the military, there was none of this mess. I retired in 1994, 23 years ago and I can’t believe where we are now in 2017! Yes, Pres Clinton had the “don’t ask don’t tell” mess, but that was mild compared to this all out assault on our military. Our best & brightest will not enlist to serve our country because it caters to the mentally ill. Saints, we are living in the end of the end times and the U.S.A. as we know it, is on it’s way out! There is no way I would encourage any normal young person to join the military, not with this transgender/homo/bi mess Obama started. Lord Jesus, come quickly!

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